The Top Psychics in the USA?

Q: Who are the top psychics in the United States? Is there a list of the best mediums in one place? How expensive is it to make an appointment with a celebrity psychic or famous medium? And… I better off seeing a local psychic instead?

We get a lot of questions about the best psychic mediums in the United States, and the truth is, there IS no one single list or resource that is worth reading.

Here is why:

am i a medium1 – Many of the “top psychic lists” are contrived or created by marketing folks, not people interested in genuine mediums.

For example? Running the famouspsychicmediums directory, and other communities of psychics, mediums, healers, spiritual coaches and inspiring authors, the truth is, we see all sorts of BAD mediums being included in TOP lists. (someone emailed us over the weekend, for example…..claiming to be one of the top 10 psychics in the world, and her “proof” was, there was a badly designed book on Amazon published earlier this month, CALLED “the best 10 mediums in the USA” and her name was in it. Of course, that doesn’t mean SHE didn’t publish that book, or the psychic “hotline” she worked for didn’t publish it, etc – and this is the problem we find with ANY list that claims to be the definitive source for the best in ANY profession….but especially this one, as it’s so subjective.

2 – There really are tons of different types of mediums, too.

There are physical mediums, which is a very different (and much more rare) phenomena than mental mediums. A mental medium gets impressions, sees or hears “spirit”, interprets signs and symbols, etc – and communicates that with their clients. A physical medium actually PRODUCES phenomena, and while controversial…..and much more rare, there are physical mediums working in the world today, and they have to be judged by a whole different criteria as well. (you can read about the SCOLE experiment for examples of physical mediums, or just google the term, and you’ll see some real investigations, into incredible phenomena, that a select few of these people are able to produce that will blow your mind.)

3 – As far as celebrity mediums? The top psychics or mediums in the US, based strictly on popularity, as measured by online interest are:

  • Theresa Caputo
  • Tyler Henry
  • John Edward
  • James Van Praagh
  • Lisa Williams
  • John Holland
  • Kim Russo

You could also include people like:

  • Uri Geller (who is the BEST known internationally, although he wouldn’t consider himself a psychic medium in the conventional sense of the word)
  • Paul Selig (for his amazing and inspiring books and channeled readings)
  • George Anderson (a truly gifted, if not reclusive medium)

Of course there are more, but this list, in 2017, based on our own traffic and the interest in our own communities, is a pretty good list for those of you wanting to know who the most famous are. This doesn’t mean of course, that these are the best, or that you are going to be able to get an appointment (easily or affordably) with any of them!

Often times, your best bet is to see a local psychic or medium, if you are curious or just called to explore the experience, rather than spend days, weeks or many months on a waiting list to see someone who may not be any better than someone around the corner from you, that you could find at a local spiritual meetup or event, and who COULD change your life forever. (especially if you are skeptical about spiritual matters, right now)

Who do YOU believe are the top mediums? Who would YOU recommend your friends or family see if they wanted proof that these experiences are real? Share with us via email, on Facebook, or in the community comments below!

  1. Theresa

    Ive been to a few local and out of the area psychics/ mediums. Some were famous and most were not. They all were just ok and one was real bad. I found one from Dallas TX who was so good at what he does that I am surprised that he is not famous tho he is well known in his area. I will never seek out another one as long as this guy is alive, he is that good. His name is Robert Caruso and when you find him you will never be disappointed. He tells you the truth and will not sugar coat it. A very talented man.

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