Are you an empath? There are many different signs and symbols that you may be more empathic, or intuitive than most. The truth is, anytime I see a list that claims to capture ALL of the traits of an empath, or spiritual seeker of any type, I know from past experience that not ALL things, will apply to ALL people.

But as a general rule? Working with over 400 professional psychics, mediums, healers, and spiritual teachers over the last few years as part of the community, there ARE some pretty clear signs and signals that someone is “special”.

There are 2 on this list that I find MOST common in people who are unusually gifted.

1 – The ability to connect, care and be curious about others in their orbit, rather than urge to ignore, judge or otherwise ostracize people with whom they disagree. Compassion, in some sense (as well as curiosity, which often is a quality that CULTIVATES compassion) is something that you will find emanates and radiates from a true empath, and often in a way that even hard core skeptics and cynics can’t ignore.

As an example of this, I had a really funny experience a year or two ago, where a well known medium in our local community, and someone I had worked with often, had an event that was attended by a small group of people who claimed there was no such thing as psychic ability, and all mediums were fake.

After spending 3 hours in a small room watching her work, the lead “skeptic” of the group approached me and said – “I’m not sure whether I believe everything I just watched, but she does have a beneficient energy that is impossible to ignore”

And it really was true. There are some people who radiate a quality of connection, care and compassion in an almost angelic way, that even if you don’t believe in much else, it’s hard not to notice you are in the presence of someone special.

2 – The second quality is simply a willingness to live from the heart space, rather than the head space. There is an amazing and never ending intuitive intelligence that arises from the heart, that you’ll never get from the head. As a rational and “thinking” type myself, this has always been a huge challenge – to TRUST that living from a space of flow, and intuitive instinct in the goodness of things working out the way they will, and that everything WILL be okay in the end, this is a gift that can transform your life in wild, weird and wonderful ways. The best spiritual teachers I’ve met have embodied this in an undeniable way. And if you find yourself stuck in your skull rather than the heart – it’s a subtle shift that will open you up in crazy cool and creative ways. And as we’ll cover in some of the awareness exercises throughout the course – it’s really the gift that keeps on giving as well!

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