What is the easiest way to remember a past life? Are all strange, unplaced memories evidence that I’ve lived before? And how difficult is it to be hypnotized or regressed to a previous lifetime?

We get a lot of questions about past life memories, and how accurate (or not) they may be as evidence that you’ve lived before. The truth is, there are very few topics that are MORE controversial,even in the psychic or spiritual space, than reincarnation, and the various tools or techniques for recalling past lives.

How so?

Take regression therapy, for example. There are many famous spiritual teachers, and authors who have built entire careers on doing regression therapy focused on past life recall. Dr. Brian Weiss, and Dr. Michael Newton, are both highly regarded in the spiritual and new age movements, and both have been featured on prime time TV shows, and lauded by a chorus of important voices as well. And yet, if you look at the work of Dr. Jim Tucker or Dr. Ian Stevenson, or many others who have done groundbreaking work on past life memories, the idea of regression therapy, or hypnosis, is widely shunned for obvious reasons. (as the mind and memory in general is so little understood…that to assume that memories that arise in a regression setting are coming from a past life, is fairly difficult to accept as the FIRST or best explanation)

I would suggest that the best way to explore your past lives, or the possibility of your past lives, is through specific meditation techniques that for me anyway, have provided an amazing insight into people and personalities and lifetimes I can’t place in my current one. Regression is interesting to me too, but I’m not quite sure what to make of my own experiences with past life hypnosis. Some psychedelic plants are also well known for their ability to help people remember past lives, but of course, they come with their own potential perils. (as well as being totally illegal in the USA ­čÖé

What do YOU use as a way to remember your past lives? Have you tried anything that has worked? Share with us on Facebook, here!

Or, for an alternative perspective…..

Check out some of the various techniques for remembering past lives at the link following the short excerpt below.

How easy is it to remember a past life?

For some people, it is easier, while for others it is more complicated. It depends on our ease of entering into a trance or an altered state of consciousness.

The actual session begins with a process called induction by which we are led to that state. This is achieved with different methods that use techniques of deep relaxation, visualization, hypnosis or combinations of these elements.
Once this altered state of consciousness has been reached, the regression itself begins, by which we are guided to a forgotten time of our existence or of a past life. The focus of the session will be the problem that motivated the consultation.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Most people can. Many people can be hypnotized easily and profoundly during the first session. Others require more than one, but with specific practice and training, one can achieve that state.


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