What does science have to say about the idea of intuition, precognition or the ability to REALLY feel the future? Is a psychic “spidey-sense” (in the words of the Navy!) a genuine phenomena, or is it merely the domain of wishful thinking and “fake” fortune tellers who are out to make a quick buck?

What about the sense of being stared at, or that inner sense of knowing when the phone rings and that person you haven’t heard from in years appears in your mind, and THEN on the other end of the line…… that is hard to really quantify, and yet…..we ALL experience first hand, in our own lives, every now and then?

Here is a great article on some of the science of intuition that covers that, and a lot more! Check out the whole thing at the link following the short excerpt below.

While your work situation may not be life or death, it can certainly be high-pressure.
Sometimes it’s not possible to take a full on close your eyes, om it out situation at work but even taking a deep breath or sneaking away into the bathroom for a few moments can help guide you towards the best decision.

Like many high-performers, I’m looking for that extra edge to help me get ahead in life and work. I believe that the best edge is being authentically yourself and playing up your unique strengths. There is nothing more “you” than listening to your gut. And the science behind intuition or gut-feeling, suggests that this just might be the superpower we should be tapping into to give us the leg-up at work.

So what exactly is intuition? It is the ability to know something without analytic reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and non-conscious parts of our mind. Imagine being able to harness and further develop our sixth senses or what the US Office of Naval Research (ONR) calls “spidey-sense.” ONR is currently developing methods to measure the workings of intuition on the battlefield, hoping to give our soldiers the added edge in a life or death situation, as well as creating virtual simulations to help train and develop soldier’s intuitions in high pressure combat situations.


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