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A review of Dr Brian Weiss Past Life Regression Workshop

Q: How can I learn to become a past life regression therapist? Do you need to be a psychic or medium or spiritual teacher to learn how to help OTHER people experience their past lives? Is past life regression the same thing as hypnosis? IF no……WHY not, and how does it differ?

Here is a short review of someone who has been trained by Dr. Brian Weiss in “reincarnation” research, using past life therapy as a tool and technique. Well worth reading for those of you who would love to explore the idea of past lives in a professional setting!

It is not my intention to convince anybody that reincarnation is something that happens to each of us. For those of you who are cynical, I encourage you to temporarily turn off the logical, analytical part of your mind and just let the events described in this blog bathe your consciousness. There will be time enough later to be judgmental and critical.
Keep in mind that perhaps it doesn’t matter if reincarnation is real and if past life regression is a true phenomenon if we learn something from the experience, if it enlightens us, if it makes us wiser, more loving, more mindful, and more present. After all, that is the whole point of being here: to make sense of this life, to maximize our experiences, and to grow in wisdom and love.

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