Tyler Henry: Between Two Worlds Review

“Between Two Worlds”, the first book by Hollywood Medium, Tyler Henry, finally debuted on Amazon today (Nov 1) after months of fan anticipation.

between two worlds review tyler henryThere are a lot of books, written by a lot of mediums, and as I’m sure you already know, these books can run the gamut from GREAT, to quite disappointing. Many mediums, in my experience, write books that are more self aggrandazing (look at how PSYCHIC I am!) rather than inspiring and educational, and I find this not only a turn off…..but also, makes me quite skeptical about their authentic experiences as well.

Tyler Henry, forgetting about the fact that he is quite the “en vogue” famous psychic medium du jour, is just a different type of author, and a different type of person, and as a result, his experience as a medium is much more interesting as a result.

The thing that is so striking about Tyler Henry, and I say this having spoken to, worked with, or been “read” by hundreds of mediums myself – is his uncommon humility, and his old soul style of wisdom, that is hard to fake, make up or put on for the world.

Say what you will about psychic mediums – whether you are a true blue believer, a cynical skeptic or merely curious but not yet convinced like most……Tyler Henry feels like a good soul, intuitively. He doesn’t seem to claim superpowers, or sublime gifts, or make any ridiculous claims about the universe, and his place within it…..by dint of his abilities.

Instead, as is so wonderfully articulated in “Between Two Worlds”, his humanity, and humility, in the face of sudden fame and adulation, makes him a medium well worth cheering for. (and a great example for many in the psychic/spiritual/and “guru” community who feel like they need to pretend to have all of the answers as well)

In the book, Tyler shares his life experiences as he struggles with his own unique skills, and the process for unpacking and ultimately embracing his gifts as well. He shares his thoughts on what all of this means, what the afterlife is like, what he knows to be true, and what he doesn’t as well – without a lot of the new age nonsense and spiritual sounding silliness that plagues many other psychic publications.

Again, we’ll cover the book in far more detail in an upcoming post, but I do believe that anyone who is curious about the magic, the mystery and the meaning of mediumship messages will find “Between Two Worlds” and honest, uplifting and inspiring account of what it’s like living with a unique gift, and how little glimpses and glimmers into the world that awaits, may help us live a richer, deeper and ultimately happier life while we’re here as well.

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