Have you had a reading with Thomas John?

thomas john medium reviewIf so…..let us know what your experience was like. We’ve had a bunch of inquiries about our thoughts on Thomas John over the last month or so, and some very favorable opinions, mixed with others that are decidedly negative. (which is a bit unusual, as typically we get a much higher ratio of “fans” relative to “foes” when it comes to folks expressing their experiences with the psychics, mediums and spiritual teachers working in the world, especially those who are a bit better known, which Thomas is. (he’s not in the BEST known camp, but instead a few rungs down on name recognition from the more popular mediums, and yet…..is better known than most “local” psychics/mediums or healers working in communities around the country)

A quick look at Thomas John on Yelp is a bit problematic, and surprised me a bit, as his ratings and reviews are far lower than one would expect – which a bunch of people reporting problems with payment/scheduling and so forth. (one of the people who emailed this to us said that she had been in contact with others who had negative experiences as well, who haven’t posted or shared them on social media)

(there are also some unsavory and negative news stories out there that date back a bunch of years about Thomas – we won’t post them here, but you can find them quickly on Google)

There are of course, others who HAVE had positive experiences with Thomas, and have been impressed with this readings. Have you had a reading with Thomas John> If so…..let us know what your experience has been like, so others can get a feel for his process, his accuracy and his credibility in general.

You can read some of his reviews at the links below.

I also have to add the lack of professionalism with this man.(see other posts below)  I pre-paid for a reading for my sister through Pay Pal in January of 2015.  I was told at the time the wait would normally be one year to 18 months.  That time period has passed and so after the 2nd attempt to ‘reschedule’ by his assistant I requested a refund.  I was told a refund would be issued however after a month I called again and also followed up with Pay Pal.  Pay Pal contacted his assistant who called and got my address.  Again…no check came.  I started an email campaign to document including Pay Pal in each email I sent.  Today, the refund has finally arrived in the mail…the day AFTER the 3rd contact was made from his assistant trying to reschedule again.  I think this man has no business integrity by making multiple appearances for group events to drum up business then not honoring the customers who paid for his services.


Thomas John Reviews: 2018 Update

Thomas John is featured in a brand new show (the Seatbelt Psychic) that looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun, and very popular 🙂 Have you had a reading with Thomas? If so…..check out his profile on our community and let us know how it went! Alternatively, you can leave a Thomas John reading review, anywhere in the comments below.


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