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Thomas John Reviews

svgNovember 22, 2016Afterlife Evidenceangela

Have you had a reading with Thomas John?

thomas john medium reviewIf so…..let us know what your experience was like. We’ve had a bunch of inquiries about our thoughts on Thomas John over the last month or so, and some very favorable opinions, mixed with others that are decidedly negative. (which is a bit unusual, as typically we get a much higher ratio of “fans” relative to “foes” when it comes to folks expressing their experiences with the psychics, mediums and spiritual teachers working in the world, especially those who are a bit better known, which Thomas is. (he’s not in the BEST known camp, but instead a few rungs down on name recognition from the more popular mediums, and yet… better known than most “local” psychics/mediums or healers working in communities around the country)

A quick look at Thomas John on Yelp is a bit problematic, and surprised me a bit, as his ratings and reviews are far lower than one would expect – which a bunch of people reporting problems with payment/scheduling and so forth. (one of the people who emailed this to us said that she had been in contact with others who had negative experiences as well, who haven’t posted or shared them on social media)

(there are also some unsavory and negative news stories out there that date back a bunch of years about Thomas – we won’t post them here, but you can find them quickly on Google)

There are of course, others who HAVE had positive experiences with Thomas, and have been impressed with this readings. Have you had a reading with Thomas John> If so…..let us know what your experience has been like, so others can get a feel for his process, his accuracy and his credibility in general.

You can read some of his reviews at the links below.

I also have to add the lack of professionalism with this man.(see other posts below)  I pre-paid for a reading for my sister through Pay Pal in January of 2015.  I was told at the time the wait would normally be one year to 18 months.  That time period has passed and so after the 2nd attempt to ‘reschedule’ by his assistant I requested a refund.  I was told a refund would be issued however after a month I called again and also followed up with Pay Pal.  Pay Pal contacted his assistant who called and got my address.  Again…no check came.  I started an email campaign to document including Pay Pal in each email I sent.  Today, the refund has finally arrived in the mail…the day AFTER the 3rd contact was made from his assistant trying to reschedule again.  I think this man has no business integrity by making multiple appearances for group events to drum up business then not honoring the customers who paid for his services.

Thomas John Reviews: 2018 Update

Thomas John is featured in a brand new show (the Seatbelt Psychic) that looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun, and very popular 🙂 Have you had a reading with Thomas? If so…..check out his profile on our community and let us know how it went! Alternatively, you can leave a Thomas John reading review, anywhere in the comments below.



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  • Holly Ann

    June 13, 2021 / at 12:04 pmsvgReply

    I had the opportunity to meet Thomas John in a group reading at a hotel in Florida. I had never thought of Thomas as a scam until now. Well over two years ago his messages to me were he knew my daughters first name and she had horses. Yes very Facebook available. He had also said someone in my family is very sick. Wtf?! Who’s sick?! By this time he has moved on to the lady behind me. After the group reading it was book signing time I mentioned to him how I was left questioning who is sick. He said you can schedule a private reading and we can go into that deeper. Finances made it impossible until he was getting ready to go to Vegas and running “specials” $200 for half hour readings guaranteed to be read within a year. I bought it. Since then I have been rescheduled seven times and just yesterday I was actually stood up with no call after a confirmation with Tracy his secretary on my eighth appointment. I’ve been super nice even though he will cancel my appointments claiming family issues and then advertise an event or readings available for an extremely high price at the exact time. When I ask if I can have those certain dates for my readings instead of waiting Tracy claims that John does discount readings out of the goodness of his heart and he will read them when he has the time. Well we are almost at three years now and I have this morning now gotten the email about booking me for next fall?! Or by chance would I rather ask a question that will be answered in 21 days. Well by golly I guess I better do the $200. question option because we all know it looks like I will never be read or get my money back. Thank you for providing a place to help others find the truth. It’s sad that this gentleman uses his gifts of connecting with our loved ones to manipulate people into giving our hard earned money away to him so he can live high in cities around the world.

    • goodkarma

      June 13, 2021 / at 6:35 pmsvgReply

      Hey there, Holly – thanks so much for sharing your experience with Thomas John – i’m hopeful others will recognize the pattern that it seems pretty obvious to us – after many people have reported a similar experience. (both here in the reviews of Thomas John – as well as a number of similar complaints/experiences others have shared with us via email that aren’t published on the site) I would actually report the above experience to some form of law enforcement if I were in your shoes – and would take to social media to broadcast your experience as widely as possible – this is theft, to me – not sure what the legal definitions would be – but in my view – if you charge someone a fee and don’t provide the service for which you were paid – after 3 years – that is stealing – and Thomas John should have to answer to a pattern of similar reports. (Also note – not that I’m one to hold someone’s past experience against them forever – but Thomas John did have theft/fraud charges of some sort filed against him in his life prior to being a “medium – you can Google the details (as I forget them) – but he was running some similar financial fraud/services scam – for which law enforcement was needed – I think that may explain much of his present behavior – and sadly – maybe his subsequent interest in “mediumship”, too.

      • Laura

        June 11, 2022 / at 6:33 amsvgReply

        HI There,

        I had a reading last year with Thomas. I got really emotional during the reading, as he mentioned the people I wanted to communicate with. It was only after that I googled my name with the word obituary next to it that I saw what had happened. I found that three of the people he mentioned were the three obituaries that came out with comments I left in the condolences for the family section. Everything I had typed out in those obituaries was mentioned to a tee. I was so sad to find out he mentioned everything. I actually had been typing in them for years on end giving out memories, times we shared, etc. and he said it all. I had totally forgot all about that I had been doing that. What made it sound fake was the fact that he mentioned a lady that I left one single comment in her obituary saying my condolences. This lady I hardly knew, and she was just the daycare worker. He mentioned her name, and the other two people that I left comments in. He mentioned TV shows I had said in the obituary, etc. I have to give him credit however to mentioning about my sister who had recently passed. We were estranged for over 30 years, and I never left her any comments nor am I mentioned in her obituary etc. He was spot on with the details he gave about her. So I am torn with why he would need to go off on obituary information, when clearly he has some type of knowledge. I am not on Geni, etc because I have not used my real last name in over 35 years. What I didn’t like also was that he not only used the obituary to give most details he postponed my appointment for 3 months, and I did see that someone had researched me from two different states in mylife account. The researches were done two days prior to the meeting, and luckily nothing could be found about my true relatives on that page. I also wanted to let you know that I did check the others that attended our meeting circle, and found all the information on them via the obituaries, and public Facebook posts, or just by simply googling there name with the word obituary next to it. I would recommend if you are going to get a reading to use a different name, with different pymt. card, and do not have Facebook open. I don’t have a Facebook so that was covered. The two questions he allowed us to ask at the end of the meeting in which he gave psychic advice were incorrect fyi. Remember he did get one thing correct without no way to find out her name, what she had passed of, and answered the question I wanted to ask her without me mentioning it at all. Hope this helps. One more thing in the beginning of the reading he shows a notebook in which he states he will use to write down names that may appear during the reading that have no significance to any of the people there. He shows the notebook is empty, but I did see that he changes out the notepad without letting us know why. I also replayed the video he sent to see if I was just seeing things, but yes he did change it out. Not sure why.

        • goodkarma

          June 11, 2022 / at 8:09 pmsvgReply

          Hi Laura – this is very, very helpful to hear – and I think many people will find this very apt advice if they are considering an appointment with Thomas John. Online analytics (like the ones that you mention above with respect to being able to see when searches are done on a public profile/family tree style site) are very helpful to identify this sort of scam and dishonesty – and to be totally honest with you – on our site – I can often see that “mediums” (even some well known ones!) will leave multiple reviews for themselves using different email addresses – while sitting at the same computer and IP address – which always leaves me shaking my head and rolling my eyes at the intelligence level of some of the folks who are purportedly world class psychics 🙂 That said – most mediums do NOT do this sort of bad behavior – are generally good people with honest intentions – and unfortunately – Thomas John, seems to be accused of this sort of thing quite often – which, leads to believe there is probably something to it. (I have no personal experience with Thomas John – but do know he’s had legal issues around fraud/dishonesty in other areas of his life – which is a huge red flag when it comes to anyone in this line of work) Thanks for sharing your experience – we appreciate you!

  • Harold

    January 17, 2021 / at 4:30 amsvgReply

    Good Evening,

    I would LOVE to share the experience that I had with Thomas in my private reading. I was directed to Thomas by a friend who was in his “inner circle” about eight years ago. At this point Thomas was charging $175 per hour and his wait list was one month. I was struggling with trying to find my mother’s biological family as she was an orphan. Her parents had crossed over and I had very little to go on.

    Bear in mind, I was open to the possibility that he could help, but skeptical of the abilities that I viewed as “super human”. So I called from a different number and used a different name, just in case. I was to pay in cash, and did not have to leave a credit card deposit. All clues to me that there would not be any advance intel. However, even if he had my name, it was not the name that I was born with, and unless he had an inside connection with the FBI, I cannot imagine how he could have researched me with any accuracy, particularly to have a strong profit margin.

    There was only one person with whom I wanted to speak with and that person showed up (but not immediately). The first person who came through was my wife’s grandmother, who had crossed over about three years prior. He immediately came up with “I smell the ocean and I see Cape Cod”. This is where they lived and my wife spent the summers there. He also mentioned that there was a problem with the “card that she sent, it went to the wrong person”. Turns up, part of her will was sent to the wrong son. Since none of them are on the internet (even today) I have no idea how that would have turned up.

    Then, my grandfather (“energy, paternal, mother’s side”) came through. “Someone named Jere-, Jer, Jerome…” “That’s him!!” I shouted. As I stated, my name is not the same as when I was born. There really isn’t a way to get back to me. I have tried to forensically recreate the process on Ancestry even. My vital documents (thankfully) are not listed there. But then things got real. “He says things did not turn out the way that he wanted. There were issues surrounding her birth” He continued “was there a problem with her birth certificate? He’s telling me that there is an issue.” She had three birth records at the town hall in the very rural village where she was born. Two of which had his race redacted.

    “He is saying that things got crazy.” I asked Thomas if he could see him and if he was Black. He said that they were not showing their faces (he came with two siblings) and that they were afraid to show them to him. Then he asked if they came from a cold climate (which they did) as they were all dressed in scarves and big coats. But then he said, “yes, they are Black”. You look like them, you can see yourself in the face. “Great” I was thinking. “I’ll never know”, as I had been searching years for a photo of any Black person from the area in which they lived, scouring newspapers, the town hall, microfiche, the DMV, their places of employment, I mean I had exhausted every single possible place- including Ancestry,, etc.- NOTHING existed- even the state archives!

    I finally put Thomas to the test: “are their any photos of them?” He put his face in his palms and then he said, “yes, I feel that yes, there is one of him. Though you would have to go to a historical society. It’s up in the town next to X. It might be a painting or a photo, I’m not sure, but yes there is.” I sat there in complete consternation. “It’s in the town next to X?? That’s like 60 miles away from where they lived. Why in the hell would anyone have a painting of a Black man in town X???”

    He then went on to say, “You’re heavily into doing something with blood, or DNA, something like that.” To which he was correct, though I am uncertain as to how he could have known that as well, as back then, testing was a cottage industry and names were blind (and I also used a pseudonym for testing as I will on here). “You also made a very big discovery as I see you writing about it”- yes, I was all of the above. I had very recently published major genealogical research in the pre-eminent publication in the country. It was a very significant discovery. I was also a very avid test taker, as I was trying to figure out who I was. “I see that you walk around feeling lost. Almost like a child.” He nailed that as well. “You are going to find some very significant surprises in these tests. You are not done with this. I also see you writing a book or something where you are standing in front of a lot of people…this will be big for you”

    We finished our session and I walked out having been transformed and fulfilled. Though I did want to temper what I had just experienced, I just could not believe the minute details that he had brought through.

    I spent the next few days calling every historical society in and around that town. Some people humored me and some just hung up the phone dismissing me as some sort of “Punk’d” producer.

    Fast forward three years to 2016. I am awoken in the middle of the night by a voice ringing in my ears: “mug shots. mug shots!” I emailed a friend who was a professor of African American Studies that I had made at the local university, and wrote of my dream to her. I had been working with her on uncovering insights about the Black Community within that state, and she had written two books on the subject- a good friend to have. She told me that she was going somewhere to check on a few things and that she would get back to me if she found anything.

    Later that evening, she sent an email to me, and attached to the email was the mugshot of my grandfather pulled from microfiche. She had visited a historical repository which held some old records of courts that had no longer existed. They were blind to state cataloguing. The repository was located in THE EXACT TOWN that Thomas had said. People can write what they want about him. They can try and discredit him all they want, redirect them to my entry. There is absolutely no way that he could have gathered this information himself for less than $175. There just isn’t a way. There is no way he could have traced me back to this state let alone the town. There is no way he could have found my birth name in order to figure out my mother’s name in order to discover that she had multiple birth records and that there were serious issues revolving around her birth. It just couldn’t happen.

    Now, as generic as “some big surprises (in my DNA) ” may seem, in that same year, the DNA tests confirmed that my own father was born out of wedlock. He predicted that I would change my name because “I would feel like a phony”. All of this came true. He was absolutely correct.

    Where I did have some strange feelings were around “past lives” – he saw me as a “Roman Scholar”. Which actually kind of made sense (if you actually know me).

    Thomas provided me with an incredible gift. The gift of insight and connection with my family that I could not have in this earthly realm.

    My mother crossed over this year and due to the pandemic, I could not say goodbye. Thomas is no longer an option for me as his wait list is two years, and is now cost prohibitive- but I do not care. I will always have 2013-2016, and I was able to have my mother see her father once before she died.

    BTW, I have entered into an agreement to develop a series based upon the life of my mother and her family as I also write the book. Self fulfilling prophecy? Maybe- but who cares??

    • Harold

      January 18, 2021 / at 6:48 pmsvgReply

      I am currently going back over my recording with Thomas (which he encouraged! Another sign that he isn’t a fugasi), and he mentioned that “genealogy is going to be “huge” for me. “I also see a problem with your surname. They tell me that your surname will end. I don’t know what that means but has to do with this genealogy thing that you are doing.”…… as I explained, three years later his exact words would become prophecy.

  • Rose miaio

    February 1, 2020 / at 4:13 amsvgReply

    i had a reading with thomas john. everything he said came from my dads obituary. everything. i also thought i heard him talking with someone whine he was talking to me. fake and phone. very very disappointed. i was truly scammed. beware

    • goodkarma

      February 1, 2020 / at 4:46 pmsvgReply

      Hey “Rose” – sorry you claim to have had a bad experience – unfortunately though – your “review” is quite questionable – as you posted 3 Thomas John reviews – using different screen names – and different email addresses – BUT from the same IP address ( within 5 minutes of each other – meaning, you are embodying the same sort of fraud you claim (in your other reviews -which we aren’t posting) to detest. Honesty and integrity run in all directions – thats a life lesson you’ve yet to learn.

  • BelieverTurnedSkeptic

    November 13, 2019 / at 11:27 pmsvgReply

    I had a small group (8 people) reading with Thomas John this week. Walked in a total believer, walked out feeling very disappointed. He spoke to me of my family only a few minutes over the 2hr period and gave only specific information that anyone could find online. For instance, he brought up my father by his given name, not the name he and everyone knew him by. If he were hearing from my dad, he most definitely would have “introduced” himself as he had in life. He also brought up my mother and sister’s names and my professional occupation. All of which were easily googled. He said my dad died of a heart attack, “alive one minute, gone the next”, when he died of colon cancer over a 2 yr period. It was strange and I left skeptical. I wish I had thought to pay a friend the $500 to buy me a ticket so my name was not in any way associated with this event. Then I could have became a cold read. He may be intuitive but he may also be a total fraud. I’m just not sure.

    • angela

      November 14, 2019 / at 8:24 pmsvgReply

      Interesting experience – thanks for sharing! I do think it’s critical for everyone who is getting a reading of any type – especially for that sort of money – to be very careful about how much information can be gleaned about you before the experience. (We’ve had so many people have AMAZING experiences with different mediums – only to start to question themselves thereafter – upon realizing how much of the information shared could have been extrapolated from online records, social media posts, etc) To my mind, even as someone who runs one of these sorts of communities and tends to be generous with my asessments of the intentions of others – I would never pay for a reading in my own name – nor use any identifying info that could influence the outcome of the experience – it usually ends badly for all! (even the medium 🙂 Sorry your experience with Thomas John wasn’t more confidence inducing – we’ve had a very mixed bag of reader reviews on his readings – I tend to be somewhat skeptical, based on his past.

  • doug weldon

    April 29, 2019 / at 4:05 pmsvgReply

    I have seen over 20 mediums and no one compares to Thomas john. He has told me things that are no where online or face book period. I have never given him my name, address, email or phone number. I have done the same with other mediums and they were horrible. I am getting haunted by spirits so I had to seek some one who could possible tell me what the hell was going on. Not only did he tell me my sisters name. He also told me exactly what she was doing and why. He hit every thing spot on. He also told me 1 hour worth of things and 85 percent was spot on. The other 15 percent was also spot on after I let alot of people listen to the recording and it turned out it was related to their dead people. He also lets you ask him a few questions at the end and he has no idea what you are going to ask. He answered every thing correctly. Its very simple people, when you pay for a medium use some one elses credit card, email, address and phone number. Then you can see for your self if they are the real deal.

  • Petey

    February 26, 2019 / at 7:37 amsvgReply

    Check out the articles by Susan Gerbic at the Skeptical Site CSI.
    They built a FACEBOOK trap…and Thomas John got busted.
    Please read !

    • goodkarma

      February 27, 2019 / at 4:59 amsvgReply

      Thank you for sharing this, Peter – it certainly paints an unflattering portrait – and seems to coincide closely with many of the experiences others have reported as well. (as clearly, there are many folks who seem to believe that Thomas did advanced research on them prior to their interactions with him – which feels to me – like a betrayal of trust that is hard to come back from) At a quick glance – the most damning piece of the “trap” was actually the “student” who got a reading – in the spirit of (no pun intended 🙂 lending credibility to Thomas’s evidential accuracy. This is inexcusable to me – and if true – is the quintessence of dishonestly. That said – I’m not sure I’m a fan of Susan’s writing chops – or storytelling skills – there is much that feels dense and difficult to follow in her account of what happened – and while I certainly believe her account – i’m not sure she does a service to the general reader – who will find the choppiness of her account – and the various ways they “blinded” themselves to the FB content and characters – quite difficult to navigate and understand. We’ve seen many positive reviews of Thomas John – and there are people I know personally – who like him – and think he has a special gift. To my eye – the old stories that paint an unflattering picture of his ethics and approach in other life domains is more than enough to provide fair warning – and nothing I’ve seen since – has shaken that sense. Much appreciate you sharing – and hope folks here – who do want to believe – are open minded enough to read the article as well.

  • Kelleu

    October 20, 2018 / at 12:46 amsvgReply

    I have had a few readings with Thomas John, group demonstrations, small group readings and a one on one. All times I received a reading and the information was 100% accurate and none of this was on the internet. As well, I didn’t purchase my tickets under my name, my friend bought the tickets for the group and small group readings so he had no way to look me up on the internet at all. The one on one reading I booked and he told me things I couldn’t confirm as I didn’t know, after asking family it was true. He also didn’t know that my husband would be in the one on one reading and he gave him such accurate information as well, and again nothing was on the internet as my husband and his family are all not into social media and very private people. I think that he is a sevant medium and he gets so much information, more than any medium I have ever seen that it makes people think it can’t be real and looking for ways to prove he is a fraud. I also don’t think he knows how to handle the business side of his work and he doesn’t have key people in place who are helping him. Like many mediums he is not good with business. That’s my opinion he is the real deal, he is one of the most accurate mediums I have ever witnessed and he is worth the 3 yr wait. I waited almost that long for my one on one which was rescheduled 3 times before I finally got it and it was worth it.

    • goodkarma

      October 20, 2018 / at 1:38 amsvgReply

      Thanks for such a well written and detailed comment and for sharing your experience, Kelleu – it will be very helpful to many – and I think you capture something exceptionally insightful and important – that business acumen doesn’t always come as a package deal 🙂 (If I shared some of the behind the scenes stories we deal with through our community – with otherwise quite impressive professionals – who occassionally do shockingly silly things from a “spiritual business” standpoint – it would be equal parts amusing – and horrifying to hear 🙂 Thanks again!

  • Petey

    August 10, 2018 / at 1:12 pmsvgReply

    Now this scammer has his own TV Show…Mi cyaan believe it ! This will give him even more grieving & willingly paying victims for his readings ! Most certainly this show is staged…would be nice if ever an insider (staff member) of such a show (anonimously) gave information on how the “magic” came about !

  • Smitty

    March 26, 2018 / at 7:40 amsvgReply

    Gina I was part of about an 80 person group reading about a month ago and another one tonight of about 60 with Thomas John. The first reading opportunity came about his looking for a one on one complimentary reading. I emailed as directed and was told it was filled but would be given comp tix for a group. After 4-5 emails, I was provided the location and took my husband who really doesn’t believe in mediums. Thomas did choose me for a reading and both of us were surprised with some of the information he imparted about my Mom, father, children and myself. I went back to my social media to see what is out there he could have obtained and did find one piece that gave info. If he did do digging, he really had to go back more than two years. He surprised me with info on a child I had given up 46 years ago and that my grandparents were Native American. Tonight I took my daughter again based on an opportunity to have a single reading but instead getting comp tix to a group reading. And again 4 emails back and forth and requesting her name and mine. He selected my daughter about an hour into the event. Same info on my Mom who is deceased, nothing about the child I gave up, but did bring up her recent infertility issues. He told her my Mom said she would get pregnant and she was helping her with that. If he is scamming (she had posted on social media of her miscarriages), that is a horrible thing to tell her. He also brought up a deceased person that had abused her. I am hoping court records are not available on that as I was informed by the district attorney they were not but who knows. So I am a bit more skeptical than before and certainly wonder if his advertising to have personal readings is to only to get you to come to the group and have time to delve into your information. He did advertise small group readings for $175 and his assistant was taking payments right there. Tonight he did allow people to record him which his website states he doesn’t allow. By the way, he made no reference that he had read me only a month ago which I thought was odd.

    • Marianne

      March 28, 2018 / at 11:26 pmsvgReply

      Hello Smitty,
      Wow your account is so interesting. I have always wondered why Thomas would regularly ask for volunteers for free private mediumship readings that happens in the same area where he gives a group gathering event. It does absolute sense now. In fact, he never gives those readings. He offers complimentary tickets to those who have interesting information on their social media so that he can choose them for a reading. I guess those people are a kind of backup in case he has difficulties with reading the other attendees.
      About the child you gave up 46 years ago: is there a possibility that the child is registered as one of your relatives in people search directories? When you go on google and type 2 or 3 names that are connected to you, you land up on websites like mylife, spokeo, cubib, beenverified that shows the rest of your relatives, parents, grandmother, grandfather, etc. and even colleagues. Did you talk about that child to FB friends, family or are you part of a forum or FB group in which you could have shared that part of your life?

      After years of practice, Thomas is very good at retrieving information that you would never thought existed. Usually 100 % of the data he delivers are searchable online. But it does happen that, for a few individuals, he says things that I have trouble finding online. Are those cold/hot readings (as the experts say), real psychic hits or does he have a subscription to websites on ancestry, public records? I don’t know.

      But when a medium gives between 80 to 100 % of information that are on the web (and sometimes verbatim from online obituaries), it is highly suspect. As Gina said on another site, there are hundreds of details and memories he could deliver from spirit that are not online, why spirit would choose what is on social media? :))

    • Gina

      March 29, 2018 / at 2:58 amsvgReply

      Thank you for your comments. My experience was so odd. I am a true believer and I have so many of my own experiences and intuition but I am no pro and I want validation. I went in such a believer and when I walked out of the reading I had a pit in my stomach. Something felt so wrong even though I wanted to hold on. When I got home and reread the obituary in addition to to doing a simple google search I got the answers I needed. What really bothered me is he stated facts. And all were easily accessible. Then he made some off the cuff comments that were extremely evident and obvious when I looked at the search and obituary. He assumed in the reading that my living brothers wife and son were my deceased brothers family. Looking at a search it looks that way and the actual obituary could also read that way. He continued to comment about “Native American”. Then in the search my brothers name and “The Chieftan”. That’s the name of the local newspaper where we grew up and my parents still live. Who ever gave him that information assumed he was some how affiliated with a tribe.
      While that was my scientific “validation” that Thomas John is a fraud, the real validation came in that he mentioned 18 facts. All of which are public knowledge but there are seriously thousands of tidbits he could have related that were relevant and knowing my brother would have been communicated with feeling and meaning and personality.
      I believe it was a learning in trusting my gut and going with my intuition. That was my true gift from the reading.
      As for TJ, If he can help people and give them peace and solace all the power to him and I am happy for those he helps. As for me he is a fraud and the pity is he left me with some new skepticism and gives a bad name to the legit mediums. But I trust my gut and got validation when I got home. It was pretty easy too.
      The fact that he has been convicted of fraudulent practices in the past then launched a PR campaign to clean his past makes me question his real integrity. I think once a big con always a big con. See Thomas John Flanagan Chicago Craig’s list scams.

      • goodkarma

        March 29, 2018 / at 4:22 pmsvgReply

        Hi Gina (and anyone else who may feel the same way!) – I think one of the real epiphanies worth having on the spiritual path, is the one that realizes that there CAN be a capital T “truth” – (e.g. – that there is a spiritual component to life – and that we are bigger than our bodies and something mysterious and magical happens at death) – and there can be many people who claim to “own” that truth in some special way that are opportunistic – self serving and ultimately slimy. I have no opinion on Thomas John as a medium – he’s not someone that appeals to me purely from a gut level instinct – but the one thing I do know for sure – is that millions of people have incredible – inspiring – life changing experiences that point to that truth – every single year – across cultures and continents – and that all of those experiences are the best form of “proof” or evidence that there is much more to the human experience than meets the eye. I’ve interviewed hundreds of people who have had NDE’s for example – as part of our work here – and to me – the authenticity of THOSE accounts – the honesty and transformative benefits you can feel from those folks – that’s the sort of authentic spiritual experience we should all be interested in – and the best antidote to that sinking feeling that someone who claims to be “special” or “gifted” is really running a con 🙂 (again – without passing judgement on anyone in particular) I’m agnostic about mediums – having spoken to countless ones here on our community – but i’m 100% convinced that what mediums purport to do for us- is available to all – and in a way that removes the need to look elsewhere for affirmation – as well.

        • Gina

          March 30, 2018 / at 2:19 amsvgReply

          Good Karma. I love your Karma. You are full of wisdom! Thank you thank you! Xxoo

  • Gina

    March 14, 2018 / at 9:38 pmsvgReply

    Hello. I was part of an eight person reading recently. Funny most people say they are sceptics when they walk in and then believers when they walk out. I am the total opposite. I am a believer and walked out so disappointed! Thomas had numerous points to make about one spirit. All data were plucked from the obituary. Certain assumptions were also made erroneously and came from a misinterpretation of information found there. Had he been able to communicate with spirit they would have absolutely provided validation other than very publicly available information and errors. I also highly suspect he was being provided I formation via ear bud during the reading. I did not see it, but I am in production and I know these things. It did not occur up me until after because I was in such an emotional state during the reading. I would like to know what others think. Most in my group were repeat visitors and trust that he was real deal! I am not even suspicious, I am convinced he is a phony!

    • goodkarma

      March 15, 2018 / at 1:20 amsvgReply

      Hi Gina! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with Thomas John – I have nothing to add to your experience of course – other than to ask – i’m curious, when you describe yourself in an emotional state of mind during the reading and not “occuring” to you then – what exactly are you referring to – the question of the information being “piped in” – or the information being available in an obituary? I would be very surprised if Thomas John (or any medium with a lot to lose reputation-wise) would take that sort of risk or chance in a public space (as a lot can go wrong – including of course, being “caught” wearing one!) – but the obituary thing is a very different idea, especially if names/credit cards/guest lists, etc – were available to the event staff. I have absolutely no opinion based on personal experience regarding on Thomas John – but have read some pretty negative things about his past – things that are published online and don’t require a lot of research to locate – and know some mediums in our community who like him a lot – but as someone who is very skeptical of many of the mediums working in our community – (even while running a site like this one) – his past transgressions make him appear very suspect – and he wouldn’t be amongst the mediums I’d care to see myself- nor recommend to our thousands of daily visitors – as a result 🙂

      • Gina

        March 15, 2018 / at 4:34 amsvgReply

        Hello Goodkarma I love your screen name.
        Yes I am surprised as well! I believe I am pretty intuitive and I really believe that people have this gift. I went in to the reading very positive and open to hearing messages. I also trusted and believed that the reading would offer me something of a validation. I held on to that hope so much and wanted to believe that he had reached them and was communicating. Thomas was able to tell me a lot of detail which were true but were very public and easily accessible. Yes I signed up for the meeting over a month ago and provided name address credit card etc. I understood that he would probably research and that didn’t bother me at all. I wasn’t looking to hear that public Information, rather one of hundreds tidbits he could have given as validation. Seriously hundreds!!
        I mentioned I was emotional in the reading, very and so I wasn’t being rational. I so wanted to have communication with my beloved.
        Thomas also focused on one thing I found odd “Native American” and mentioned it twice. When I commented it may have been a joke between us (that was actually relevant) he said NO it’s something different. then asked about my brothers wife and son by name. When I went home and read the obituary and actually did a google search, his obituary came up next to the name of our local newspaper that has a Native American name. If one is not familiar with that as the local Newspaper, they may assume he was a member or leader of that group! (I made screen shots). Additionally, in the same search and obituary, it looked as though the spirit was the one married to my sister in law and father of my nephew rather than my other living brother. It became extremely apparent that this had happened! He said my mother was there early on and mentioned her by name (in obit) later when I asked about her he said he’d come back to me. This happened to several folks but when I went back and listened to the recording in a rational state of mind, it was quite suspect and I really believe it possible someone was talking to him (other than spirit) and feeding him info and names.
        I am pretty intuitive and have had hundreds of experience with both who came through that would have validated any connection.
        I later learned about his past and I love that he is/was a drag queen! I also believe people make mistakes and change but the nature of his past con schemes ring too similar to what I experienced. I also don’t see that behavior necessary nor typical of a University of Chicago type. Those are my opinions.
        I am sorry, I liked him. I wanted to believe him but he didn’t make it happen. I wasn’t a skeptic until I met him. That also makes me sad!

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