The Psychic Matchmaker: How to Find Your Spiritual Soulmate (Without Kissing More Frogs :)

Looking to meet your spiritual soulmate? Do you believe in true love, but often feel that it doesn’t believe in you? Believe it or not…’re NOT alone! The vast majority of us have at least some sort of anxiety around our karmic connection to either our current partner, or wonder why we haven’t found him or her at all.

Sound familiar? The good news is, TLC’s Psychic Matchmaker wants to help!

If you are looking for true love, and could use an enlightening, amusing and entertaining read, check out the full article following the short excerpt below!

Between clubs, bars, and dating apps, there are plenty of ways to meet someone you’re physically attracted to. But how do you attract your soulmate? I enlisted the help of an expert on that matter: a psychic matchmaker.

On TLC’s The Psychic Matchmakerand in her own private practice, Deborah Graham uses her clairvoyant abilities to set people up and advise them on their love lives. She can read people’s energies and auras to assess their past, present, and future. And aside from being a psychic, she’s full of practical, no-nonsense dating advice, some of which you can read in her book Get Your Head Out of Your App: A Psychic’s Guide to Attracting and Keeping True Love.

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