Is There Any Good Evidence for Psychic Ability? How to Be SMART, Spiritual and Scientific (all at the Same Time :-)

Q: Is there any good evidence for psychic ability? Where is it? Who has it? And why do so many skeptics, cynics and debunkers say there is NO proof that any psychic or spiritual experiences are real?

A: The truth is, there is a TON of very good evidence that all sorts of spiritual experiences are not only real, true and valid from a first person perspective (in other words, to the person HAVING the experience they are the MOST real experience they’ve ever had) but there is a growing body of serious science that suggests many of these supernatural or paranormal things are really far more ordinary than the skeptics will admit. There is overhwelming evidence that the BEST psychic mediums are not “cold reading” or just guessing or making it all up, and no matter how many times people try to use ONE bad psychic to explain ALL psychic experiences, it just isn’t fair, or smart or honest. (much the way you wouldn’t say ALL medical doctors are bad, on the basis of finding one that is)

IONS, is a highly respected scientific organization that does really incredible work on energy, intuition, psychic and spiritual experiences, mediumship, and more….and was founded by Edgar Mitchell, the famed Astronaut after his return from space. They’ve just published a new book well worth checking out (by Dr. Julia Mossbridge, specifically) and if you are smart, skeptical, SPIRITUAL and want to be scientific about what you believe and why, they have an immense amount of inspiring material to read on just about every crazy cool experience under the sun

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