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Q: Who are the most famous psychics and mediums in 2016? If you could pick just ONE medium to see, who it would it be, and why?

A: We get a lot of people who want to know who WE believe are the best mediums in the world, right now….in 2016.

The truth is, there really is not a good answer as everyone has a different taste and style, and different personalities, energies and approaches connect with different people in different ways.

For example?

Check out this video of Suzanne Northrop, as tested by Dr. Gary Schwartz for the HBO documentary “The Afterlife Experiments”

Her style is direct, abrasive in some ways, and even aggressively animated by some standards. I actually enjoy and appreciate this level of engagement when it comes to a an evidential mediumship session, whereas others who write for us here, find it overwhelming.

Look at Tyler Henry, the “Hollywood Medium”. If you contrast the style above, with his own, you’ll find almost nothing in common OTHER than the fact that both types of readings offer hope, help and healing to those who need it most. (Tyler is very subtle, a bit subdued and much less animated in his readings)

There are lots of really good mediums in the world, both famous and little known. Some of our favorite psychics? You’ve probably never heard of, but are found on these pages! (and some we’ll be featuring in the days and weeks to come)

To see a list of the most famous psychics in the world in 2016, check out some of the most conventional choices here.

Do you know a psychic or medium who you think ought to be included in the list? Share with us below, or on our FB page and let us know!

Here is another one of our favorite mediums, Paul Selig – who does interesting and inspiring channeling work as well!

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