Q: Where do I buy tickets to Theresa Caputo events? Are there any discounts, or coupons to see her live experience fall tour?

A: For those of you who have always wanted to make an appointment to speak to Theresa Caputo, but couldn’t afford it, or get through to her management, or simply could’t arrange a reading for one reason or another, going to a live event is a GREAT and affordable alternative to see the long island medium in person.

(we’ve gone to several live experiences with Theresa, and they are always quite interesting, very inspiring and offer hope, help and healing to many who genuinely need it)

Even better news, of course, is that you can find not only free tickets on Theresa’s website, but you can also enter to win an all expense paid trip to the city of your choice, to any Long Island Medium event this fall. Check out her website for details, or follow her below on social media for more info!

Theresa’s fall event schedule can be seen below.

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