How to make an appointment with John Holland: Events and Appearances

Q: How can i make an appointment to see John Holland in person?

A: While we can’t help you make an appointment to see John Holland in person any quicker than you’d do on his website, the truth is, John is one of the more prolific famous mediums when it comes to events, appearances, radio shows and media. (both conventional media and social media alike)

Check out some of his upcoming events via his public posts below – and be sure to follow John Holland on Facebook and Instagram specifically, as his upcoming schedule is typically well posted in advance for the public to see. (and several people we know are planning on attending his upcoming intuition cruise in early 2017 as well – a good investment for those of you who’d like to increase your OWN psychic gifts as well!)

April 2017 INTUITION CRUISE! Gonna be great! All info on my website.

A photo posted by John Holland (@johnmedium) on

For John Holland’s profile on our psychic medium directory, go here:

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