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lisa williams medum

Lisa Williams is one of the most popular psychic mediums and spiritual teachers working in the world today. She isn’t quite as well known in the US as she is overseas, but her psychic development classes and spiritual growth teachings are very popular amongst many of the professional mediums who aim to improve their accuracy, enhance their intuition and build their own brands in the spiritual growth spaces.

We’ve had a few members of our community who spent some time with Lisa Williams in Lily Dale (the town in NY that is literally FILLED with psychic mediums who live and work there – an amazing story by itself) and we thought we’d share some of their reviews of the experience with you in an upcoming series on growing your own psychic skills.

Here is an update from the Lilly Dale psychic development class….and check back as we’ll share some Lisa Williams reviews from our own community in the days to come!

Have you had a reading with Lisa Williams? Leave a review here!

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