Q: How much does “The Hollywood Medium” charge for a private reading?

tyler henry readings.

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Is it affordable or as out of reach as most of us expect, given Tyler’s current enormous 15 minutes of fame? (of which, we hope is JUST beginning, as he is truly one of our favorite mediums, not only because of his readings, but his smart, sensitive and down to earth approach as well)

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The truth is, like many famous psychic mediums at the absolute apex of their celebrity, trying to pin down exactly how much it’s going to cost to get a reading with Tyler Henry is NOT all that easy. Many different prices as posted around the web, as with his current focus being his TV show, book tour and associated events, it’s not going to be so simple for average people to get instant access.

That said, here are 3 super simple ways you can increase your odds of getting a reading with Tyler, and NOT having to break your budget to boot.

get a psychic source reading

Tyler and Tori! One of Tyler’s first TV readings was with the self confessed psychic “junkie” Tori Spelling. Learn more about why Tori believes a psychic reading she got in 2016, saved her marriage, and her life!

1 – Sign up for one of his fan giveaways on social media. He does these fairly often, and they seem to be endearing much of his audience to following him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to get a chance to win as well. ( a good marketing strategy for him and a great opportunity for his fans. A win/win for all!)

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2 – Attend one of his TV appearances as an audience member. This is a great way, as an audience member, to get a live, personal reading from Tyler Henry for FREE. The truth is, this is NOT as difficult as it may sound, and with Tyler’s upcoming book tour, he’ll be doing lots and lots of live media, which will give you an opportunity to see him up close and personal in many cities across the country. (the bigger the city obviously, the more chances you’ll have to see him as part of a studio audience)

3 – Go to to a local event. Tyler Henry events are going to be really popular in 2016 and 2017, especially during the TV show downtime, and while he promotes his upcoming book as well. We’ve done this with many of our own readers to get access to many world class mediums in a super small setting, including John Edward, Theresa Caputo, Roland Comtois (little known…..but really good!) and many others. Check Tyler’s website for his upcoming events, and you should be able to buy tickets for under $100.

A little MINI medium?! Tyler Henry baby pics! 🙂

Want to see Tyler in person? So did we! Check out Tyler Henry’s tour schedule…..HERE.

How about you? Have you had a private reading with Tyler Henry before he was famous….or know someone who has? Share your Hollywood Medium reviews with our community below!


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15 responses to “How Much Does Tyler Henry Charge for a Reading?”

  1. I took care of my mother and sister for 14 years. My mother had alzheimer my sister was physically disabled. My mother passed on 2/19/13 my sister passed on 2/20/13. My sister was not sick other than her physical disability. Then 2 months before she passed she got really sick and took a turn for the worse. My sister was 62. She was my best friend. My mother always worried that no one could care for my sister like she could. I promised her I would but instead it was like my son said that it was meant that they die together. My heart is broken. I still miss these two women more than anything u can imagine. Even though I have a full time job as a legal assistant, my purpose in life was taking care of these amazing women. I need to know I did all I could for both of them. The day my mother passed and we were by my sisters bed my son and I saw 2 flashes of light pass by the window. My son said it was yiayia and Patou (grandmother and grandfather) checking in on my sister to see that she was ready. I just need to know that they were OK with me and my care. I miss them terribly

  2. My sister lost both her kids it has been very hard for us I would like to give her closure. GODBLESS YOU FOR WHATBYOU DO AND YOUR KINDNESS

  3. I would love to have a reading with Tyler. My best friend died a few years ago and for certain circumstances I feel responsible for her death. I would like some closure on that. And just this past month my cousin hung himself, I’d like to know if he can tell me the reason behind that. I kinda have the feeling I have some kind of ability myself. But, I’m not sure how to tell. Thank you for your time… S. Vance

  4. I would love reading. My nephew out of blue shot himself end of May my sister died in July my dad was hospitalized in August and died in September. Then in October the love of my life decided he just wanted to b friends I am such an emotional mess. My nephew was a 32 I have so much loss and pain. I need something good something to look forward too. I believe in Tylers abilities. I feel like I need the love of my life back he kept me grounded and happy to an extent.. please give me reading.

    1. That is so trajic. I truly hope asbo pray you get the reading and you can begin to heal

      Laura Lee
      Ontario, Canada

  5. Hey Tyler! How r U? I’m not quite sure how to do this. I am inquiring about setting up a session with U. In the past 10 years I have lost my husband of 30 years, both my parents n in-laws n one of my close friends. I have struggled with movin on for many reasons. It would be amazing if you cud help me with sum closure. I do hope to hear from U. I understand that you are in hi-demand for great reason. I also live in the Bay Area. Not sure if we go to you or do you make the visit.
    Thank you n I look forward to the possibility
    Hugs n smiles
    B. Baxley

    1. Hi B.! So sorry to hear about your losses – that sounds like a difficult decade! Please go to Tyler’s website directly – or his social media – for a direct channel to schedule appointments, or to inquire about availability! Best of luck and let us know how it goes! 🙂

  6. Hi Tyler;

    I would love to have a reading. It has been a very hard few years and need to know everything is ok.

  7. My husband pass away,We were life partners,When he pass I did not have a chance to say good by,We were marries 52 yr and went to scholl together for 3 years.Our anniversy was on Sep 15 his birthday Sept 23 and he passed Sep 28.Please help me through this hard time,So many questions that need answers.Help me

  8. Hi Tyler I thank God for giving you this gift to actually help people who go thru not understanding why some of our love one to kind understand the ones who have left us….me and my family is praying to have a private reading with you…. really hope to here from you soon…..

    Thanks for a mighty gift from God


  9. Hi Tyler,

    i am completely fascinated with your gift. Events over the last 15 years of my life have me a physical and emotional wreck. Some clarity could be gained by getting insight from the other side. Thank you for all you do!!!


  10. Hello my name is Jenny and I was wondering how much do you charge for reading?

  11. I do not have an email address….any chance to make phone contact? I am on facebook, and would do about anything, sell anything…for even a phone reading….is this possible? I feel desperate and have been hanging on for over 7 years now, and I know this is probably not going to happen, but I had to try….


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