Theresa Caputo Tickets

Where can I see Theresa Caputo live?  Is she currently on tour?  Does she do readings on the road?  How is her tour schedule looking for the rest of 2016?

Any of these questions sound familiar?  We get more questions on Theresa Caputo readings, both private appointments and inquires on her tour schedule than just about any other type of contact from the public….and the truth is, we know about as much as you do!  🙂  For a super busy and world famous celebrity psychic, the Long Island Medium is certainly in big demand, and whether you are a skeptic, a believer or curious but not yet convinced, seeing a world famous medium in person is a great way of getting validation for what you believe.  (or hopefully, opening your mind to what is ultimately true!)

For Theresa Caputo’s tour schedule for 2016, check out the link below – she has lots of upcoming dates in September and October, and we will definitely be at at least one or two of these shows, so leave us a comment if you’re there, and we’ll be happy to say, hi!

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