Welcome! (And What You Should Expect From The Pages That Follow)

For easy reading, we’ve broken this book down into 3 simple parts.

First, I’m going to dispel some of the most common myths and misconceptions about spirit communication. **

This is important for empowering you to know that ordinary people have extraordinary encounters with spirit each and every day.

You don’t need to be born special, or be a gifted medium, to have incredible, inspiring and uplifting visits from the other side.

**Next, we’re going to cover some super simple preparatory concepts. **

I’m going to give you a very simple series of short steps for opening a wide window into the wonderful world of what awaits us all.

This should help you begin to have your own extraordinary experiences with spirit.

My hope is, you can lean on and trust these techniques for the rest of your life.


I’ll describe, document and DETAIL some very specific tips, tools and techniques, including meditations that have worked WONDERFULLY well for both myself, and tens of thousands of our readers, and hundreds of my own personal clients.

You can try them all from the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home.

All are 100% free.

No expensive tapes or recordings are required.

Remember, personal proof is what you ought require if you are serious about spiritual growth.

No celebrity psychic can offer you what is already available to you right now.

I hope this inspires you to begin the process of the adventure of a lifetime, and reaching across the divide to connect with those you’ve loved and “lost”, starting today.

**Here is my promise – **

I am always available to help.

If you are stuck on a step, or skeptical of another, my personal email address, and my contact information via our popular psychic and spiritual community site, is published in numerous places on these pages.

I don’t do “psychic” readings. But I can help you discover your TRUE passion, purpose and “karmic” connection to what will infuse your life with magic, mystery and wonder.

That is MY passion.

If you are a sincere seeker with an open mind and an curious spirit, when you are done reading this short book, you’ll have a very different idea on how AUTHENTIC communication with “the other side” takes place.

More importantly?

I hope you’ll recognize how to optimize your energy, and your ability, for magical, magnificent and incredibly meaningful experiences with spirit.

Both your own. And the spirit that lies beneath the wild, weird and wonderful invisible world around us all.

You will have more information, in the next few hours, than most people who will spend a lifetime waiting, wanting or wondering if spirit communication is possible, or if it’s all spiritual silliness and new age nonsense.

**A quick warning: this is NOT like most of the other spiritual books you’ll read this year :-)**

First of all, this is not going to be a 400 page manuscript on spirit communication techniques, or a long biography full of boring details on my own personal journey from a random, average skeptical person, to someone who regularly and routinely has amazing experiences I once believed impossible.

This is not going to be a bunch of esoteric, exotic ideas that won’t apply to the average person.

I’m not going to waste 20 pages telling you how gifted I am, or how special I am, or how I’ve been seeing spirit since I was a child. (I’m not…and i haven’t!)

I’m also not going to tell you that anything that is true for me, is going to be 100% true for you.

The spirit world is FLEXIBLE.

It’s fascinating.

And it’s not the same for everyone.

People experience things differently. We feel it differently.

We see or sense it differently, and no two perspectives, especially from THIS side of the divide, ever seem to be completely the same.


Because while we ARE all spiritual beings having a very human experience. (to quote Teilhard De Chardin)

We all DO have human bodies,and brains and unique and individual sense organs that perceive the world in unique ways.

You and I could come across the very same situation in the real world, and “feel” it very differently. We may see, or sense or intuit information that is diatmetrically different, even though we saw the same scene.

There are countless qualities that each of us has, that are molded and made by the lifetime of experiences we’ve had along the way.

This is the gift of the human experience. And the amazing opportunity to live this life as an individual.

**That applies to the spirit world as well.**

In my own experience, there are many different levels of energy, and access to it.

The act of dying does not, in of itself, offer those who have crossed some permanent treasure trove of all of the wisdom of the world at once.

In other words, different people, even in spirit, experience different things.

It’s not one uniform world of one singular scene. So much of this, in my own experience, is contingent on the consciousness that you cultivate in THIS life.

This is why I’m so passionate about the idea of cultivating a consciousness of kindness, compassion, connection, community and surrendering to spiritual service.

It matters more later, than it does now. (and looking at the dynfunctional, divided and divisive world around us, I think we can ALL agree it matters a lot now, too!)

The quality of your consciousness, in my view, plays a large role in what you experience after you cross.

This accounts for the HUGE variety of transmissions that come from the next world.

If you read a lot of books on the “afterlife” as I do, it can be difficult to discern what is fact, what is fiction, and what is outright fantasy.

With so many different thoughts, ideas and opinions about what awaits, it’s often hard to determine if there IS one univeral truth. (and if not…..WHY not)

This also gives the skeptics and cynics and debunkers more material to laugh off any and all spiritual experiences.

They’ll say, “Hey, if THIS spirit said X, and this spirit said Y , and they are completely different perspectives on that next world….how can either be true? It must ALL be B.S.!”

Of course, that’s not true.

For thousands of years, spiritual traditions have told us that how we live, on some very concrete level, determines how we die, where we “go” thereafter.

Not in a heavenly or hellish sort of sense in the “conventional” way religion teaches us about those realms, but more so in the sense that you occupy an energetic neighborhood that is more closely aligned with how you lived in life.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead, for example, speaks beatifully of the various realms that are available to us after death, and how the consciousness that we cultivate NOW, is paramount to our progress.

It’s cliche…and trite, but true.

At our core, we’re all in some sort of incredible, ongoing school.

Our curriculum?

To learn lessons both obvious and obscure. To choose how we act, react, grow and flow.

And every step, and every piece of the puzzle we pick up along the way, is part of that process.

And this continues.

Not only after we die, but my guess is, for as long as we remain awake, aware and “alive” as energy, with emotion and attachment and all of the things that go with being us.

(and that MAY be forever)

**The reason I go to such great length to point all of this out?**

I don’t have all of the answers.

I only have my own experiences to guide me and offer me truth.

And If there is one thing that drives me nuts, or turns me off when reading a spiritual guidebook or text, it’s the transmission of TRUTHS that are set in stone and stated with such incredible certainty that the author sounds like the only authority in the world on the matter.

They know with 100% certainty.

And they’ll tell you exactly how THIS is, or THAT is, and state these things as capital ‘T” truth facts of the first order.

Or, that everything you’ve read previously must be wrong.


Because it doesn’t apply to that specific psychic or medium or teacher’s spiritual belief system.

I don’t buy any of that, nor do I approach expression of my own experience in a similar manner.


Because if there is one thing that makes me suspicious of an author or teacher in the psychic or spiritual space, it’s someone who claims to have all the answers.

No one does.

It’s worth repeating.

I’ve met hundreds, if not thousands of psychics, mediums, authors, spiritual coaches, and teachers across the globe.

Many are wonderful people with incredible intuitive instincts and great gifts who I like, trust and admire.

There are also many others who may mean well, but whose intuitive instincts, behind the scenes when no one is looking?

Not so much 🙂

As one of the editors of a large online psychic community, I could tell you some very funny stories, about some very wacky experiences with some pretty well known people in this space.

But I won’t 🙂

The point is, keep an open mind. But don’t let your brains fall out. Pursue PROOF, and evidence. And above all, experience.

I have learned that there IS magic, in the mystery.

What we don’t know is built into the firm foundation of the spiritual soil we seed when we seek out these otherworldly experiences.

I don’t know all the answers – of that i’m certain.

But I’ve asked a lot of good questions 🙂

And has afforded me the opportunity to have many life changing experiences as a result…..that I know many people reading this would love to have.

So I’m going to empower you, I hope……to have the same basic spiritual system for widening that window into the next world that I use…..some of which I teach privately, and that has transformed my own life, and what I believe about life, death and everything that happens in between.

I don’t ask you to believe anything on blind faith.

Instead, I challenge you.

If you are serious about discovering what happens when YOU die, and where the loved ones you’ve lost may be right NOW, try and apply many of these simple methods and meditations to being your own metaphysical journey.

**Who this book is For (Important)**

When I first started writing articles and blogs and books a few years ago, I actually took a class on writing the perfect essay or article or book.

The best lesson I took from that class was the idea that the BEST books were always writing with someone specific in mind.

When you write something or teach something or share something sacred, you are supposed to have ONE reader in mind.

The idea is, you don’t want to appeal to everyone.

Just the type of people specifically interested in what you have to teach or transmit.

I usually think that’s great advice.

But for this book, and THIS topic, I decided to take a different track.

**I want to expand my audience. **

I want to include as many people who are open to this experience as possible.


Simply because there is no better gift (and I’m writing this right smack dab in the middle of the holiday season) that to teach people through experience that life doesn’t end at death.

That your loved ones, their creativity, their consciousness, their sense of self and karmic connection to you REMAINS, and runs far deeper than the death of our physical bodies.

**So this small book is written for a BIG audience. Anyone who struggles with life and loss, I hope can benefit a little bit from these words.

**Who are You?**

Maybe You are already a believer.

OR a beginner.

Maybe you are an open minded skeptic a cynic who would like to believe in something bigger, bolder and more beautiful than life as we know it here.

Or, like I suspect of many of my readers…..you are curious but not yet convinced.

**The only people this book is NOT for?**

2 groups who have much more in common than they realize.

1 – If you are a closed minded skeptic who believes that all spiritual experiences, especially those that deal with the possibility that life and consciousness CONTINUES after the death of the body are BUNK and new age nonsense, this book is probably not for you.

If you believe that the tens of millions of people who have seen apparitions, or who have had vivid and transformative after death communications, or who have had extraordinary adventures like Near Death Experiences, or the thousands of hospice nurses who have have watched patients die and report witnessing something incredibly special – and spiritual and sacred – if you believe all of these people are nuts, or gullible or just making it all up, this book is not for you.

2. And, if you believe that only ONE version of God or religion matters (yours) and that everyone else is wrong and on our way to eternal damnation for not sharing your specific spiritual sensibilities……..this book is probably not something you’ll enjoy.

Or, if you are SO convinced that you know exactly how the spirit world operates, you may not appreciate what follows.

If you are 100% SURE you know what happens when and why, AND that there are hard and fast rules that YOU know and others don’t, and are 100% sure that your version of spirituality if the only real way to “get to the afterlife”, these pages are not going to be a fantastic fit.

Everyone else in the middle?

Welcome! 🙂

The vast majority of people ARE in the middle.

And 1 thing is for sure.

This stuff is important with a CAPITAL “I”.

We’re all going to die.

Our physical bodies at least, aren’t going to last forever.

The more you prepare yourself for the fate that awaits us all, and the more comfortable, and confident you become that death is NOT the end, the easier that transition will become.

This I know is true.

Not only for you.

But for your loved ones as well.

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