Jennifer Shaffer Psychic Medium

Has anyone had a reading with Jennifer Shaffer?  Rate or review your reading with Jennifer Shaffer if you’ve had one, so others in our community know what of medium she is, how accurate she may be, and your feelings about her “gift”, overall.

Here is why we ask:

Because YOU have asked!  We’ve had several questions about Jennifer Shaffer over the last few months, and to be honest with you…..I’ve not known who she was until I did a little digging, earlier this week.  And, as synchronicity would have it, one of our friends in the International Association of Near Death Studies sent us a video of the author of “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife”  (Rich Martini) doing a presentation in California….and lo and behold, who joins him in the video?  Jennifer Shaffer 🙂  So if you’ve had a reading with her, let us know, and you can check out more about her in the video below.

(also check out some of Rich Martini’s great and entertaining movie, Flipside on the afterlife and past life memories….right HERE. )

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  1. Let me tell you something….this woman is incredible. I am might be an idiot, yet she is so good and accurate she has the talent to save .y my life after my son died.

    I now have a new relationship with my son. Frustrating becauze I’m not yet used to him in spirit. My son is by me.

    I have only been involved in phone sessions so she isn’t reading my body movements. She doesn’t do cold readings because she doesnt need to and fool you.

    One month after my son died, I told her what he died of and she has the audacity to tell me I didn’t have all the facts and I was going to find out something different.

    Well, I wanted to punch her in the nose when she did this but since we are 2100 miles apart, it wasnt possible.

    Well fast forward 4 months later I get the death certificate, and Holy Toledo, she was dead on correct. And then some. I call, and I pay, every month.

    I have used a total of 4 prior to her and Chris Stiller is very good a Marissa Ryan who is so good.

    Jennifer though has enabled my son and myself to build this relationship as well as connect with his brothers. I am alive, although I really dont care to be …as I have zero fear of death of the body and just want to be with my boy now !!!

    She is not over booked like others are, she is so sweet to talk to and she even develops relationships with the spirits as my son loves Connecting with me thru her. Her staff is awesome and efficient.

    I sometimes have difficult accepting this crap and admit were it not for my loss, I wouldn’t be doing this review.

    The chic legit for connecting my son and I .

    I just don’t know how else to say it. Thanks.

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