James Van Praagh Reviews?

Is James Van Praagh really speaking to the dead? Or is he merely a really good cold reader? Is he able to communicate with the spirits of the deceased……or is he just picking up information from his clients in unsavory ways? We’ve gotten a few questions about James Van Praagh over the last few days, as apparently, there is a well known “skeptic” who recently wrote a scathing review of one of James readings.

The truth is, in my own 2 decades of writing and research into many of the best and most well known psychics, mediums and spiritual teachers, I’ve never quite “connected” with James as much as I have with other well known mediums. (people like John Edward who I’ve seen in a small group setting on a number of occassions, for example….who always impressed me more)

What do YOU think about Van PRaagh? Is he as good as other well known celebrity mediums, or not so much? Have you had a reading with James? If so….we’d love to hear about it. (and have many other members of our public community who would as well) Check out the short video above from an open minded researcher who had a reading with James Van Praagh to hear his thoughts, and then check out some of what some well known skeptics say, at the link below. (including Michael Schermer, the well known “celebrity” skeptic who is quite entertaining in his own right, and well known for his skeptical opinions on a whole host of spiritual topics)

James Van Praagh and other practitioners of so-called “channeling”—communicating with deceased people—have consistently avoided James Randi’s Million Dollar Challenge test to prove their psychic abilities. In this video, Miklos Jako, a knowledgeable layman, tests Van Praagh’s ability simply by having a session with him and analyzing what went on. The results, though not strictly scientific, are pretty conclusive, as well as entertaining.<


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