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haunted places in us
looking for haunted places, or psychic mediums around the US?

What are the most haunted places in the US? Are there any good ghost tours I can take across the country? Are there good local mediums I can contact to help me explore haunted locations? What should I bring….and what should I expect?

Believe it or not, we get a lot of questions about the most haunted locations in many states around the country. (and some around the globe!) Others want to know if there are good local mediums in various cities and states that do work with ghost “hunting” groups (a term we don’t like 🙂 and how much the actual experience of exploring haunted locations differs from what so many see on TV.

Here are a few quick thoughts.

1 – Look for local Meetups ( that are oriented around hauntings and exploring purportedly haunted locations before you set out on your journey. There are spiritual and ethereal meetups in just about every major city in the country, and at least one in every state that actively go out looking for haunted locations.

2 – Do your due dilligence, too! Just because a location is marked “haunted”, doesn’t mean that it’s open to the public, or will welcome you when you show up at midnight on a Saturday night with a sleeping bag and night light 🙂 Many haunted locations are private property, and many others are closed, or even condenmed for overnight guests, and we’ve gotten a number of funny stories (and a few not so funny) where readers have been arrested for trespassing on property NOT meant for exploration. (even though those very same properties may be featured on a ghost tour, or in some sort of online magazine as well)

Here is a good list of haunted properties around the country via the Travel channel, and it includes a list of some good local mediums in each area that may be well worth checking out ahead of time. (either to assist you in your journey….or to speak to when there)

Check out the full list at the article following the short excerpt below.

Most of New Orleans’ best psychics work outside of Bourbon Street — real psychics don’t need a booth on Bourbon, especially for only $5 a reading. And they can generally be reached through word-of-mouth. In a city full of believers, you’ll be hard-pressed not to get a referral from locals.

Stay: Shack up at the Monteleone, known for its eerie amount of paranormal activity. Ghost sightings include a late-1800s-era orphaned boy. Before you go, brush up on New Orleans’ haunted hotel history — and book if you dare!

Best Psychic to See: Cari Roy, a psychic for the past 30 years and guest on popular media outlets such as The Today Show, A&E and Travel Channel.

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