The Best Near Death Experience Stories

What are the most persuasive near death experiences? Are some so amazing…..that they prove the NDE is true? We get a lot of questions from people who are looking for the best evidence for an afterlife, and quite naturally…..NDE’S (near death experiences) often provide some of the very best evidence that we are NOT our bodies. (or, that we have a soul or spirit that survives when our bodies die)

Here are 17 pretty amazing stories of near death experiences, that are hard to dismiss as wishful thinking. Amongst them….are some truly remarkable stories thousands of years old, including the NDE that the famous philosopher Plato described in his writings, in 300 B.C. (quite similar to the NDE’s of today as well)

Curious to know more? Continue reading some amazing, inspiring and incredible near death experiences at the link following the short excerpt below.

Around 300 B.C. the Greek philosopher Plato wrote of Er, the soldier, whose dead body lay in waste beside his fallen comrades for ten days. When at last help came, many were puzzled, for the body of Er had not decayed as had the others. Confused, Er’s relatives took him home for burial, but upon the funeral pyre he revived, stood up, and recounted what he had learned while on The Other Side for all to hear. He then set about educating people concerning the spiritual truths that had been revealed to him, teaching them how they could live more fulfilling and satisfying lives. (History leaves in doubt whether the story of Er was created by Plato, or a true report.)

By 1837, Hung Hsiu-ch’uan, a peasant farmer’s son, had failed for the third time to pass the official state examination in Canton, China. He fell into a prolonged delirium, his body wasting away as he lay near death for forty days. He revived after having a miraculous vision that portrayed him and an “elder brother” searching out and slaying legions of evil demons in accordance with God’s will. Six years later Hsiu-ch’uan came across a Christian missionary pamphlet. He used what he read in the pamphlet to “substantiate” his conviction that his vision was real, and that he, as the younger brother of Jesus Christ and God’s Divine Representative, was ready and willing to overthrow the forces of evil (which he saw as the Manchus and Confucianism). With the help of converts to his cause he established the God Worshippers Society, a puritanical and absolutist group that quickly swelled to the ranks of a revolutionary army. Numerous power struggles later, Hsiu-ch’uan declared war against the Manchus and launched a civil uprising – the bloodiest in all history – which lasted fourteen years and cost twenty million lives.

Both men, Er and Hsiu-ch’uan (who changed his name to T’ien Wang, the Heavenly King), were transfigured and transformed by their unusual near-death experiences and became zealous in their desire to “wake up” the deluded of their day. Each man felt the REAL TRUTH had been revealed to him and to him alone, and thus it was his sacred duty to “save” the populace. With Er, many were educated about the secrets of heaven, some becoming as transformed as he from “the good news.” With Hsiu-ch’uan, wholesale carnage forged a “Heavenly Dynasty” that ripped asunder the very fabric of China.

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