Tyler Henry: How do I make an Appointment for the Hollywood Medium?

Who else is interested in learning more about Tyler Henry, the psychic “superstar” earning huge rave reviews on the E networks new blockbuster…..The Hollywood Medium. In just the last few episodes…..Tyler has read for celebrities like Amber Rose (who said NO to more rappers for boyfriends..:-) John Salley, Tom Arnold, “Snookie” from the Jersey shore, Monica Sutton and far more.

tyler henry amber rose
Tyler Henry reads Amber Rose on the Hollywood Medium

Tyler claims to be a medical intuitive, a psychic and a medium…and the show seems to validate his extraordinary intuitive abilities with just about every session. The truth is, Tyler just feels genuine, and authentic and that air of authenticity comes through, along with his obvious humility in every session.

So how do you make an appointment to see the Hollywood Medium in person?

For that, I think you’re going to have to get in line! We’ve heard that Tyler is overwhelmed with offers for private readings and requests for all sorts, and not surprisingly…it’s going to be difficult to see him in person in the immediate future…. unless you’re pretty well connected.

Check out Tyler’s website here for private appointment information, or connect with him on social media here.

So what do OTHER famous psychics and mediums think of Tyler Henry? Check out some of the really nice things what another superstar TV medium, John Edward…. had to say at the link below!

Psychic John Edward just took to Twitter to give his thoughts on the star of E!’sHollywood Medium With Tyler Henry.

John started off his tweets by saying, “U all know me… I don’t say this lightly. I have NOT met him nor spoken 2 him in person. But I FEEL @tyhenrymedium is totally coming from… the RIGHT place. Healing.”

The psychic went on to say, “It’s AWESOME to see some1 young not care about FAME & put the validation of spirit first. & that says a lot as.. his show is called #hollywoodmedium.”

John even ended his tweets on Tyler by saying, “Pleasure to wish you ALL THE BEST on honoring your journey.”


  1. I need to find a reputable Psychic Medium who is the “real deal” as I have met many phonies…..I live in the New York City area….Can you recommend anyone…I really need to find someone ASAP….Thanks

  2. I so much want Tyler to reach my daughter, died tragically, a car flew 10 feet and landed on her, she was only 23 at the time was at work on lunch, so there was No Goodbye.. I live in the Pocono Mt. Which is 2 hrs out of NY.I want more then anything to talk to my daughter again.

    1. Hi Sharon! So sorry to hear about your daughter – that is incredibly difficult to read, let alone to experience as a parent. My recommendation would be to look at some of the different Tyler Henry social media offers for “fan” readings – which he posts fairly regularly – or to check the events he is doing in local communities/cities as part of his book tour. This can be a great way to get access to an invidual reading, even though you are in a group setting. You could also reach out directly to him via his website – but I know (from many other people) that this is not always the best way to actually get a reply – as you can imagine, he must be getting hundreds of these every day. The other thing you could do is find a different medium who seems trustworthy, well rated and reviewed – and who has less current demand. (we know many mediums – many of whom are listed on our site – who we’d be happy to recommend – and are very good, affordable, honest and super skilled)

      If we can help you in any way – please send us an email and I’m happy to point you in the right direction, if we can.

      1. good morning I really really want to talk to someone like Tyler how can I meet him for a session or what do I need to do to get a session I would like for him to talk to my mother before she passes away she’s 88 today and there’s so many things that we need to find out together…you please help me cell number is 469-(edited)3393..I need to do this ASAP.thank you

  3. Does Tyler Henry read only for celebrities? Is it possible for him to do a reading over the phone and what would he charge? I am a senior citizen on a fixed income but I’ve had something happen in my life that I really would like to have an answer and closure. Thank you so much.

  4. Hello, I love to watch and enjoying your TV readings.
    I live in NJ and like to know if you do reading trough on the phone? If yes, how much you charge?
    Thank you and Kind regards.

  5. Hello I would like a reading with Tyler. How do I go about getting one? I’m sure he has thousands of people asking the same thing. I’m a double lung cancer survivor and I really need some closer with a few people. I don’t know my future and would love to get some answers before its to late. please email me at dianngorea@gmail.com thank you

    1. 1- how much does Tyler charge for a reading ?
      2- how long is it ?
      3- is it better in person or over the Phone ?
      Thank you

      1. Dear Tyler’s team, , About a week ago I asked to be put on the waitng list and later realized my e-mail app has been down for a while and will probably will cont. to be, as I can barely find my face book ! You could reach me through my face book or better yet, my home phone #. For me this is the best because I’m the only one that ever checks voicemail. And my phone is another problem. My hubby, with good intentions , of course,(ya right) insisted I ger rid of my old flip phone for a phone I barely know how to dial. I’m dating myself but I really wish we could go back to the days of phone conversations. I wrote a lot of letters and rec’d a lot of letters . I would talk for hours sometimes, to catch up with friends or with my Mom. I think everyone is moving too fast and it’s not going to be all good, especially for children. END of lecture, here is my address, incase you’d like to write me a letter lol. Janna Jagger 36 oak tree dr. rancho mirage ca. 92270 (760) 6567

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