Tori Spelling Psychic Spokesperson?

tori spelling psychic source

Does Tori Spelling see a psychic? And if so…..who? Ever wonder what the famous reality TV star, daughter of Aaron Spelling and former “Beverly Hills 90210” prodigy would say if you asked her to recommend a psychic medium?

Well…wonder NO more 🙂

One of our readers just alerted to us to a few news stories reflecting that Tori has lent her name and endorsement to Psychic Source, one of the largest and best known psychic phone services in the USA, and around the globe. And considering Psychic Source has long been an advertiser on our psychic and spiritual development sites and communities, we thought it was worth a mention here as well!

The truth is, we rarely recommend or write about psychic phone services. Why? We did a test a few years ago, which we described and detailed extensively, where we tested about 8 different psychic services, to see how they rated and compared with readings from our independent members.

What we found didn’t surprise any of us all that much: The vast majority of the readings we paid for on the phone, through the popular phone readings seen everywhere around the web…..were NOT all that impressive. The consultants were almost always super nice, very helpful and sounded kind and caring as well.

But, in terms of the actual accuracy of the readings themselves, we just weren’t all that impressed, and looked at them as good entertainment, with an occassional interesting insight or intuitive tidbit thrown in for good measure.

The exception to this was several readings with Psychic Source, which WERE in fact quite good, and I was very impressed with the quality of the insights and information that came from our sessions. They were also amazingly affordable relative to many of the other readers and professional spiritual coaches and consultants we ordinarily recommend, and for $20 dollars or so, we got far more than our moneys worth.

(I’ve stayed in touch with not only the Psychic Source management team since, as they continue to advertise on our site, and we’ve since had many of our public visitors share their own experiences with Psychic Source readings, which have been uniformly positive)

tori spelling psychic sourceSo in deference to the Tori Spelling spokesperson news, (which of course, means nothing more than she is a paid endorser!) and while we don’t ordinarily recommend phone readings from spiritual services, we do recommend Psychic Source if you are looking for an inexpensive, instant and entertaining option for some surprisingly good insights and information….without having to leave your living room to get it. (And they DO advertise with us, and for that we are always grateful as well!)

You can read more about Tori Spelling and her dishing on her favorite psychic recommendations…..on Entertainment Tonight last week, at the link below 😉

Well, this could potentially ease some of Tori Spelling’s reported money issues.

The 42-year-old actress has just been announced as Psychic Source’s new celebrity partner and spokesperson. Psychic Source has been offering psychic readings for over 25 years — either by phone or through online chat — charging $1 per minute.

“I’m so excited to have the amazing advisors at Psychic Source available to me when I need insights into what’s going on in my life, and I look forward to inspiring others to come along on this journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth with me!” Spelling says in a statement about her new gig.

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