Kim Russo: The Haunting Of (Fox News Interview)

Kim Russo and the Haunting Of....check out the reading Kim does for Regis Philbin!
Kim Russo and the Haunting Of….check out the reading Kim does for Regis Philbin!

The Haunting Of……starring New York based psychic medium Kim Russo has become one of the biggest hits in the paranormal TV genre over the last few years. We first encountered Kim Russo years back, when she was a very little known, but quite impressive medium featured by the “ForeverFamily Foundation”, a Long Island based grief recovery organization that focuses on psychic medium research and certification.

To us….it’s no big surprise that Kim has gone on to play on a much bigger stage, and to a much wider audience, as her movie star good looks, outgoing but approachable personality and unique approach to her readings has long impressed those of us paying attention to the wild, wacky, often weird but wonderful world of professional mediums 🙂

The Haunting of….is running a marathon this weekend, and I can’t think of a better way to spend a chilly Saturday than hibernating inside and watching celebrities, psychics, and spiritually inspiring stories for 12 hours straight 🙂

Check out an interview Kim Russo did with Fox News about the show, her readings and life as a psychic medium. You can see the whole thing at the link following the short excerpt below. (and you can see her profile on our directory here as well)

Kim Russo has been called the best medium of this side of the other world. The star of Lifetime’s, “Haunting Of,” joined us in the FOX411 studio to discuss the show’s third season and her new show on LMN, “Psychic Intervention.”

FOX411: Which celebrity had the craziest ghost encounter that you’ve experienced?
Russo: One of the most unusual experiences was with Coco Austin. She had a ghost that was physically into her, that’s not your typical.

FOX411: Are we joined by any spirits on set today?
Kim Russo: There always is. It’s a matter of me listening to that world or not, so I choose to listen to you right now. It’s very selective for me.

FOX411: How do you control that gift?
Russo: It’s just like in life. You choose to listen to who you want to, and who gets your attention the most. Some spirits are really, really anxious, and they’re really persistent even if I’m not listening they will make sure I hear them, and when they do that I give them my full attention because it takes a lot of energy for them to get my attention.

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