Matt Fraser Psychic (Reviews?)

Has anyone had a reading with Matt Fraser, the psychic medium from Boston, Massachusetts?

matt fraser psychic medumWe’ve had several recent questions about recommending Matt Fraser’s private readings….and the truth is, I have no idea who he is!  Several of our subscribers have seen Matt in a group setting, or on his Youtube channel (see below) and we’ve had various opinions on the style and substance of his sessions.  (some enjoyed……and a few others, NOT so much 🙂

As always, our objective is to keep it 100% real and let the people who know best guide us – so if you’ve had a reading with Matt Fraser, for good….for ill, or anywhere in between, we’d love to hear about it!  Simply share your experiences in the community comments below, or email us (suddenlypsychic AT to chime in on your thoughts and experiences with Matt….OR, any  other psychic, medium or spiritual teacher you think we ought to know about.

For some more on Matt’s readings, check out the video below.  (we also briefly checked out a book he published on Amazon, and while it’s hard to really form an opinion on someone’s authenticity via the written word alone – didn’t find the book as insightful, or as inspiring as many others in our genre)


  1. lulu333

    I just recently had a reading with Matt Fraser and he is a very lovely man. But his reading was very disappointing.Especially since I had to wait 4 months for this reading.
    Some of his comments were true. But for the most part, they were incorrect.I was so hopeful to learn the truth. To have these wonderful , comforting , loving messages from my loved ones.But I felt terrible afterwards.Not what I expected.

    1. irh

      Thanks for sharing! Sorry to hear your reading with Matt Fraser wasn’t good – and we hope you are able to get those messages from other folks who can offer them – without needing to wait 4 months next time as well. If it is any consolation (and I know it’s hard when your expectations are shattered) – but many people (including myself) have had that experience, and sometimes, those messages you missed with a medium, tend to arise unexpectedly, on their own.

      1. lulu333

        Thank you for your kind reply, irh.He has not been my first disappointment, as far as accurate readings. There are a lot of charlatans proclaiming to have” the gift”.I have learned a lot how anyone can train to read for people. Its a real shame that some can take advantage of souls that are grieving or in pain. But Matt was my most expensive.Again I say, he was a very lovely man. But he was more wrong than right…

        1. irh

          I agree with you, 100%. As I’ve said many times on this site (and others – we manage a bunch of different spiritual communities online) – I tend to be far more skeptical and careful, than most of my peers, even others who write for our sites – simply because I’ve seen the very same thing – and like to err on the side of keeping my mind open, but not so open that my brains fall out – while watching this work. The truth is, there are many people who “claim” to be doing all sorts of things – who are cringeworthy to watch – and who seem to be either preying on the gullibility of others – or the wishful thinking component that is always at play in these things – and offer up vague generalities that are meaningless as evidence of anything at all. Matt Fraser is not someone I’ve had experience with – I simply cannot comment – but, what I’ve seen of him – to me, is suspect – and not someone I’d feel called to want to check out more closely – by dint of my own intuition. If you want a few names – feel free to drop me a line ( – and for future reference – if you choose to have another reading down the road – i’ll share some of whom our members have really liked and been super impressed with. Sorry that you’ve had a bad experience – and having suffered through losses – i know it’s a vulnerable time.

          1. lulu333

            Again, thank you for your kind words and verifying that I am not the only one who has had suffered at the hands of some of these “ungifted” mediums, irh.
            I think you will appreciate a story about one of my first medium readings. Now, please keep in mind, my husband of 37 years had recently passed and I was desperate to “talk” to him. The very first thing she said to me was; ” wow what a flirt your husband is! He’s flirting with me!! ” Was this my husband? NO. Not unless he had duel personalities . Which he did not.Would he suddenly pick someone like her to flirt with?Certainly not! Then she proceeded to tell me he was emotionally cheating on me with a woman that had reddish blond hair and a slight stomach. Did this description fit any woman he worked with? Again, NO.Did she provide me with any name? No.She then got defensive with me when I questioned her reading, and blasted me on her facebook page for not being able to accept the truth from spirit.
            You’d think I would have learned my lesson and not proceed forward seeking mediums.But these past four years I continued.
            For the most part, even though I was never really given names or facts first, the readings were comforting and contained true statements.But there was others that were hurtful and cruel.
            Yes, I most certainly will drop you a line. But I must lick my wounds first and recover financially. I am a cancer survivor and getting ready for reconstructive surgery.
            Please remember me when I do get back to you. And thank you for having a venue where you can post truthful statements.

          2. Valen

            I have a spot for a group reading with Matt Fraser soon. I try to stay positive but wow some of these comments make it hard. So I was wondering if you could also message me with some names of people who have really impressed you. Please and Thank you!

    2. Neva

      Same here, waited more than a year for a reading with Matt Frazer, spent 400$ but no luck atall, he is a nice person but very disappointing, waisted all the money. Wonder how they can hold such large gatherings and so many people participate.

      1. I’m sorry you too spent so much money , as I did, to “wait” to have a reading with Matt Frazer. Just to be disappointed, as I was. He is seemed to be a very nice man. But anyone that takes advantage of someone that is grieving or seeking answers and charges such a great deal of money for this kind of service, can’t be that nice. Especially since they are not gifted.In my opinion, it’s just a money making opportunity for so many so called “gifted” mediums.As Matt Frazer falls into this group.These frauds can read your facial expressions.The tone in your voice and your your questions.Then fish for answers. Or throw something out there and see your reaction.But more disturbing, some train(take classes) to become”mediums”.And believe me Neva, Matt is not the only one out there.Since my late husband’s death, I have had many incorrect, damaging readings. But now I know not to rely or believe what they say.It’s been a very costly lesson for me, though….I have been blessed to find two that are truly gifted mediums that do not charge a lot of money and have given me the TRUE answers I was seeking.Without asking me questions….
        To answer to question, they draw such a gatherings because they are so many desperate , hopeful people seeking answers they want to accept and believe.Just as I was once…
        I wish you well Neva.

        1. Dear Hehaw,
          The most tragic part when dealing with these “gifted mediums” is, there is no way to regulate them or truly test them.So they are able to continue to make money and prey on the vulnerable, without facing any repercussions. Without getting religious or bringing up my own beliefs, even if the information they give you is 100% accurate(which none of them has EVER been.Plus they do have a excuse to cover their mistakes as well) you don’t know” where” this information is coming from.
          I never considered my self gullible or easily tricked. But when grieve and loss enters your life,you do things you never imagined you were capable of doing. Consulting mediums was my biggest mistake.Being on the brink of suicide because of some things told to me that I KNEW in my heart were lies, I was able to recover and become even stronger…Broke. But a lot wiser.
          Another fact very few are aware of is, a lot of these “mediums” talk to each other and share information.
          Thank you for your feedback and your compassion.

          1. Hehaw

            Hi Lulu
            I. Am so desperate to hear from my sister who passed in July
            So I know how desperate one can get from their grief. I saw w how most of the people gave themselves as ay to Matt through facial expressions. Crying. Just their mannerisms alone. It’s sad to see people so desperate.

  2. lulu333

    I really look forward your recommendations. I have spent a fortune! Money I really couldn’t afford to reach out to my late husband.He died so suddenly. Even though he was not well at all.None of us were expecting it so soon.He left me with so many unanswered questions. But then “the stories” started to come out, after his passing, which really made me feel so confused.That’s why I sought mediums for the truth..
    Can’t go back and change anything that has been said to me.I’m just trying to wipe it from my mind.I’ve erased all the negative recorded readings and thrown out all the notes I took.Maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to connect with someone that will give me information first. Without them , for lack of a better word, “fishing” for information.
    I’ll be emailing you later on for your recommendations .You are doing a fabulous job with this web site. It really has helped me greatly….

    1. Subteach55


      I wen to see Matt in Massachusetts a while ago, in hopes to hear from my beloved Grandmother to whom I was extremely close…I think any of us, “reaching” to another, asking fast questions like an investigator, can say the “correct” words at some point in time to apply to any/all of us waiting to hear. I save my money, and “talk” to my grandmother all the time, no matter where I am. She lets me know she’s there, as her “jean Nate” scent or roses, comes into the house and I know it’s here. Talk to your husband, ask him to come in and check on you and keep talking to him. You will know he’s there when he feels you are ready for him to come to you. They do not wish to disturb us, but I promise ,he will ‘stop in,” when you least expect it. Wishing you well.

      1. Subteach55


        I did see one in Beverly, Mass many years ago.. Julia K….I can’t remember last name but perhaps someone on board will know of her. She was truly amazing, and very trustworthy, and spoke of my grandmother and my family, in ways she would have no way of knowing. I went to her 6 months after my grandmothers passing to get help with it and she was amazing. I don’t know if she’s still around, but perhaps someone will know her last name and if she is, etc. This was a private reading at her house and I would not hesitate to go back or refer a friend to her. I think she moved, however.

      2. lulu333

        Thank you for your reply.You are so correct about “talking “directly to our loved ones instead of spending so much money reaching out to mediums.I wish someone was around to point this out to me before I spent a fortune seeking my answers via mediums.I have gotten so many signs from my late husband since his passing. But THE ONE that happened shortly after he passed, not one medium ever brought that forth.Not one ever told me the nickname he had for me either. And do you want to know why? because I never told any medium about them.I waited patiently for them to tell me.You’d be surprised, when you are so desperate to connect with a loved one, how much information you give a medium, without knowing it. I’m sorry to make this kind of comment on this web site, but it’s true. Each medium I spoke with did supply” some” information that was accurate.But for the most part, no. If every one of them is truly connecting with our loved ones, how come you get SO MANY conflicting stories??? I can’t even begin to tell you how many times the story has changed for me.But my biggest reason for being so skeptical now is,If our loved ones are connecting with these mediums, why do You have to ask about something that is crushing your soul?Shouldn’t our loved ones already know what we “need” to know and hear and bring this forth first ? I often wondered why ,if they are so “gifted”, they have have a disclaimer stating ” for entertainment only”. Now I know why.
        I truly believe some of them are being sincere and are trying to be helpful.As kind as some of them are,it’s still a business for them. I only wish they could fully grasp, when dealing with a serious issue some of us have, they knew the devastation they leave us with …
        I am so happy you are connecting with your Grandmother . May she always be with you until it’s your time to cross over. Then your happiness will be forever…..

  3. T McGee

    I am happy to find this information. I go through phases of wanting to speak to one of the super-expensive, wait-list, marketing genius type psychic/mediums. I was reminded of Matt Fraser today, via his e-mail newsletter. He’s pushing a psychic cruise, and now has the opportunity for us commoners to sign up for a private reading, albeit there is a 7 month wait. He charges $450.00 for 45 minutes to one hour. That’s the part that reminded me of Sylvia Browne and Miss Cleo. Are you kidding me? This clown wants to share his gift, but only if I am willing to throw $450.00 clams at him? Oh, and if I am in some kind of urgent need, I am invited to book with his mother, who is apparently wait-free. Um, yeah, Sylvia Browne pulled that too. Her people would offer a reading with her kid for a fraction of the cost. That fraction still happened to be nearly $500.00.
    I have not booked with Matt Fraser, nor did I ever speak to Sylvia Browne or Miss Cleo. I am personally offended by someone who would charge that much money to perhaps connect with a dead relative of mine. Don’t get me wrong, I have paid a sh*t ton of money over a period of years plodding through one fake reading after the next. Between me and my two girlfriends who have tried to find an authentic psychic over the years, we have perhaps found only one that got accurate predictive information, but still didn’t provide any specifics for my dead people.
    I am so grateful to have saved $450.00 today.

    1. goodkarma

      Hi T – thanks for the comment – and much of what you write above is 100% spot on – there is a huckster-ish quality to many of the folks who are better marketing mavens – than mediums – and it’s often difficult to discern which is which. One of the “rules” I set out when we built this community (as we run many spiritual growth, mindfulness + spiritual transformative oriented sites) – was that we wouldn’t publish the same pollyana-ish “reviews” that many of the other sites in this space do (sites like Bob Olson’s for example – I don’t think i’ve ever seen a bad review published on any of the folks he reviews – and yet, many of those same people are on our site – and we often get folks who’ve had negative experiences (or disappointing experiences) with those same people – it’s hard to imagine they don’t submit them there as well) – so we appreciate you stopping by and sharing your truth – it’s only through transparency and trust – that this field will find it’s footing. (I’m fairly agnostic about mediums – but have had some very interesting and inspiring experiences that do lead me to believe consciousness continues can survive the death of the body – if that is true – it’s not hard to believe that there are those amongst us who can tap into that energy/information or alivness – and bring back something worth knowing 🙂

    2. Dear T McGee,
      In deed ,save your money.Matt Frazer is a very nice man. But that’s it. A “gifted “medium? No…
      I also have spent a small fortune seeking answers from these high priced mediums, only to be VERY disappointed and left hurt and broke!!
      What I have learned by this very expensive lesson is how “trained”(not possessing a special gift) they are to be able to read YOUR angst. Your answers , and how much info. you give them, unwillingly .They also can read your vocal tone as well.They are performers.Nothing more..
      My late husband had a SPECIAL name for me. Just to tease me. Not one was able to bring this forth.So what is this telling you about their”gifts”? Wouldn’t my late husband tell them this name to let me know it was truly HIM that was speaking? Of course he would..
      Don’t get me wrong.I FINALLY found two that were truly gifted and were doing this work to help you with your closure and to heal.Not to bleed you dry … How truly sad this is that calling yourself a gifted medium has turned into a big business ..Oh well. Karma is a b—-.
      I wish you well on your quest….

        1. Sarah,
          I’m sorry but I don’t think I can leave their names on this website.It took me a great deal of heartache and money to find these two and they only do readings by referrals.
          As stated in my earlier posting, they do not use their gifts for profit or fame.They truly help those that need it…
          I hope you find what you are seeking as well..
          Best Wishes

        1. Dear Lucid Dreamer8,
          I don’t know if your comment was directed towards me, but if it was, the answer is no. Roxanne or Roxie was not my late husband’s nickname for me.
          Also, the words in the song “Roxanne” is very offensive and I truly hope you were not being disrespectful towards me, by mentioning that song.Especially since you don’t know me or know anything about me… I would never show that kind of disrespect towards anyone. Especially on this website. I was only voicing my honest opinion about some mediums I have dealt with and making a point of my form of validation, when dealing with them…
          Thank you.

      1. Tino

        I have seen several people who had bad readings on here call him a nice guy. How can he be a nice guy, if he is doing cold readings, taking peoples money and leading people on. That’s not a nice guy, that a guy who pretends to be nice, but wants your money and doesn’t care about your pain.

  4. Lalo

    I had a reading with Matt and besides the 6-month wait and price tag, it was very to the point.He nailed a lot of things and a lot came true. What did not yet come true needs time but he did not give me time frame for that,in regards to my deceased family members who stepped forward and spoken to me through him-everything, was on point, but only time will tell how much of it will come true as far as his predictions.

  5. Sara

    I just returned from a group reading with Matt Frazier. I wasnt chosen for a message but he clearly is a cold reader. He was wrong on a lot of hits. And perfect on a few. He’s a really nice kid but a cold reader..

  6. Hello Hehaw,
    Let me start off by saying, I am so sorry for your loss.I KNOW have raw and painful your grieve is.Weather you are seeking closure, answers, or just to “hear” from someone you love, we desperate people are at our most vulnerable, and will do anything with the hopes of getting what we are seeking..Unfortunately, these “gifted” mediums, especially the ones with their huge price tags, isn’t the way…
    I can’t even begin to tell you the horrible, devastating “messages” that were conveyed to me by SOME of these mediums. Without them understanding or, at the very least, caring what they are telling you is doing to you! How callous these people are! No matter how sweet or charming these mediums project themselves to be, they have no hearts.No soul.I had one medium return my money after my son blasted her for her hurtful, incorrect “messages”.She emailed me and told me about what my son said and explained that she is returning my money because she didn’t want this bad Karma on her.Like returning my money made it all better.The damage for “both” of us had all ready been done.
    Earlier on this forum, Subteach55 and I shared some dialog about this same subject.We arrived at the same conclusion; be still , listen with your heart and look. Your loving sister will come to you…I received the MOST extraordinary sign from my late husband shortly after his passing.Something not one medium brought forth.Not one.I took a photo of it and its on my wall.
    I wish you well and I truly hope with all my heart you will receive what you are seeking and find peace.I do hope you will accept my next statement as truth ; Our loved ones are ALWAYS with us.Love never dies .Never leaves us.Talk to her.She will hear you…..

    1. J


      Thank you for your touching response!!! And it was free!!! LOL…my attendance at his last group has validated for me that nobody can talk to the dead. Thats what I learned. I will never attend a psychic or seance ever again. I remember my beautiful sister everyday. She was such a lady and loved by many. I know when she is ready she will send me some sign. We are all energy when it comes down to it. I once read, the same energy that makes the sun rise and set is the same energy that makes our hearts beat. I really do believe that. Im sorry about your beloved husband. Im sure he was a great guy I can tell just by the way you write. Take care of yourself and will pray for you and your husband tonight. XO Hehaws not my real nameLOL.

      1. I am so pleased I was able to help you in some way. Which I know wasn’t that much help. But I truly believe it does bring all of us some comfort to know and hear we are not alone in our struggles, disappointments, and heartache.And we’re not crazy when others brag their “wonderful “readings with these mediums and we didn’t experience that”.We” were taught a valuable lesson by having our experiences.Stop wasting your money, time and energy on nonsense . These frauds will be judged accordingly.Trust me. All our answers come from within and above. And again I say, your beautiful sister WILL hear you and let you know she is with you, always. Your meaningful sign(s) or messages will come….Be patient and open your heart.Sometimes our grieve is so great we sometimes miss our signs.
        Yes, my late husband was a great guy, husband and father and doesn’t deserve the slanderous, hurtful comments made about him. But as I stated earlier, I KNOW the truth and thats all that matters…
        My thoughts and prayers will be with you as well.It was a real pleasure “talking” to you. I send you much love and peace…
        P.S. I did assume Hehaw wasn’t your real name. LOL. Just as Lulu isn’t mine. But it has been a nickname for me by some….

    2. Liv

      I just attended a group event in Chicago. I wanted to believe, really I did. Putting aside the “cold reads” where he just got louder to overpower the guests nays, I couldn’t get passed his gold sparkly shoes… he is a charismatic kid but is nonetheless a flamboyant performer. Also if dead people were giving him specific names of spirits with them, then why couldn’t they name the guest the message is for? The way he markets; giving himself positive reviews, the amount of $ he charges, and all the classes/books/items for sale tells me he’s 100% in it for profit & has no authentic “gift”. I really wouldn’t be surprised if he plants audience members to have 1 or 2 legit looking readings. ENTERTAINING PERFORMER – NOT LEGIT MEDIUM!!! I hope this helps whoever may be next 🙂

      1. Dear Liv,
        You are so correct in all your observations concerning Matt Fraser.Especially the possibly of having plants in the audience. And believe me I could write a book about all the other frauds in the medium ship business as well.
        Well ,consider yourself lucky that you didn’t spend the huge fee for a private as I, and others, did.
        Best Wishes.

        1. Catherine `Buck

          I got that same feeling… that there were plants in the audience. He did not seem on the level to me. I was disappointed with the group reading and am glad that I didn’t get the phone call. I do believe that some people have connections with the spirits but I don’t think that this guy is the one. Someone mentioned the Jean Nate, and I heard that same story, confirming my opinion

          1. Dear Catherine,
            If Mr. Fraser is” so gifted”, hasn’t “his spirits” told him he is using the same old info. on his clients and being called out on it? Also, some people are catching on to the fact that he is probably using” plants” in his audience??
            There is another very famous medium that I personally have had contact with, is another fake and uses the same ploy.But unfortunately he has been getting away with his trickery for years.What a shameful way of making money.But there is no way of regulating these fake mediums. So they will continue to prey on the vulnerable ..

      2. Chaka.

        When I saw him a few weeks ago in New Jersey. I arrived early because I thought the show started at five oclock. I was in front of the room at the hotel when his car arrives. He got out of his vehicle and is peeking in to see if anyone is there. He saw a few of us and had a sissy hissy fit. He was mad because we got there early. Walked right past us with his nose in the air. He is not psychic. Then he has his mother at a table in front selling his jewelry collection. Complete scam. Stay away Im sure your loved one loved you very much. And Im not even a psychic!!!

        1. Chaka,
          As I responded to “Liv”‘s comments earlier, consider yourself very fortunate that you didn’t pay for a private reading that carried a hefty price tag of 450 dollars, and be very disappointed as I and others were .I just don’t understand why he threw a hissy fit when he saw you and a few others waiting.Did he think that’s all that’s showing up and he got angry? His reaction was quite rude and puzzling whatever his reason though.
          I do know for a fact another very famous medium, that has been around for years, when he has group readings, he has his people going through the crowds “listening” for clues and tips ans seeing articles people are holding. Giving him a heads up on certain people to zero in on.This sham is so pathetic, dishonest, and just plain disgusting!! But he and many others like him, will continue to get away with it because there will always be people seeking an answers and closure when dealing with grieve..
          Good luck and best wishes to you….

          1. chaka

            I know who you are writing about. I think Matt Frazer may have a few girls like that too. I dont know why he had a hissy fit. It was like he didnt want to be seen. I was like buddy these people are paying to see you. Better treat your customers a little better than that. He was clearly irked because we were there and hid for about a hour and a half until the show started……Just another sign from the other side that nobody can talk to the dead. Thats the purpose of death its final from this world.

  7. LL

    Wanted to elaborate a bit… I have had AMAZING readings (twice) by John Edward, who asks NOTHING but tells mentions specific things no one else knows but you can validate, like “He was with you when you smashed that egg [in grief.]” or “I have your grandmother, Helen, and your mother with an ‘E’ name, [yes Esther!] and she died of an enlarged heart.” [Yes on all counts…] Matt asks “WHO was on a respirator?” [My friend’s son.] “His passing was sudden.” [Yes, like most young people who pass.] “What happened?” [He was at a club and drank and did a little cocaine and his heart stopped.”] “He wants his mother to know he know she was trying to get him help with his addiction but… and they had knock down drag out fights…” [NO. and NO.]
    I wrote so many “NO’s’ on my notes regarding stuff he said (in answer to the the responses I gave him,) that it was ridiculous.

    John Edward is REAL. FOR SURE. Matt? I don’t believe so.

    1. goodkarma

      Thanks for elaborating, LL! We've had no direct experience with Matt Fraser, and he seems like a nice enough guy from what I've been told – but unfortunately – the fairly extensive comments on this thread speak volumes about the sort of experiences people are having at his events.

      We've had a bunch of interaction with John Edward – and while he gets a lot of flak from much of the mainstream skeptical community – he happens to be an extraordinarly gifted medium – and even if you don't believe in "spiritual" things – or life after death – it's impossible to go see him on a good day – and walk out thinking he's cold reading – or making things up – or cheating – or whatever those who refuse to believe – accuse him of – without ever seeing him do his thing – without a net. There are very few mediums like him (Gordon Smith is another) – but we agree – he is the real deal. Thanks 🙂

    2. Dear LL,
      I really can’t understand how Matt Fraser is still so popular.Perhaps because his main”reviews” on the web are written by friends and family members? Not by real people. This is one of the few web sites, for the most part, actual experiences can be published.And I think I’ve only read one review here that was positive, when commenting on Mr. Fraser.So what is that saying about his “gifts”?He hasn’t any. Just another trained actor. Nothing more.
      I never personally had a reading with John Edwards. But someone had one on my behalf and it was quite comforting and correct.
      I am really sorry Matt Fraser told you those horrible incorrect statements about the drinking, cocaine and etc. concerning your friend’s son death.As I stated in an earlier comment here, some so called mediums just don’t care what they say! Especially when THEY KNOW its all lies.It’s just a money making business for them and they could care less about people that are grieving and seeking comfort from their loved ones.

      1. Robin

        I saw Matt Frazier tonight and was so disappointed, I think most of the people he read were planted, my son lost his father 12 years ago in a tragic accident and if anyone could come through it would be him to talk to his son, he is a fake

        1. Dear Robin,
          I think some would say I am on a mission to sabotage Matt Frazier because of all the negative comments I’ve made about him on this forum.But I am truly sick and tired of him(and others) taking advantage of grieving people seeking comfort and messages from our loved ones, only to be left feeling betrayed , hurt and used!!
          I think you’re absolutely correct about him having “plants” in the audience just to booster his so called “gifts”.One other “famous” medium I know personally does this ,and has gotten a way with this trick for years!
          I just watched an earlier interview Frazier gave and one comment he made made me shutter, and I’m quoting now:” oh I don’t ask any questions. I tell people the messages I’m getting”
          You have got to be kidding me!!That’s all he did with me. Fishing for clues, asking numerous questions and hoping you will provide leads for him to provide messages from the other side…. Yes ,in my opinion he is a fake as MANY others are in this field.
          I’m sorry for your loss as well as your son’s.I hope you will receive peace and your answers….

  8. PK

    Recently, I attended a Matt Frasier group reading. Very disappointing. He came off as a cheesy entertainer, with his gold jewelry and manicured eyebrows; and his lack of true eye-contact and connection was very evident. More misses than hits, and he would blame it on “all the voices’ talking at once. I call BS

    I wanted so much to believe, but I left feeling bummed…another fake, another cold-hearted fake making money off of people’s grief.

    1. You are so correct!And what absolutely floors me is, you can not leave a negative feedback on him(or any other fake(s) any website, but here.. So these hurtful, cruel, unfeeling fakes will continue to rip off many more suffering souls. Without facing any consequences .Just to make money. I’d like to know how they can sleep at night??? Oh that’s right. They post their little disclaimer;”for entertainment only”So this absolves them , doesn’t it?NO IT DOESN’T”.
      Just be grateful PK that you did not pay the 450 dollar fee as I did for a private reading with him..Only to be hurt and broke…..
      Hope you find what you are seeking and find peace…

  9. Ibelieve

    Just look at Matt’s instagram meetmattfraser and you will see the lavish lifestyle he leads from money he takes from peoples sorrows.

    1. Michael Jordan

      I went to one of his shows a while back and I was very let down. I decided to watch two of his shows and he literally shows off he is a millionaire. I hot very turned off my this. Also if you think I would pay 400-500 for reading, he is nuts

      1. Jess R B

        My Parents had a Group reading with Matt F yesterday. They are in desperate need of closure and my mother had become extremely depressed. I’m very worried for her. I was very skeptical but tried to be optimistic in hopes that she would get a reading and receive closure. She received neither and is even more depressed and concerned that there just may not be an after life. Matt F had 100 people on for 1:30 min and maybe read 20 people of those Id say for every thing he got right , 3 he didn’t. I even caught him changing things he said based on how treat persona responded. I need to find someone who can help my mother, a medium who truly had a gift. Someone not in it for just money, but some one who does it because they genuinely care and want to help. Please save her from her from falling into darkness. Please.

  10. Victoria

    First time I went to Matt Fraser event he seemed real to me cos I really wanted to believe my mom cSme through . Second event I went I noticed he fished for answers and was not having much hits. He used same stuff he said to me to others. One being Jean Nate cologne. Did u lose a son or a dog. Very very disappointed! I brought my two nieces to an event and they saw he was not psychic at all.

    1. Dear Victoria,
      I check into this web site from time to time just to see if ANOTHER poor soul had a bad experience with Matt Fraser as I did. But mine was a much more expensive experience. I had to wait approx. 6 months and was charged 450 dollars for approx. 45 minutes phone time with Matt Fraser.Only to be disappointed and hurt.But regardless of the price tag and wait time, my pain and disappointment isn’t any greater than yours or others seeking a message or a sign from our loved ones.Only to be left with a void,because of yet another so-called “gifted” medium.
      I n my personal opinion, I truly believe that SOME of these mediums did start out with some sort of special ability or gift.But over stretching, egos, and greed took over and they are just wing it.Having no regard for people’s pain and suffering.They are just con artists.While some others calling themselves “mediums” have no real gift or abilities, but are just performers. Praying on the innocent.Why do you think they have their disclaimers at the end of their web sites?But regardless of what these fakes charge their clients, the damage,devastation and betrayal we feel afterwards can be permanent. IF we let it…
      I wish you well and I know you will receive a sign or a message from your mom. Just have faith and believe…..

      1. rita

        All of these “mediums” are fakes and frauds, and I feel sorry for everyone victimized by these con artists! C’mon everyone….we all know there is no such thing as a “spirit” – when you die you are dead! My ex husband used to work in TV and worked on a show with one of the most famous “mediums” in the biz – the “medium” was a complete ass behind the scenes and occassionally would laugh at the “believers” in the audience. There is no afterlife folks – make the most of your time now – and be good to those you love now – because once it’s over – there is no second chance.

        1. Dear Rita,
          There is” so much” I could rebuke on your comments. But I will only say this;” Everyone” is entitled to their own beliefs . But, by you lumping believing and accepting there is an afterlife and believing spirits can communicate with the living , is “entirely” two different things…One thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other…

          1. Jim

            Please anyone had a successful reading with any medium I’m desperate to know ifs there’s sth beyond…

        2. Jessica

          Don’t tell people what they should believe. You have no idea what is out there. Yes there are frauds and fakes, but some people do have the gift to communicate. If you aren’t a believer that’s fine, but it’s not your place to tell others what they can believe in.

          1. Dear Jessica,
            At first, I thought you were thanking Rita for her thoughts, by your first post.But then I realized you were thanking me, by what your second post said.
            I could tell by your second comment to Rita’s post she really upset you.Don’t let it. Just feel sorry for her and her belief.Which I will state again, she is entitled to.But I do KNOW there is an afterlife. Which gives me so much peace and comfort.
            I think I know which medium her husband dealt with.And if it is, I quite agree he is a fraud.But you are also correct in stating some people truly have the gift to communicate with our loved ones that have passed on. I am very grateful to have connected with some of them that truly have the gift.
            I wish you well Jessica.

          1. Believing in the “true” afterlife ,and not the one that some fake mediums promote , is very comforting and something I cherish. As I’m sure you do as well…
            Be well James, and thank you.

        3. Lina Medium

          There is indeed an afterlife, Rita. So sorry that you don’t have faith now, but don’t worry, one day you will! (and I mean that in a very good way, there is nothing to fear about dying, and you’ll be gratefully surprised one distant day a long time from now)

          I’ve also worked with many gifted mediums, many scientists, and many skeptics and everyone has their place and serves a purpose. Some of my best readings and most evidence offering experiences have been for skeptics, in a scientific or lab setting. (I know some people in this community know me well, and can vouch that this is true. Not because i’m special, but because I’ve made this my life’s work, don’t charge as a matter of principle and proof, and really believe this gift is something all of us innately possess.

          There is no need to hate skeptics. You’ll all understand that there is much more order in all of this, than any of us are able to know!

          (I’ve also been getting a strong pull to the comments section on this post for quite some time. There is a definite message that is coming through loud and clear. I haven’t quite made out who it’s for, and don’t want to violate the TOS here, but it’s very clear to me, feels full of positive and loving energy, and wants me to share)

          For all skeptics, I simply say – it’s okay. All is good. Whatever you believe, everything will be as it should be, when you wake up from the dream.

          1. goodkarma

            I would like to add that LS (Lena, above) did in fact reach out to one of the folks in the comments section here with our blessing (we facilitated the communication by getting permission to share email addresses with both parties) and in fact, we can attest that the “reading” offered for the commenter here, who we don’t know outside of this comment thread – was in fact “life changing” in her words. This is pretty exciting, as it was not only a free reading (so no money was exchanged) but was precipitated by a strong message coming through for a specific person on this thread – that was validated – very evidential – and led to a much deeper reading that both parties found to be incredibly healing. (in other words, Lena said she had a “DP” (discarnate personality/loved one on the other side) who wanted to get in touch with someone on this very blog post (Matt Fraser’s “review”) – and that reading, per both parties – was 100% validated in some amazing ways. We’ll do a complete look at this in an upcoming blog post with I hope – and interview with both parties – so if you’re intersted in learning more about this interesting experience, let us know! (Lena does NOT charge – and will not be charging in the future – so there is no financial incentive for her to do what she does)

          2. Soph

            I will be attending a matt Fraser group reading on next Tuesday – west palm . I have contemplated this visit for a while now but like everyone else , so full of pain and grief I am hoping to receive a sign ? My dad asks me “ what is it you are looking for “ I guess it’s just to know they are ok . Which of course they are . We are the ones not ok . I have guilt . It’s breathtaking at times . I’m searching for something . I do know that whenever I pray to the lord and pour out my pain I always feel comforted . This is all beyond our control , our most vivid imaginations . Not pushing but check out website Stillwaters. Com
            Great stuff . It is no coincidence I decided to revisit this feed after many many months . Reading what I did . I needed that . I will def reply back after the reading or no reading on Tuesday

          3. Hi Soph! Thanks very much for your comment – and we are sorry for whatever loss you are mourning. As far as Matt Fraser goes – regardless of how he does (or doesn’t do) on Tuesday, don’t let your own faith be shaken – that ought to be completely independent from the hope, help or healing a “medium” of any kind can offer. Also note – I’m not religious (although some people who contribute to our community certainly are) – but religious beliefs and the belief that we are more than our bodies can also be very different things. (i’d encourage you to check out – which is a great site full of all sorts of people reporting near death experiences, and visitation experiences with loved ones – from all cultures, countries, continents and previous beliefs. Finally – i’m in West Palm too – (actually Delray Beach, but close enough!) – so I may check out Matt Fraser on Tuesday as well – didn’t know he was coming this way! 🙂

          4. April

            Would you mind having a session with me ? I see you say you don’t charge so I would love the experience but through the phone or FaceTime idk if you can do it like that

        4. Bea

          Dear Rita,

          You are quite mistaken. You most definitely are a soul in a human body having an Earthly experience. You most certainly do step into the light, a higher dimension when you leave this Earth. I know for a fact because I tried to commit suicide when I was 13 and I crossed over and was surrounded by beautiful beings of light and they explained to me that I had to go back. I thought I was there for 10 minutes but when I cam back in my body the whole weekend had passed. It’s beautiful in the Spirit realms and you will see when you get there. In the meantime you can connect through meditation.

          Also, there is no such place as hell

        5. Sim

          I disagree but respect ur opinion.
          There are a lot of fake, most genuine people don’t go on to make tv programmes…. That is a different job…. By the way there are so many that can’t make the most of this life for all different reason wow if this were the only shot they had … they would be very unlucky
          However we shall all find out soon because inevitably we all die

  11. Venilde Melo

    I did go for a Reading today expecting something, again I was very disappointed. I did spend some money in the past, I do believe someone has the gift, I just never find the real medium yet
    I guess the person has the real gift don’t charge that much, 20 thousand dollars in 2 hours for a group that’s a big scam, most important they talk about their families that takes a few readings from people if he is for real he will not see one penny more from me

  12. Lost Without Him

    I’m glad I seen this, I was planning on buying tickets for one of Matt’s shows coming up. I can’t even describe my excitement as I started researching him and watched some of his YouTube videos. It’s nice to hear firsthand from those who have experienced it. I was going to go to hopefully hear from my other half whom I lost last month. It definitely would have been more painful to waste the money and make the 8 hour drive just to realize I wouldn’t hear from him or witness for myself that Matt is not gifted. Thank y’all.

    1. goodkarma

      So sorry to hear about your loss – as you can see, a lot of others are unfortunately in the same club 🙁 I don’t want to comment on Matt Fraser personally – as I think the experiences above are emblematic of a whole range of opinions and capture quite well what other people have felt – but there are always closer alternatives than driving 8 hours – or spending a ton of money – or risking more than you’re comfortable, in finding answers for yourself. There are very, very few “mediums” that we would travel 8 hours to see – (there are a couple, and even then – there are no guarantees that the experience will live up to the expectation) – but there are many affordable local mediums who can give you a sense of what may be possible – and offer hope, help and healing all the while. (for every bad experience with a “famous” medium like Matt Fraser (who really isn’t famous per se – he’s just a notch better known than most good local readers) – we hear from many people who have had life changing experiences with local mediums for a $100 or so – often expereinces that sustain them when bad moments, and sadness set in. I hope you find that – and we appreciate your comment!

      1. Feroza

        Hi can you please tell me how can I contact Lina medium, I lost someone very dear and am really desperate to connect. I would be very grateful if you can guide me in getting in touch with Lina. Thank you very much.

    2. Bea

      Very interesting blog and I enjoyed reading all the comments and not surprised in the least at the disappointment some have felt. I am a psychic myself and I have been reading for 30 years and I just heard about Matt Fraser today from a friend.

      My personal take on all “Psychic Reality Shows” is that they are ALL scripted and set up. The Networks are making $Millions of dollars on these psychics between the Reality Show advertisers, the live events and when I saw that Matt is charging $450 for 45 minutes to speak to a loved one . . . well that is absurd and shameful.

      I would like to know when is Matt going to “come out” He is gay without a doubt. He dresses like Liberace and he’s so over the top. Don’t get me wrong, I love gay people and have a lot of gay friends which is why I know he’s gay. That will be an interesting episode when he tells his lady . . . “Sorry hon, I love you but I’m gay” and the whole audience will yell at their TV, “I knew it!! I’m psychic” lol

      Anyways cool and interesting blog. Well Done!

      1. Ashley

        Why does someone have to “come out” and tell people they are gay? Do you go around and “come out” to tell people you’re straight? I don’t think so..Who cares what a person looks like, dresses like or what their mannerisms are. Stop stereotyping, please.

  13. My husband who has left me for 7 months because of his new found mistress is back, We have been married for 14 years with 3 beautiful kids. I love my husband so much but I could not stop him. I need our marriage to work, I have read countless books on how to please your husband but none worked.

    1. Momma D

      Judy~~ first of all… let me say how sorry I am for what you’re going through. I too, have been married to my husband for almost 13 years- we have 4 amazing children- and I found him cheating with— get this—My BEST FRIEND… or so I thought. 😔. Fortunately~~ it never got physical except for kissing- but the amount of msgs and texts and the contents of them where just heartbreaking. Anyways- in the end— when I was literally at my breaking point— and ready to pack up my children & move to Florida to be closer to my family— he BEGGED me to stay. Everything from counseling- to changing phone #s- to moving to FLORIDA ( so that I would NEVER have to run into that POS ever again Bc we lived in a small town in Atlanta)- to even changing jobs. Well, here we are- over a year later- and we couldn’t be happier. I thank god every day for what changes he has made in our lives. I guess my point is…. whatever the outcome is—- you WILL be okay. I’m not sure if you’re religious or not- but if so- pray about it. That’s the only thing that got me through. And although I STILL have trust issues with him—- I continue to put THAT on HIS shoulders Bc it’s his fault I feel that way. Best of luck to you & your kids in the new year!! ❤️

  14. My name is Christine and I am an evidential medium. I thought long and hard before writing any comments here. But here goes.

    There are some mediums like myself that are REAL. It starts as a child and it’s the most frightening thing anyone can possibly imagine. It hurts my heart to see people take advantage of anyone that is mourning the loss of a loved one. Charging ridiculous fees are also unnecessary and wrong. Delivering a message is not about money it’s giving someone closure. Everyone should be able to afford to get a reading it should not be the amount of your next car payment. Also as a medium if you do charge do what I do and have a weekly show and do FREE readings for an hour or so. Give back, help people that can not afford it.

    Some tips for getting a reading .. just because someone is famous does not mean they are good .. it just means they are famous. There are a ton of Awesome mediums that charge less than $150 for an hour reading.

    Make sure the medium has been learning continually and educating themselves. Mediums that think they are the best and don’t need continual training are self absorbed.

    Read their reviews and make sure they are real.

    Find an evidential medium. Evidential mediums give you facts that will leave you gasping. They will tell you non-general things that there is no way they could possibly know the facts that are being presented.

    Don’t say much at the reading. Yes engage but don’t say much. Let the medium tell you! This is how your reading should be.

    If the spirit is not present there will be no communication. You can not connect with someone that is not there to connect with! I had a young lady come to me to speak to her brother and i could not connect with him. I sat for an entire hour and nothing. I did not accept payment and when she tried to reschedule I very nicely told her lovingly that she may want to find someone else. I don’t know if she was testing me but I will not lie or make things up.

    I have lots of people that sit in front of me and say, “I don’t believe in any of this”…. then After ten minutes they are crying in joy. To anyone that believes there is nothing after you leave this world …. well there is. Your soul is never ending. Your souls lives forever and it holds every one of your memories.

    In closing I’m very sad to see a few mediums spoil it for all of us that have been terrified since we were children talking to spirit. They can communicate and they want you to hear their messages. Sending everyone love and light!

    ❤️❤️ christine s

    1. Janet Landers

      How can I connect with you for a reading?
      I am an astrologer living in McKinney, Texas. Will you text me (2** 2** 7*6* – phone edited out by admin) or email me.
      I really appreciated your response to this line of comments.
      Janet Landers

    2. Julie Clarke Fennell

      Thank you Christine for this post . Brings me comfort even though i have fears of questioning if the soul really does continue on . I receive signs yet shake my head and wonder if they are real. I’ve never contacted a medium yet can see that you are truly passionate about wanting people to receive messages and not just get ripped off. Hope you continue to share your gift . God bless

    3. Valen

      Wow! How can you post all of this about money and closure? I go to your website and see how much it cost to have a reading with you. After you just posted all of this about people who charge that much. It is def. A little contradicting dont you think?

    4. Samantha Brown

      How is THIS an answer about MATT FRASER?
      your reply appears to me to be a pretty swift jump upon an already significant interest in MATT FRASER to promote and drum up business for YOURSELF??!

    5. Starla Cooper

      Christine, hi, my name is Starla. Could I please get in touch with you for a reading. If so just let me know what I need to do
      Thank you very much

  15. Galaxy

    I had a private reading with Matt Fraser in 2017, and it was simply mind blowing. I do think that he may be one of the most talented mediums in the world. Unlike other psychics and mediums, he did not need your questions; it seemed that he had all the answers already. In order to avoid “cold reading,” I chose to use Skype audio only. After an initial prayer, he immediately told me that my late father stepped forward! There could be 4 options, each having a 25% possibility: A. Father and mother both alive; B. Father and mother both deceased; C. Father alive, mother deceased; D. Father deceased, mother alive. If Matt was just guessing, then he must have been a very lucky guesser!

    Not only he told me my father stepped forward, he went on to describe how he passed, what he wanted to convey. He also told me that he was on the other side with a woman from my family. He even told me what happened to her during the week before she passed, which even I didn’t know. I later confirmed that with my brother and my mother who knew the details.

    Without being asked, Matt made tons of predictions, most of which came into fruition the next year.

    I have to say there are still some predictions that have not been validated. Maybe they need more time to manifest? And, some things that he said still do not resonate with me.

    But over, at least 85% of the reading was spot on, which is pretty impressive.

    I used to believe that it is not the more expensive, the better. After so many years of dealing with about a dozen psychics and mediums here and there, I have come to believe that it is generally the case that those who charge much less and who are immediately available are more likely to give you a vague and generic reading. There are expensive ones but their talent is so so, but those people will not last in the long run, as word of mouth will stop.

    Matt has become who he is today largely because of word of mouth that circulates widely and fast. Oftentimes, to be able to run your own TV shows, you would need to convince a whole bunch of crew members, from producers, to hosts, to cameramen, and to on-set audience members. So it is not fair to say the famous ones are famous because of the shows.

    For many others who are not as talented, I wouldn’t even bother to type all these words.

    1. Galaxy

      1) It was MY reading, which lasted 45 minutes, so I know what I am talking about.

      2) I myself remain a skeptic, but an open-minded one. And I do think Matt has the gift for sure.

      3) I just wanted to share with others that there are real psychics/mediums. You’d just need to meet the right one at the right time.

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