Has anyone had a reading with Matt Fraser, the psychic medium from Boston, Massachusetts?

matt fraser psychic medumWe’ve had several recent questions about recommending Matt Fraser’s private readings….and the truth is, I have no idea who he is!  Several of our subscribers have seen Matt in a group setting, or on his Youtube channel (see below) and we’ve had various opinions on the style and substance of his sessions.  (some enjoyed……and a few others, NOT so much 🙂

As always, our objective is to keep it 100% real and let the people who know best guide us – so if you’ve had a reading with Matt Fraser, for good….for ill, or anywhere in between, we’d love to hear about it!  Simply share your experiences in the community comments below, or email us (suddenlypsychic AT gmail.com) to chime in on your thoughts and experiences with Matt….OR, any  other psychic, medium or spiritual teacher you think we ought to know about.

For some more on Matt’s readings, check out the video below.  (we also briefly checked out a book he published on Amazon, and while it’s hard to really form an opinion on someone’s authenticity via the written word alone – didn’t find the book as insightful, or as inspiring as many others in our genre)


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