Theresa Caputo Interview (and Live Appearances)

Ever seen Theresa Caputo Live? A bunch of our readers (including a local psychic medium or two 🙂 are checking her live event out tommorow night in Fresno California, and are quite excited to see her work up close!

Here is a quick interview Theresa did with the local Fresno paper about her show, her abilities…and her waiting list – something WE get a lot of emails about from fans and skeptical foes alike who want to test her skills in person. (she says the 2 year waiting list that is often reported is not accurate, and that is good news for many folks who write it to request a “celebrity” psychic over an equally gifted local reader who can and often WILL serve your spiritual needs amazingly well)

Check out the full interview with the Long Island Medium at the link below.

“I never thought or dreamt it would be this big,” says Caputo, the New York-born psychic medium-turned-reality-television star, whose show, “Long Island Medium,” is in its seventh season on TLC. The show has spun off into two successful books and an arena tour in which Caputo does psychic readings and shares stories from her life. “Theresa Caputo Live: The Experience” comes to Save Mart Center on Saturday, Oct. 3.

Caputo is still wowed by the fact that she spends time away from the show traveling the country in a tour bus, doing live readings in front of thousands of fans. Before TLC, Caputo was sought out for her gift, which she says she first experienced at 4 years old and only began to fully understand in her 20s.

Her client list has grown. These days, she gets thousands of emails each week and has a list of people waiting to be seen. She’s not sure how long the list is, but it’s not the two-year wait she’d heard rumored.The people on the show are real clients, she says.

“It’s my life. It’s what I do.”

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