photo-1429091967365-492aaa5accfeHave you ever had a psychic or spiritual dream and couldn’t quite figure out what it meant?  Have you ever been visited by a dead relative in a dream that felt MORE real than real?  Do you wonder whether it’s just the subconscious at work……or a vivid hallucination, rather than a genuinely “paranormal” or spiritual experience?

We get lots and lots of questions about what are often called “dream visitation experiences” and they remain one of the most common forms of after death communication there is.  (some studies suggest that more than 50% of people will have this sort of incredibly lucid dream at some point of their lives, and that these dreams often involve, or occur, right after the death of a loved one)

So we found it really, really interesting today….when looking through our blog news feed, of a small snippet from the founder of WordPress (the billion dollar software company that powers millions of blogs and websites around the globe) who posted his own fascinating dream experience, after the death of a well known (and far too young) software developer and friend……who was part of the company from the very beginning, and helped build their brand, and business into the huge entity it is today.

It’s fascinating on a number of levels.   The hyper realness of it.  And the questions that arise when one wakes up…about the reality of what just transpired.  And of course, the strangeness of sharing this sort of experience with others…, friends, co-workers and the like…….or in Matt’s case – with millions of people who get WordPress news updates everyday.

Check out the full experience at the link following the excerpt below.

I’m not sure how to include this next part: I couldn’t write last night — I was too tired. After falling asleep I had one of those super vivid dreams that you can’t tell are dreams. There had been some sort of mix-up on Twitter and Alex was still alive, I visited Colorado with my sister and saw him surrounded by family at a picnic table, all the rooms were taken so they put me on a floor mattress where I slept. Tons of his friends were around and we took pictures together, he was excited about the better front camera on the 6s+. (Alex understood mobile all the way back to the Treo days.) It was all very ordinary and in a group setting, until we decided to walk alongside a small highway, past some grain silos, to meet the group at a bar. The walk was just the two of us and we talked and laughed about the big mix-up and he asked about this post, what was going to be in it. He got most excited and emphatic with the part about him being a developer with great taste, and a clear writer William Zinsser would be proud of, so I like to think that those were two things he was proud of. The overwhelming emotion I remember was joy. Waking up was disconcerting, part of me wants to believe part of Alex’s spirit was there, where another more logical part thinks my mind was just going through the denial stage of grief.

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