Fake Fortune Tellers Strike Again

Are fortune tellers psychic?  If not….how to they differ?  And is there any difference between a medium, and someone who reads tarot cards or tells fortunes for a living? Are all spiritual professionals really doing the same things…..or is there a genuine difference between those who are genuinely gifted, versus those who simply want to lift (and grift) your money?

Here is another excellent (and unfortunate) example of what happens when a con artist covers as a clairvoyant, and it gives the whole field a bad name. The fact remains, you should NEVER give someone a large amount of money for ANY spiritually oriented service and if someone promises magical outcomes for magisterial amounts of cash upfront….the chances are, they are more interested in your bank account balance than helping you out. Check out the story at the link following the short excerpt below for more on bad fortune tellers….and bad decisions and the bad outcomes that result.

A real psychic does not entice people to return to them. “I’m not a counselor. I don’t want to get into a dependent relationship,” Cox said. “I’m most successful if my clients do not come back to see me. From my readings, I hope I’ve given them the tools to connect to their loved ones on their own.”

Conversely, a real psychic, says Cox, “Should restore your faith and hope. During a reading, I provide validation that their loved ones who have passed on are here and I pass on guidance from them. I am not here to prove to you that there is an afterlife. That’s for you to decide. I’m just here to deliver whatever messages your angels have to say to you.”


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