Do you believe in Angels?

Have you had an amazing, life changing experience with a guardian angel, spirit guide or personal protector from above?

Or maybe, like so many others……you are curious but not yet convinced?

Our next Ebook is coming….and it’s going to be a Crash Course in Angels, Spirit Guides and some of the BEST evidence (and inspiring stories) about ordinary people, having extraordinary experiences with the magic, mystery and majesty of the “divine”.

But before we go to print……we really need your help!

1 – If you’ve had an amazing experience with a guardian angel or spirit guide, we’d LOVE to include it in our collection!

Simply reply to this email (or if you are reading this on our site……comment in the community or email us at the address below) and share your story, and we’ll be happy to publish it for the world to read and enjoy.

2 – Curious but not yet convinced?

We want to hear from YOU, too!

If you have QUESTIONS about angels……or spirit guides, or the idea of spiritual protectors of any kind, we will have them personally answered for you, and published in the Q and A section of our book.

We’ve gotten tons of great questions (and have a bunch of  participating mediums working hard to answer them!)  and really want a few more genuine questions from our community to publish in this course.

So if there are things you’ve always wanted to know, but didn’t know who to ask, this is a good time of getting your question answered, and helping others who may be wondering the same thing as well.

The really interesting thing?

Several of our mediums have very different opinions on many of the questions submitted thus far, and publishing a variety of perspectives to some of these incredibly important spiritual questions has been a learning experience for all of us!

If you’d like to participate, we are happy to have you!  (we’ll also send you a free copy of the Ebook before it gets published in August, so you’ll see it first)

To share your angel story by email –!

Looking forward 🙂

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