photo-1429091967365-492aaa5accfeAre Guardian Angels real?  Do we all have one?  (or many?!?)  What purpose do they serve?  What is the difference between a guardian angel and a spirit guide?  Are they different things……or are they both silly spiritual ideas that make us feel better, but have no real basis in reality?

Most importantly…..have YOU had an experience with a spirit guide or guardian angel that has changed your life in some important way?  If so….we want to hear about it!

Our next short ebook is going to cover some of the many questions we’ve gotten from our readers about angelic experiences of one kind or another, and includes some really cool and remarkable reports from nurses, law enforcement officers, psychics and mediums (of course!) and lots of other ordinary people having extraordinary encounters that are quite inspiring to read!

So if you’ve had an experience with a guardian angel or spirit guide that has had a profound affect on your life, and want to be included in our next ebook, share it with us in the community comments below, or privately via email (  (feel free to inbox us on Facebook HERE, too!)

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