Awakening Intuition: A Crash Course in Expanded Awareness

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The key to this exercise is learning to relax.

Don’t force anything, or make a heroic effort to do anything extraordinary.

Just gently allow your attention to get as close to the present moment as possible, and then slowly allow that awareness to expand and embrace more and more of the environment – like a parent would hug or embrace a child.

Realize that your consciousness – your awareness is always bigger than your body.

There is always so much more available to absorb in every moment, and yet….so few of us ever see it.

The problem, from my perspective, is purely PRESENCE.

It’s amazing how much more attention we have at our disposal than we recognize, moment to moment, in every day life.

Awakening this sense of expanded awareness and enhanced attention is like a super power that can truly change your life in far too many ways to count.

(believe it or not, dramatically increasing your intuition is one of the more basic benefits – there are far more exciting and exhilarating experiences waiting as you continue to grow :-)_

The truth is, We shut off and cut off so much of what is available to us – intuitively, energetically and otherwise, by living our lives recreating the past or fearing the future, rather than embracing the intense energy of aliveness that is always available right NOW.

This exercise in expanded awareness is the first step in getting back in your body, without being stuck in your skull 😉

Try reading this through once or twice without doing anything.

You don’t need to read it, and then rush through it.

Just let the practice outlined below sink in, and when ready, begin.

become psychic

Here is the exercise.

Sit quietly where you are.

Breathing in through the nose, take a few deep, settling breaths.

Close your eyes.

Notice where the breath feels most distinct in your body….either coming in through the nostrils, or in your belly, or wherever the sensations of breathing feel most distinct to you.

Gently direct your attention to the breath until it settles into a predictable pattern and flows effortlessly.

Make no effort to control it – just let your body be.

Gently direct your attention to what is arising in awareness.

Notice what you notice in your ordinary field of awareness without efforting or any judgement.

Sounds, smells, thoughts……..

Just allow your attention to rest with whatever arises.

Allow your attention to get as intimate as possible with the objects that arise in your awareness.

What do you notice?

What do you hear, without stretching, reaching or making any extraordinary effort to listen?

Just sit with that for a moment, and let what already is, to arise in your field of active awareness.

Now, start to allow that field of awareness to expand.

(NOTE: This is where this exercise moves from being a traditional mindfulness based technique, to one that helps expand your ability to increase your intuitive abilities)

Slowly, start to become aware of more.

Widen your field of active awareness

Allow it to expand.

See what else begins to arise.

Can you become aware of things that are happening outside of your field of view?

Or, maybe your field of view is more than what you can see with your eyes. (it is!)

Can you hear more than what feels immediately available to your ears?

Or, maybe your ability to receive sound is beyond what is most obviously accessible to your ordinary hearing? (it is)

Just start to gently expand your awareness of what is available in the environment.

I like to move my own awareness first to cover everything in the room.

Then, i like to move that awareness outside of a window and start to explore what may be happening out on the sidewalk in front of my home….yet outside of my field of view, and outside of what one could conventionally consider within earshot.

I’ll peek across the street, or see if i can associate sounds…….with sights.

The secret is, there is so much MORE available to us, from a sensory standpoint, than our narrow view.

The very limited channel our ordinary awareness accesses moment to moment, throughout our ordinary lives is but a small sliver of the beauty and bandwidth available to be observed moment by moment.

Our small selves only see, feel, touch and taste what is directly in front of us.

But there is always more…..

Our expanded selves, our higher selves, our true selves, see, feel, touch and taste and have access to an intuition that is beyond our bodies, and covers a conciseness field that is beyond our individuals senses.

Tapping into this field is what this exercise helps to reveal.

Cosmic consciousness is always available.

From my perspective…..this is what spiritual growth really means.

Cultivating a connection to the energy, the information and the abundance embedded in the world around us at all times is what truly “waking up” is all about.

You are already connected – the key is – to wake up to the fact that it’s there…and to change your own channel – and your individual intuition from the small self – to the beauty of being BIGGER than your body, and becoming “one” with awareness itself.
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