Psychic Twins

A good article on telepathy in twins. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not twins can share a psychic connection, you’ll enjoy the article below on the Fabrizius sisters, talented artists who don’t speak while they draw a single picture, but instead communicate by thought or intuition or a sense of pure knowing that transcends common communication.

What do YOU think about mind to mind communication with friends or family that defies explanation? Have you ever had an experience with a parent, or child, a sibling or even a spouse that makes you scratch your head and wonder?

Check out the article on Marina and Irina at the link following the short excerpt below.

Identical twins Marina and Irina Fabrizius were born in Kazakhstan but moved to Germany, where they have both just graduated from Dusseldorf’s Academy of Arts.

A few years ago they decided they preferred to create their pictures together, rather than paint on their own.

They found that sometimes they did not even need to speak in order to complete a painting.

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