Robert Moss on Psychic Chords and Precognitive Dreams

Want to learn how to radically enhance your intuition for free?  Are you curious about how energy healing works, want to understand psychic dreams or maybe you need some good Spring spiritual reading to inspire your imagination?

We are big fans of Robert Moss and his practical, inspirational and enlightening books on precognition, psychic dreaming, and the art and science of all sorts of amazing spiritual experiences. If you want to learn some practical techniques for having your own extraordinary experiences, his articles are well worth checking out. What spiritual books have inspired you? We want to feature some of the best “unknown” psychics, mediums, spiritual teachers and energy workers in the world……so drop us a note, or tell us about your favorites in the comments below!

Check out some of Robert’s thoughts on releasing psychic chords, the energy body and how some of the worlds great wisdom traditions inform us on how all of this “healing” stuff really works….at the link following the short excerpt below.

For everyday psychic well-being, we need to recognize these psychic energy cords and develop a simple practice for disconnecting when the effects are unhealthy or unwanted. One of the best guides to this topic that I know is a quirky but essential book by Max Freedom Long titled The Secret Science Behind Miracles, based on his study of the practices of kahunas in Hawaii in the early 20th century.

“Numberless threads connect every individual with the people and things he has touches,” writes Long. These threads are called aka n the Hawaiian language. Aka means both “cord” and “vine”, something that branches out. The aka cords emanate from the unahipili, which Long calls variously the “subconscious spirit,” the “shadowy body” and the “low self.” According to Long,the kahunas believe that”all things, be they men, animals, flowers, chairs or thoughts, have shadowy bodies, and these remain after the thing in its gross physical form has been destroyed”.

What he calls the “shadowy body” is what I generally call the dense energy body. But its Hawaiian name, unahipili, contains a further practical teaching. At the root of that word is pili, which means “sticky”. So the low self can also be called the “sticky” soul. “It sticks to everything we contact or see…It is like touching fly-paper with a finger and, when the finger is pulled away, a long fine thread of the adhesive substance is drawn out.”

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