Matthew Manning – The Most Famous Psychic Healer You’ve Never Heard Of

Here is a fascinating article on Mathew Manning, one of the most well studied psychic healers of the last 20 years, and arguably, the most important from a scientific scrutiny standpoint…as his list of admirers includes many in the mainstream Cancer/oncology industry who are willing to put their names on the line to attest to Manning’s special skills.

(including the late Sir David Frost – who as you’ll read below, called him the most gifted psychic in the Western world)

Really interesting, inspiring stuff….from poltergeist activity, to apparitions of the dead, to all sorts of extraordinary experiences reported by literally hundreds of people in his presence and lasting for 4 decades. (according to the article in GQ – he’s now 58 and the first experiences began when he was a teenager)

Check out the whole article at teh link following the short excerpt below – very inspiring stuff if you are interested in evidential healing and psychic ability that seems to be far more powerful than even some of the more well known people in this field could imagine 🙂

Concerning the events of his early years, which earned him international fame as the so-called “Poltergeist Boy”, there are just too many witnesses; too many traumatised individuals who saw domestic appliances flying up staircases unaided; too many school friends who witnessed crockery appearing in midair and shattering on the classroom floor; and too many scientifically trained observers who were present when, as a boy, messages from the dead began to appear on the walls of Manning’s bedroom at his family home in Cambridgeshire.

Perhaps the most extraordinary thing about Manning is that you – in all likelihood – have never heard of him. He lives in a secluded cottage on Exmoor with his partner, Sarah, and emerges to perform healing sessions twice weekly at a local clinic. Unlike many who simulate then flaunt the kind of powers that have been ascribed to Manning, he does not exploit his reputation in pursuit of great wealth. In the mid-Seventies, after Frost first persuaded him to appear on television, in a special edition of The Frost Interview, Manning, at 19, was featured in every major newspaper on either side of the Atlantic. But fame, he came to realise, never quite suited him. This is the first interview Matthew Manning has given for more than ten years.

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