Is Theresa Caputo a Christian?

theresa caputo, long island mediumQ:  Are mediums doing the work of god?  Is Theresa Caputo a real Christian?  What does the Bible say about speaking to the dead?

We get a question like this one just about every day….and the truth is, from my vantage point, it’s really the wrong question to ask.  There are so many different ways that people put their faith, and spirituality into the world that may not conform with very literal interpretations of Biblical texts…..that for most of us, our lives would all be a walking contradiction.

And yet, someone sent us an email this morning about a recent article in the Christian Post that seemed to suggest the Long Island Medium was violating her Catholic faith by doing readings for the public.  (and profiting from it as a career as well)

The truth is, the vast majority of the psychics and mediums that I know from our community here…and around the world, are religious in some way.  Many may consider themselves “spiritual” rather than religious, but a good percentage practice the Christian faith, and are very concerned with doing as much good, with what they believe are “god given gifts”, as possible.

As one well known local medium told me last year during a live event here in South Florida about his Catholic faith……”I believe that these gifts are from God, and that I’m being called, directly to put these messages out into the world to reduce suffering and grief.  If I can help one grieving parent, or child, or spouse believe that we are bigger than our bodies, how can that be a sin?”

What do you believe about religion and mediumship?  Is it a conflict like some believe…..or a natural fit for those who have the gift to share them with the world?

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  1. From what I know Satan’s demons can impersonate our dead love ones! And they know our lives and everything about us! What Tersesa doesn’t know is that what she thinks is a dead love one is actually a demon! Doesn’t she ever realize that she is coming in contact with demons? She’s walking on thin ice and in the wrong direction in life putting herself in danger!

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