7 Questions to Ask a Psychic

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Ever wanted to know what to ask a psychic or medium during a reading? Are there questions that are off putting…..or out of bounds?

What about cold reading, hot reading, guessing or things that help a psychic cheat? Check out some of the various ways you can help improve the next psychic or spiritual reading experience at our Slideshare presentation page below! (we have 6 or 7 popular power point presentations, a few articles and a lot more to come!


11 thoughts on “7 Questions to Ask a Psychic

  • Hi, my name is Nkechi Martha Nnamchi. I was born on 12 October 1983. Pls I was to know everything about me nd my health. Thanks

  • Im struggling with where am I am going inlife , im not sure wat path to follow. My job , my life . Please im so lost in what I need to do ? School , work and wat field should I be in ?

  • I had a client reading last week ask me, “when is my house going to sell and how much will it sell for”….. ahhhhh I wish I was that good.

    I wish they had read this article first before seeing me.

    • Peggy,
      My name is Lindsay and I am a professional Psychic/medium and certified Past Life Regressionist. I can see this question was asked a couple of months ago so you probably are already back together or atleast communicating. I sense a deep amount of fear and dishonesty to others on his part which was the reason for the break up. I have a feeling you may feel like this was an old problem but there are still issues that need to be dealt within the relationship. To go deeper I would need to do a full reading on you or I would suggest you get one done by a legitimate psychic, which means it won’t be free. I do offer affordable digital reading options as well as live options you can see my reviews and reccomendation on my page at or you can Google Readings by Lindsay as well. I can do live readings by phone or video chat or email you a digital reading for a more affordable option. My email.address is or you can get other contact info through my page.

      Good Luck and Blessings to You!


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