We love some of the amazing, inspiring, and incredibly uplifting stories our audience has shared about their own experiences with spirit…..these are actually more powerful, more persuasive and more overwhelmingly evidential, & validating than any one “reading” can offer. Keep them coming….either on our FB wall, privately if you prefer, or in the community comments on our site as well – when you share your experience – they are greatly appreciated by more people than you possibly know!

The truth is, in my own experience, when it comes to overcoming feelings of loss and despair – hope, healing and transformation comes from connecting with a community of people – and feeling comfortable enough to communicate your own experiences with others who have been down the same path……even sharing your skepticism or feelings of uncertainty about spiritual matters is healthy.  (you don’t have to blindly believe anything to find meaning, and magic in the experiences of others)

Feel free to share any and all your feelings about the things we talk about here – either on our Facebook page, via email if you’d prefer, or in the community comments below!

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