What Do YOU Think is the Best Evidence for the Afterlife?

ranchAre you curious about life after death……but not entirely convinced? What would it take for you to be completely, and unequivocally convinced that death is NOT the end, and that there is a wild, wonderful, magical and mysterious world that opens when our bodies draw their last breath?

The truth is, for me……it wasn’t until I had my own incredible ADC experience (After Death Visitation) that I knew…in my blood and bones, that death was not the end. After all, how could what I experienced be explained away in any OTHER way – when a close friend and confidante appeared to me, in the middle of the night, unexpectedly and out of blue…..to stand there, silently, while waving goodbye.

The experience was so overwhelming….that even my small dog, sleeping snugly beside me, was also stirred awake, intently immersed in the same vision I was seeing at the foot of the bed.

And when I learned the very next morning….that this close co-worker and confidante had unexpectedly passed away, in the middle of the night, without warning……it was an experience that no skeptic, no “coincidence” no outside explanation could diffuse or destroy.

I went from agnostic – literally overnight – to being 100% sure that something – some part of us, survives the illusion we call death. And that this divide – that which separates the living from the not, is merely an illusion.

Over the years, I’ve been blessed now to have an incredible array of experiences that have reinforced this knowledge. From long conversations with hospice heroes (nurses and end of life care givers) who have a beautiful bevvy of similar stories to share, to intimate and up close adventures with some of the most genuine and talented evidential psychic mediums and afterlife researchers in the world, I have 100% confidence that death is not the end of you, or me, or anyone that we love.

But what do YOU believe? What one experience has convinced YOU that the afterlife is real? Or, better yet…..what ONE experience WOULD convince you for sure, even if you haven’t YET had it yourself?

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  1. When my mother passed away, my younger sister and I drove up to NY from FL we did nit make it in time to say goodbye.
    Nevertheless, as I stood in front of my mother I herd my mothers voice speak these words to me “oh Annie everything will be ok” I never spoke of it to anybody for years, one day my sister and I was driving to get coffee one day and she said to me ” I herd mom speak to me at funeral home”. Mom said ” oh Leakie, everything will be ok.” I was so happy when she confirmed what we experienced was real.

  2. I want to believe. ..my husband commited suicide 7 months ago….I’m still waiting for a sign.we were together for 21years I miss him so much .we were so close he suffered from bipolar disorder and always struggled .please help me connect with him .Im desperate I need to move forward we have 4
    children and three are still in the home I need help moving foward.

  3. Three months after my husband passed I was sleeping and in the middle of a dream when I heard my husbands voice load and clear.He said ” Listen I want you to download a story it’s called The Girl on the Stairs.Do it now before you forget.” I asked where I was to download it from and he said “from Amazon,it will explain everything”
    I opened my eyes and looked at the clock,it was 4:48am.I had my IPad on the table next to me and I checked Amazon and found a short story with that title.I downloaded the story and read it in about 15 minutes.It was about a family who moved into a house with there young daughter.You find out at the end that the daughter is dead and yet her spirit is still living with them ad able to communicate with them.I knew this was not a dream and my husband wanted me to know he was still with me in spirit.

  4. What made me become a true believer was my dad had passed and 3 days later he left me a time and date stamped message on his own answering machine for me. It sounded way in the distance and said he wanted talk to me and he would call back. But he never did. If I ask for signs he usually sends them. How this all happens I have no IDE! It perplexes me.

  5. i also had a vision or dream . A man was standing outside my bedroom door and he was yelling to me but it was my daughters voice. I thought it was a dream so I went back to sleep. I asked my husband if he was standing in the door way but he said no. Later that day I had a call from my dads neighbor saying that she hadn’t seen my dad in a few dads. We called but no answer at his house. We then went over to my dads house and I always had a key. He didn’t answer the door soy husband went in and foundy dad lying on the floor in the doorway of his bedroom and he was dressed the same way that he was dressed in my dream or vision. He had died sometime that might. Also I had other feelings when my mom passed and when my husband passed I asked him to visit me but not to scare us and I saw a vision of him above me but it did scare me. I also saw my grandfather after he passed on. Amazing and I’m a believer in the afterlife.

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