How Intuitive Are YOU? 3 BIG Reasons Why Awakening Your Intuition Can Change Your Life Forever

How intuitive are you? How much do you trust your sense of invisible guidance, or your inner radar for right and wrong? Will developing, refining or honing your sense of intuitive awareness actually benefit your life in any measurable way……or is it all just fun and games and a little bit of ethereal entertainment for those interested in exploring their psychic side?

If you are anything like I once was, you probably think of developing your intuition as something that is fun, or as a silly social activity, or a way to indulge your interest in spirituality, or to tap into another way of seeing, sensing, touching and tasting the world around us all.

ranchThe truth? It IS all of those things. But, it’s a whole lot more as well. What I’ve found is that there are practical ways that refining our intuitive abilities can literally transform our lives in positive and powerful ways, and can literally change your Dharma, and karma to boot!

Curious to know more? Here are 7 of the really simple, practical applications for moving from your HEAD to heart, and letting your intuitive awareness guide you in new, interesting and inspiring paths……especially for those of you FINALLY ready to dance in the direction of your dreams.

1 – Trusting your intuition is a great way of ending the “analysis paralysis” that so many of us (including me!) struggle with when it comes to making important decisions.

There is something so incredibly freeing about letting your heart be your guide, rather than your head…..that the fear of picking WRONG…..and consequences of whatever you choose starts to feel INSTANTLY less overwhelming. (and often quite exhilarating)

2 – You STOP measuring relationships by how they look on paper, because you realize that this is NOT what you want or need.

For example? Your connections feel more “karmic”, and authentic, rather than by chance. There is a sense of spiritual simpatico that you can emotionally sense in others who are also allowing their intuition to guide them, and it becomes far easier to feel truly connected to both your community…and your companions as well.

3 – You start to feel a much more aligned sense of PASSION and purpose and personal power in your life.

The truth is, the vast majority of people are living mindlessly, unconsciously following a script they didn’t write……but are living out nonetheless. The right job, the right neighborhood, the right spouse or partner and the right LIFE is unfortunately, 100% WRONG for tens of millions of people, and yet…..they live them out like actors in a bad movie nonetheless.

When you cultivate a heart centered, intuitive sense of what your TRUE dreams and authentic destiny really feel like, you begin to make choices that are guided by a power bigger, bolder and more bountiful than yourself. Whether you call that god, or spirit, or the universe, or just the innate natural drive to share your gifts with the world in a way that inspires

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