Tracy Williams – Blinded by Vision

One of the best parts of my “job” as a psychic publisher is I get to read and review tons and tons of spiritual books every week, which for a psychic junkie like me… sort of a dream vocation! 🙂

One of our readers recommended I check out “Blinded by Vision” by Florida psychic medium Tracy Williams, and about half way through it now, it’s well written and has a unique perspective on living with psychic gifts that I find pretty interesting thus far.

Check out the book on Kindle here (it’s only 3.99 versus the hardcover price of 22 bucks – def recommend the digital version!) or read more about Tracy Williams and Blinded by Vision below!

“Blinded by Vision” offers a look at the challenging life of a psychic savant who tries to balance her tremendous gift while living the everyday life of a mother of two girls. Her journey leads the reader through a series of stories – sometimes funny, sometimes frightening – providing a front row seat into her unusual but rewarding life.

“My book explains the dramatic life of a psychic – which is all true, but it reads like science fiction – and it will touch your heart,” Williams says.

“Blinded by Vision” chronicles every age of Williams’ life, from childhood through adulthood, giving readers an inside look at the challenges and successes she has faced. It also reveals the familial struggle she experienced between her paternal grandmother, from whom she inherited her psychic gift, and her father, who didn’t believe in psychics.

“I bridged the gap between my grandmother and my father, who later died believing in psychics – validating his mother and his daughter,” Williams says.

Williams hopes her book will help readers understand that psychics are human beings too. She wants them to see that although psychics can see things regular people can’t, they can’t see everything and they aren’t perfect.

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