Psychic Tips – Navigating Your Next Psychic Reading

Q: How accurate are psychics? Should I bet the farm on what a psychic or medium “sees” for my future? What if the messages don’t resonate or ring true for me? Should I get a second opinion or simply follow any (and all) intuitive advice that comes through?

A: We get a lot of questions from people in the public about how MUCH they should trust the information, insight or illumination that comes through during a reading. The truth is, a good reading is much more of an art than a science. A good rule of thumb for me is – if a psychic or medium tells me how often they are “right”, I get nervous 🙂 Everything in life is a confluence of events, actions, reactions, circumstances……& the future, a crock pot of potentials and possibilities. I’ve seen plenty of amazingly intuitive readers in my day, and have spoken to some who have a feel for the future that is uncanny and amazing as well. That said, I still would take nothing at 100% face value that comes out of a reading, and always go with my own gut and use my own common sense when integrating all of the information as well.

And while mediumistic style readings are a bit different (as they aren’t neccessarily predictive in nature in general) when it comes to messages from spirit, some of the very same rules apply. If it fits and makes sense, allow it to inspire you with the confidence that your loved ones continue!

For some simple do’s and don’ts for your next reading, check out some of the different perspectives from around the web below.

– The world exists in an infinite number of states. We can no more predict at exactly what age you will have your first child than we can predict the number of red blood cells in your body. We can give you insights to possible future time lines, and advice on what you should do to try to push your time line in a direction you would prefer over others, but in this world, there is nothing absolute. We cannot give absolute answers, so please do not ask absolute questions.

DO: Be understanding if the answers you sought didn’t come the way you wanted, accept that there are other possibilities in your life than the single outcome you were hoping for, and be mindful that the results you hear are only one of an infinite number of possibilities, albeit one that is more likely to happen if you continue on without changing your path.

DO NOT: Be upset when the answer you wanted does not come up, or when your own questionable morality is called into the spotlight by the advice the divination gives, or accuse the reader of biasing or skewing the results to favor an outcome you didn’t want.

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