Kim Russo: Psychic Intervention

kim russo

Kim Russo – the Haunting Of……is a pretty entertaining show.

How do I know? Call it a south florida tsunami and a lack of good programming on cable on a sleepy saturday night, but I think I watched 10 episodes last night.

If you haven’t seen it……

The show is actually a bit of a spin off from Celebrity Ghost Stories and features Kim Russo, (a well known psychic medium who is low key, charming and with soap opera star good looks) ….helping other well known celebrities connect or gain closure to odd or eccentric incidents that happened in their past.

Last night’s show featured Jesse Metcalf who seemed somewhat unsure about psychics, spirits and his own apparitional experiences – while other 2014 episodes feature some of the well known and more popular celebrity ghost story episodes…..including vince neil and joe pantalonio.

(I always found Vince Neil’s celebrity ghost story episode a bit hard to believe……but only because I’ve seen enough Motley Crue videos in the 90’s to know that anything Vince experienced in the 90’s was probably a bit suspect 😉

For those of you who have become big Kim Russo fans……good news! 

A new show featuring Kim that has a lot more mediumistic style readings and interactions is set to launch in Mid November, called “Psychic Intervention”  and the early out takes I’ve seen look pretty entertaining and showcase Kim’s unique intuitive talents a bit better than the other show.

We’ll have some more reviews and info on Kim Russo and Psychic Intervention in the next week, so check back for that as well!


4 thoughts on “Kim Russo: Psychic Intervention

  • I lost my son to suicide in 1997. I have started support groups, gone through therapy and have moved through as far as I know how to go through the grief process. Those that are just grieving or have grieved and still in stage one don’t understand how I can be and act the way I do in public. I also had a miscarriage. I know that they are still with us all. I have seen a spirit. I have also had signs from my son. People close to me do not believe I have let go to continue healing. There are some that say he was murdered. I have accepted suicide because this is the only way I can cope.
    He was found hung in a jail cell. He was 21. There were so many discrepancies that foul play was always in my and my families sights. My family still has not healed after all this time. My father passed seven yrs. ago. I have comfort knowing they are together. I do feel that The time we have on earth is just a short time with a family reunion. I also believe that after death we have a even larger reunion on the other side. I had a atv accident three yrs. ago and was injured with life threatening injuries. I still suffer and am on oxygen 24-7. This Jan. I had a heart attack and died. CPR brought me back. My sisters asked me if I saw a light. I said “No, it just wasn’t my time yet. I am not afraid to die. This doesn’t mean I want to. The one thing I would have on my wish or bucket list would be for Kim Russo to work with myself and my family on the thoughts and feelings of my son, my other child and my father. I hope anyone that reads this can come to terms that once we die we no longer are in contact with those on earth. My brothers really have a hard time believing this. I have the philosophy that God can do anything he wants to. He can adjust things to today’s time and advancement. And I do not think he stopped creating after he created the universe. I pray to God all the time. I am very religious but I am also spiritual. I have face death at least 5 times and they still don’t want me yet. God bless you all and remember we have it so much better than some other people in the world. There is always someone worse off.

    • p.s. A typo on my last message. I know that there is existence after death. And how do I know God is with us? He is my best friend straight from the heart. It’s a feeling deep inside.


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