light worker quizHave you had a visit from a loved one after they’ve crossed in a dream? Has that dream been hyper real, or incredibly vivid or “realer” than real as many people describe it when they detail it later?

When you share the experience with others….do they often offer up unsatisfying answers like – “it was only a dream” or “you are lucky to have such a great imagination” or even try to berate you for being too gullible or trying to get attention?  Or, equally as commonly in MY experience… other people try to frame YOUR experience in a way that fits THEIR dogma, or THEIR beliefs or THEIR religious convictions, and end up insulting your sense of spirituality as a result of what happened?

The truth is, the “dream visitation” experience is one of the most powerful, profound and life affirming spiritual encounters you can have.  It’s also one of the most COMMON, although it’s rarely reported for the reasons above.

If you have had an experience like this, we want to hear about it!

Why?  Because our next book is going to be all about some of the amazing, life changing precognitive and spiritually transformative dreams some of our professional members have had, we also want to include the extraordinary encounters many ordinary people have everyday as well.

To share your story……..send us an email a@  We’d love to hear about it and from you….and you can remain as anonymous if you want as well!

Not only will be give you  a free copy of the book when it’s complete, you’ll also be invited to take part in a very special private psychic development course and community for having more similar spiritual openings in the future as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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