Have You Had a Dream Visitation Experience? We Want to Hear About It!

light worker quizHave you had a visit from a loved one after they’ve crossed in a dream? Has that dream been hyper real, or incredibly vivid or “realer” than real as many people describe it when they detail it later?

When you share the experience with others….do they often offer up unsatisfying answers like – “it was only a dream” or “you are lucky to have such a great imagination” or even try to berate you for being too gullible or trying to get attention?  Or, equally as commonly in MY experience… other people try to frame YOUR experience in a way that fits THEIR dogma, or THEIR beliefs or THEIR religious convictions, and end up insulting your sense of spirituality as a result of what happened?

The truth is, the “dream visitation” experience is one of the most powerful, profound and life affirming spiritual encounters you can have.  It’s also one of the most COMMON, although it’s rarely reported for the reasons above.

If you have had an experience like this, we want to hear about it!

Why?  Because our next book is going to be all about some of the amazing, life changing precognitive and spiritually transformative dreams some of our professional members have had, we also want to include the extraordinary encounters many ordinary people have everyday as well.

To share your story……..send us an email a@  We’d love to hear about it and from you….and you can remain as anonymous if you want as well!

Not only will be give you  a free copy of the book when it’s complete, you’ll also be invited to take part in a very special private psychic development course and community for having more similar spiritual openings in the future as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

  1. I lost my Boyfriend to suicide on December 8th and I had have had a few signs from him. I haven’t been able to sleep as well for some reason I wakeup at 3:30 or 4:00 a.m. every since he left. On January 3rd I feel asleep on the sofa around 2:30p.m. and I had a dream that felt so real we were standing in the laundry room and he was hugging and holding me and I was doing the same I kept rubbing his back it was as solid as can be. In my mind I was thinking how come it’s not going threw his back he never said a word but I kept telling him on love him and miss his so much it was a short visit and dream my whole chest didn’t feel as heavy as it normally feel. I felt comfortable and actually had a smile on my face I wanted to yell and tell the world but I was afraid if announce it I might scare him away. As I did some research on the Internet I read it takes a lot for the after life to come visit as soon being they are adjusting to there new life. I felt so bless Barry was able to come to me he had been gone 2 days from being a month I talk to him every morning I watch his singing videos all the time. I don’t want to scare him away by doing this all the time

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Elisha! I’m sorry you had to go through that sort of loss, but it sounds to me like your connection with Barry continues….and we appreciate you being part of our community!

  3. Ashley

    I have had several dreams over the past 3 months where my deceased grandfather pops up in the middle of random dreams but is very far away. He is gone very quickly. I spot him usually in the corner of my eye while I am dreaming. 3 nights ago. I was having a very random dream where I had some friends over and we were telling them by and walked out on our porch with them to tell them goodbye. Suddenly when I turned around to walk back in to the house. My grandfather was standing there, motioning very quickly for me to come to him with a huge smile on his face. I immediately felt extreme happiness in my dream and ran to him and we hugged for what seemed like 30 seconds. he never said a single word. Was completely silent. I went to turn around to tell my husband to look and then my grandfather was gone. I work up right after this with tears running down my face. My grandfather looked so handsome. He was 82 when he passed, but in my dream his face was so clear and beautiful and you could tell he was old but it was as if he had 0 wrinkles . The smile on his face and the way he was gesturing me to hurry over was so incredibly overwhelming. The emotions I felt in this dream were unlike any I have ever had. Even in my awake state of mine. Some how, I feel as if when I turned around and saw him, that he was he was telling me to come to him was like, “here I am” “finally” . Since all of the other dreams I just caught a glimpse of him. I will never forget this dream, it has touched my life so much.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Ashley! That is a very beautiful experience and you are so fortunate to have had it. Dream visitation experiences are really, really common….and very similar to yours in many ways – most people describe them as “more real than real”, much like yours and they are typically very comforting as well. Thanks so much for sharing and I’m sure lots of people will read yours and identify with it completely…… and now know they aren’t “nuts” as well!

  5. ExCajunQueen

    My mother came to me about 2 weeks after she passed. She sat on the side of the bed and started talking to me, I saw her walk to my bed, when I saw this I said “I thought you broke your hip.” This had happened the last time I took her to the bathroom…..”I did” She said “Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt anymore.” I felt relived. “So, I see my bed is gone” she said……my brother and his sons had ransacked her house, which was across the street from me……”Yes, Andy took it” I said “Well, there’s nothing left for me here then, I’m going to @#(###’s…..(my brother’s name)…..and she got up and left. Oddly enough, this was what I had experienced for my whole life, my mother never spent one holiday with me and my family because she had to spend them all with him…even after I called her crying and begging to please just alternate……she would not do it………she rejected me in life, and then, rejected me in the afterlife…….I do not feel I have any responsibility in this, but do feel we have many lives to live over before we can make this right!

    1. ExCajunQueen

      And yet, the same woman was adamant that I be her care giver…and I was…but had him looking over my shoulder! So much so that when her eye doctor said she was not safe to drive, he accused me of just wanting to control her and would not back me in taking her license!!!!

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