Are you a Light Worker? Answer these 10 Spiritual Service Questions and Find Out Now

What do light workers do differently? And how can you tell if you are meant to be of spiritual service to the world? Being a light worker is one of the most rewarding careers one can have, but it’s rarely as……
am i a light worker
light worker careers
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Are you a light worker?  Are you REALLY here to gather your goodness and spread love, learning and light to folks who need it most?  What are the most common signs that you’ve got this very special gift?

In this 10 question quiz….we look at some of the most common signs that you are in a select group of PASSIONATE, purpose driven professionals and “enlightened” entrepreneurs who are here to care, share and transform the lives around you with wit, wisdom and spiritual service.

am i a light worker Remember, you don’t need a “job” to be a light worker – only engaged, inspired, moved and motivated to make those around you grow and flow in the direction of their dreams.

Curious to know more?  Let’s dive in and do it with the full list below!

1 – You see the good in people rather than the bad

At it’s core, this is probably the #1 sign you are a light worker – you see GOOD in everyone. We are all born with the same sized soul….and no matter how much darkness may seem to blot out the good in people, the light worker has an uncanny ability to see and spot that in others – and gather the goodness others would dismiss.

The truth is, if our lives, especially those of us who are comitted to contribution DO have a magic, and a mystery and a meaning to them that is bigger and bolder and more beautiful than meets the eye….the ability to elevate others by lifting THEIR light out of the shadows, and showing them how to shine rather than shrink…… is the greatest gift you’ve got to give the world around you.

2 – You prioritize PASSION and purpose over profit

When it comes to your livelihood…and doing what you love, you prioritize PASSION and purpose over profit, and a genuine sense of contribution over cash.

Want to know what I see in my own spiritual coaching practice ? Lots and lots of the light workers I’ve met have been broke! And that is NOT to say you can’t make an amazing living while waking up the world with your work, it’s just that many people who prioritize spiritual service, tend to have difficulty (or feel guilty) being paid well for the contribution to others that they feel authentically called to create.

If that sounds like you…’s time you said GOODBYE to the guilt.  Why?

It sounds trite……but it’s 100% TRUE:  You deserve to be rewarded for your work in ways that allow you to expand your influence and flow and grow in the direction of your dreams.  When you sell yourself (and your services) short………you not only hurt yourself, but your cut off your ability to contribute to the community of people who NEEDS what you know, and will LEARN from your “light”.

You simply can’t do that If you’re  worried about putting food on the table or keeping the lights on.  (not the one that burns within you – but the ones that are tied to the BILL you get every month 🙂

The sad fact I’ve learned through my own travels, trials and tribulations is this:  

Purpose driven professionals are often underpaid and under appreciated, simply because they have chosen the wrong world in which to work.

Do what you REALLY want to do and in the places and with the faces that make you come ALIVE.  And then see the love and light within yourself so strongly – that you allow yourself to be compensated fairly for your gifts.

3 – You follow your heart, more than your head

A light-worker is often guided by their intuition, rather than the traditional intellect. You FEEL things….and move towards inspired ideas and issues that call to you in a very heart centered, intuitive way.

While others are picking their professional path based on what sounds good, or looks good on a sheet of paper, you are often hurdling head first (no pun intended) in different directions based on what your heart is telling you to do. (even if your head is warning you to go the other way)

4 – You are incredibly empathetic

Said simply, you connect with the energy, emotions of others in an overwhelming way. People’s problems become your problems. Other people’s pain often feels like your own.

From my perspective, working with lots of professional intuitives, psychics, mediums, spiritual coaches, teachers and trainers, one of the most endearing (and ever-present) qualities in the very BEST of them is this:

They are so good at what they do, NOT because of some incredible genetic gift – but rather because they are able to cultivate SUCH compassion, and then such CONNECTION with other people, that seeing, feeling and sensing spiritual solutions is a natural extension of the energetic connection that arises from AUTHENTIC empathy for others.  (and the close, symbiotic spiritual sensations that exist between EVERYONE who taps into this  embracing energy as well)

5 – You are ADDICTED to Spiritual Growth (Or are a Psychic Junkie like me 🙂

How can you tell?  Maybe people around you may roll your eyes at the sort of stuff you believe – or the experiences that you appreciate – or the ideas that you aspire to embrace.

Normal people and plans – even those that love you as family or a friend, chuckle at the things you gravitate to.

Maybe you love watching psychic or spiritual programming on TV  – or get geeked up when interviewing spiritual teachers and authors like me – or maybe you find Oprah, Eckart Tolle, mindfulness and mediation more motivating than the Keeping up with the Kardashians or whose winning (or losing) on the Bachelorette! (it’s okay to like them both – don’t worry, we won’t tell!)

But, at your core…..where it matters MOST, you love nothing more than growing, flowing and evolving in directions that cultivate your capacity to EXPAND….and standing still or staying put on the “inside”, where true growth matters most – is not an option.


7 – You CELEBRATE Success (even when it has nothing to do with YOU)

A real light worker has no problem ignoring her ego while others achieve amazing things. You get joy and juice and jazzed about seeing others succeed. Rather than feeling threatened by the success of others, you celebrate it! You don’t feel diminished when others accomplish and exceed their goals, instead……you feel inspired and excited and motivated to do more, create more and give more of yourself. You are able to ignore your individual ego – see the “big” picture – and understand that we’re ALL in this together – you are the consummate contributor – AND cheerleader as well!

8 – You are eternally optimistic (even in the face of fear of the future)

Simply stated – you see light at the end of every tunnel. Maybe it’s because you don’t see any “end” to anything…..just a continuous journey of learning, loving, growing and flowing in the direction of our destiny.

You can’t help but find spiritual solutions to problems that cause others to panic, and no matter how bleak something looks, you can see a bright and beautiful light at the end of the road. Your passion – and sense of purpose – is to share that vision with those that you love. (and quite often, if you are like many light workers in our community – you DO find that communicating this eternal optimism is a challenge, but at your core, part of your own life purpose as well)

9 – People trust and open up to you in unexpected ways.

…..Even strangers on the street…..or in line at the store!  You are are the spiritual storehouse for secrets that others tell no one else.

You can’t explain it, but people (even strangers) simply recognize something real about you, and want to tell you their problems. Sometimes, you sense, feel or connect with people you don’t know, and intuitively understand their pain or problems BEFORE they express them.

But for reasons you’ve never fully understood, folks connect with you, and tell you things that are surprising – even strangers. They see in you the light of intuition – and empathy – and feel drawn to your energy and understanding, even if THEY don’t fully understand why.

10 – You are simply spiritually sensitive!

How so?  You’ve probably had experiences of deja vu, or amazing intuitive awareness, or feelings of powerful precognition.  You may have had a near death experience (a POWERFUL and little known but VERY common “side effect” of having an NDE are psychic or energetic awakenings) maybe you have seen or spoken to “spirit” like many in our psychic medium community regularly demonstrate for others.

Maybe you’ve had an OBE, or experienced the magic, mystery, beauty and BLISS of a deep meditation, or have luscious lucid dreams, or  have gotten a sneak peek into the wild, wacky and wonderful world that awaits us all.

If you walk in these worlds…….these are NOT weird or strange sensations that should shame you – they aren’t paranormal either- they are how you are wired – the way your brain and your body interface with the environment around you – the energy – the emotions – the intentions of other people, places and things you bump up against on a daily basis.

light worker
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These are the GIFTS of the light worker…..and embracing them, sharing them, and helping others navigate the same terrain is your TRUE calling, and what the world needs you to do.

Any of the above sound FAMILIAR?   Guess what?  If you’ve read this far…….the likelyhood is, I’m describing YOU!

Some parting thoughts……the BIG takeaway and a LEAP of FAITH that can change your life

If you sense that these are qualities or everyday experiences you have – it’s your RESPONSIBILITY to discover your dharma and take action on doing what you love for a living.

Cultivate your courage and embrace the idea that you are truly here to SERVE – to strive and thrive and help other people transform.

That is your gift….and each and every day that passes that you don’t share your unique gifts with the world – those are magical moments you will never get back – and lives that you will never touch.

So begin!

Take a leap of faith….dive in and discover your dharma!

If you are already a transformational teacher, trainer, psychic, medium or spiritual coach, Connect with our community and share your flare with the world!

Your peers are  professional people who share your passion and sense of purpose about contribution, and connection and doing wonderful work to wake up the world, and there is strength in numbers.  You don’t have to walk this path alone.

That is the highest calling of the light worker – none of us can do the work of the word by ourselves – yet together – we are spiritually strong, alike, awake and inspired…..and committed as a community to going, growing and flowing in the direction of our dreams, and destiny!


How can we help YOU do what you LOVE for a living…and wake up the world with your work?

If you need help getting your inspired message out to the masses, and are a light worker truly wants to change the world……we want to help you do it!

Tell us what YOUR #1 challenge is when it comes to turning your life PURPOSE into profitable spiritual services professional practice!

Share in the community comments below, email us or connect with us on TWITTER right HERE.

(we’ll even show you exactly how to do what you LOVE for a living and turn your purpose into a profitable, professional spiritual service if that is your ultimate goal)

And if you are NOW convinced that you are indeed a light worker.….rejoice, celebrate,  EMBRACE and SHARE your identity with the world!  (you’ve earned it!)

  1. Now that I’ve retired because of physical disabilities, I find that my concept of usefulness is becoming tainted. I’m unable to be out among people where in my life of 63 years I always found daily opportunities to serve. If you have suggestions to alleviate this obstacle and to keep me active in the life of service to the Creation energy that quickens us all, please, contact me via my email. I am grateful for the words of recognition and encouragement.

  2. I see things have for many years some good and some terrifying things. These things flash and disappear they scare me at first. I don’t really know how to make them stronger. I want to help people with this please help and teach and guide me. Thanks so much.

  3. Ive known for a long time that I was a light worker and “sensitive”. It’s taken me many years of reading and understanding this “gift” I’ve been given.

    What’s sad is we ALL have this ability, but so many are wrapped up in daily hustle and bustle and don’t take the “quiet” time to be with themselves and nature.

    I so enjoy helping others and yes, people are always talking to me and opening up without even knowing them. Love is the answer to everything as far as I’m concerned, as well as a strong respect for Mother Earth and ALL its inhabitants; right down to insects.

    Am truly a believer that the next generation is going to change the world with love and empathy. I call it the “awakening”.

    Anyway, was nice to read this and give a comment.

  4. Thank you ever so much for this clear information! Reading it made a lot of sense to me, How good and caring from your part to put this into writing,Be Blessed,

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