Are you a Light Worker? Answer these 10 Spiritual Service Questions and Find Out Now

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One of the really interesting things we’ve learned from the hundreds of psychic mediums we’ve seen, interviewed or featured on our platform over the years, is the surprising amount of personal suffering a true “light worker” experiences while sharing their gifts with others.

As famous mediums like Theresa Caputo, John Edward, George Anderson and even more recently Tyler Henry have revealed in very public ways…’s not always EASY taking on the suffering of others. As an empath, healer or spiritual medium, we often ABSORB the energies of others in ways that can hurt our hearts in deep and profound ways. This is the true burden of the “light worker” or the spiritual sensitive person that is rarely discussed in public. (it’s not all ice cream and unicorns@! 🙂

Continue reading as we take a deeper dive into the empathic experience, and if you see yourself in these words…..share your thoughts in the community comments below!

“1. A true lightworker isn’t someone who thinks she is better than everyone else. Instead, she has dedicated herself to making OTHER people better…..even if she needs to suffer more”

2. Healers move through the world in a very unusual way. We can be chameleons in both function, and form. Sometimes we may seem to be invisible to others – navigating space with serenity and a smile. Other times we are impossible to miss, stepping up, standing out and standing up for those who need a voice, need a hand or merely need our help. We didn’t choose this path.  We feel in our bones….that it chose us” – Angela li

Are you a light worker?  Are you REALLY here to gather your goodness and spread love, learning and light to folks who need it most?  What are the most common signs that you’ve got this very special gift?

In this 10 question quiz….we look at some of the most common signs that you are in a select group of PASSIONATE, purpose driven professionals and “enlightened” entrepreneurs who are here to care, share and transform the lives around you with wit, wisdom and spiritual service.

Remember, you don’t need a “job” to be a light worker – only engaged, inspired, moved and motivated to make those around you grow and flow in the direction of their dreams.

Curious to know more?  Let’s dive in and do it with the full list below!

1 – You see the good in people rather than the bad

At it’s core, this is probably the #1 sign you are a light worker – you see GOOD in everyone. We are all born with the same sized soul….and no matter how much darkness may seem to blot out the good in people, the light worker has an uncanny ability to see and spot that in others – and gather the goodness others would dismiss.

The truth is, if our lives, especially those of us who are committed to contribution DO have a magic, and a mystery and a meaning to them that is bigger and bolder and more beautiful than meets the eye….the ability to elevate others by lifting THEIR light out of the shadows, and showing them how to shine rather than shrink…… is the greatest gift you’ve got to give the world around you.

2 – You prioritize PASSION and purpose over profit

When it comes to your livelihood…and doing what you love, you prioritize PASSION and purpose over profit, and a genuine sense of contribution over cash.

Want to know what I see in my own spiritual coaching practice ? Lots and lots of the light workers I’ve met have been broke! And that is NOT to say you can’t make an amazing living while waking up the world with your work, it’s just that many people who prioritize spiritual service, tend to have difficulty (or feel guilty) being paid well for the contribution to others that they feel authentically called to create.

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If that sounds like you…’s time you said GOODBYE to the guilt.  Why?

It sounds trite……but it’s 100% TRUE:  You deserve to be rewarded for your work in ways that allow you to expand your influence and flow and grow in the direction of your dreams.

When you sell yourself (and your services) short………you not only hurt yourself, but your cut off your ability to contribute to the community of people who NEEDS what you know, and will LEARN from your “light”.

You simply can’t do that If you’re  worried about putting food on the table or keeping the lights on.  (not the one that burns within you – but the ones that are tied to the BILL you get every month 🙂

The sad fact I’ve learned through my own travels, trials and tribulations is this:  

Purpose driven professionals are often underpaid and under appreciated, simply because they have chosen the wrong world in which to work.

Do what you REALLY want to do and in the places and with the faces that make you come ALIVE.  And then see the love and light within yourself so strongly – that you allow yourself to be compensated fairly for your gifts.

3 – You follow your heart, more than your head

A light-worker is often guided by their intuition, rather than the traditional intellect. You FEEL things….and move towards inspired ideas and issues that call to you in a very heart centered, intuitive way.


While others are picking their professional path based on what sounds good, or looks good on a sheet of paper, you are often hurdling head first (no pun intended) in different directions based on what your heart is telling you to do. (even if your head is warning you to go the other way)

4 – You are incredibly empathetic

Said simply, you connect with the energy, emotions of others in an overwhelming way. People’s problems become your problems. Other people’s pain often feels like your own.

what do empaths see

From my perspective, working with lots of professional intuitives, psychics, mediums, spiritual coaches, teachers and trainers, one of the most endearing (and ever-present) qualities in the very BEST of them is this:

They are so good at what they do, NOT because of some incredible genetic gift – but rather because they are able to cultivate SUCH compassion, and then such CONNECTION with other people, that seeing, feeling and sensing spiritual solutions is a natural extension of the energetic connection that arises from AUTHENTIC empathy for others.  (and the close, symbiotic spiritual sensations that exist between EVERYONE who taps into this  embracing energy as well)

5 – You are ADDICTED to Spiritual Growth (Or are a Psychic Junkie like me 🙂

How can you tell?  Maybe people around you may roll your eyes at the sort of stuff you believe – or the experiences that you appreciate – or the ideas that you aspire to embrace.

Normal people and plans – even those that love you as family or a friend, chuckle at the things you gravitate to.

Maybe you love watching psychic or spiritual programming on TV  – or get geeked up when interviewing spiritual teachers and authors like me – or maybe you find Oprah, Eckart Tolle, mindfulness and mediation more motivating than the Keeping up with the Kardashians or whose winning (or losing) on the Bachelorette! (it’s okay to like them both – don’t worry, we won’t tell!)

But, at your core…..where it matters MOST, you love nothing more than growing, flowing and evolving in directions that cultivate your capacity to EXPAND….and standing still or staying put on the “inside”, where true growth matters most – is not an option.

7 – You CELEBRATE Success (even when it has nothing to do with YOU)

A real light worker has no problem ignoring her ego while others achieve amazing things. You get joy and juice and jazzed about seeing others succeed.

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Rather than feeling threatened by the success of others, you celebrate it! You don’t feel diminished when others accomplish and exceed their goals, instead……you feel inspired and excited and motivated to do more, create more and give more of yourself.

You are able to ignore your individual ego – see the “big” picture – and understand that we’re ALL in this together – you are the consummate contributor – AND cheerleader as well!

8 – You are eternally optimistic (even in the face of fear of the future)

Simply stated – you see light at the end of every tunnel. Maybe it’s because you don’t see any “end” to anything…..just a continuous journey of learning, loving, growing and flowing in the direction of our destiny.

You can’t help but find spiritual solutions to problems that cause others to panic, and no matter how bleak something looks, you can see a bright and beautiful light at the end of the road. Your passion – and sense of purpose – is to share that vision with those that you love. (and quite often, if you are like many light workers in our community – you DO find that communicating this eternal optimism is a challenge, but at your core, part of your own life purpose as well)

9 – People trust and open up to you in unexpected ways.

…..Even strangers on the street…..or in line at the store!  You are are the spiritual storehouse for secrets that others tell no one else.

You can’t explain it, but people (even strangers) simply recognize something real about you, and want to tell you their problems. Sometimes, you sense, feel or connect with people you don’t know, and intuitively understand their pain or problems BEFORE they express them.

But for reasons you’ve never fully understood, folks connect with you, and tell you things that are surprising – even strangers. They see in you the light of intuition – and empathy – and feel drawn to your energy and understanding, even if THEY don’t fully understand why.

10 – You are simply spiritually sensitive!

How so?  You’ve probably had experiences of deja vu, or amazing intuitive awareness, or feelings of powerful precognition.  You may have had a near death experience (a POWERFUL and little known but VERY common “side effect” of having an NDE are psychic or energetic awakenings) maybe you have seen or spoken to “spirit” like many in our psychic medium community regularly demonstrate for others.

Maybe you’ve had an OBE, or experienced the magic, mystery, beauty and BLISS of a deep meditation, or have luscious lucid dreams, or  have gotten a sneak peek into the wild, wacky and wonderful world that awaits us all.

If you walk in these worlds…….these are NOT weird or strange sensations that should shame you – they aren’t paranormal either- they are how you are wired – the way your brain and your body interface with the environment around you – the energy – the emotions – the intentions of other people, places and things you bump up against on a daily basis.

These are the GIFTS of the light worker…..and embracing them, sharing them, and helping others navigate the same terrain is your TRUE calling, and what the world needs you to do.

Any of the above sound FAMILIAR?   Guess what?  If you’ve read this far…….the likelyhood is, I’m describing YOU!

Some parting thoughts……the BIG takeaway and a LEAP of FAITH that can change your life

If you sense that these are qualities or everyday experiences you have – it’s your RESPONSIBILITY to discover your dharma and take action on doing what you love for a living.

Cultivate your courage and embrace the idea that you are truly here to SERVE – to strive and thrive and help other people transform.

That is your gift….and each and every day that passes that you don’t share your unique gifts with the world – those are magical moments you will never get back – and lives that you will never touch.

So begin!

Take a leap of faith….dive in and discover your dharma!

If you are already a transformational teacher, trainer, psychic, medium or spiritual coach, Connect with our community and share your flare with the world!

Your peers are  professional people who share your passion and sense of purpose about contribution, and connection and doing wonderful work to wake up the world, and there is strength in numbers.  You don’t have to walk this path alone.

signs i am a lightworker

That is the highest calling of the light worker – none of us can do the work of the word by ourselves – yet together – we are spiritually strong, alike, awake and inspired…..and committed as a community to going, growing and flowing in the direction of our dreams, and destiny!


How can we help YOU do what you LOVE for a living…and wake up the world with your work?

If you need help getting your inspired message out to the masses, and are a light worker truly wants to change the world……we want to help you do it!

Tell us what YOUR #1 challenge is when it comes to turning your life PURPOSE into profitable spiritual services professional practice!

Share in the community comments below, email us or connect with us on TWITTER right HERE.

(we’ll even show you exactly how to do what you LOVE for a living and turn your purpose into a profitable, professional spiritual service if that is your ultimate goal)

And if you are NOW convinced that you are indeed a light worker.….rejoice, celebrate,  EMBRACE and SHARE your identity with the world!  (you’ve earned it!)


  1. Jolanka

    Thank you ever so much for this clear information! Reading it made a lot of sense to me, How good and caring from your part to put this into writing,Be Blessed,

  2. Barbara Mills

    Ive known for a long time that I was a light worker and “sensitive”. It’s taken me many years of reading and understanding this “gift” I’ve been given.

    What’s sad is we ALL have this ability, but so many are wrapped up in daily hustle and bustle and don’t take the “quiet” time to be with themselves and nature.

    I so enjoy helping others and yes, people are always talking to me and opening up without even knowing them. Love is the answer to everything as far as I’m concerned, as well as a strong respect for Mother Earth and ALL its inhabitants; right down to insects.

    Am truly a believer that the next generation is going to change the world with love and empathy. I call it the “awakening”.

    Anyway, was nice to read this and give a comment.

  3. I see things have for many years some good and some terrifying things. These things flash and disappear they scare me at first. I don’t really know how to make them stronger. I want to help people with this please help and teach and guide me. Thanks so much.

  4. Colleen Loehr

    Now that I’ve retired because of physical disabilities, I find that my concept of usefulness is becoming tainted. I’m unable to be out among people where in my life of 63 years I always found daily opportunities to serve. If you have suggestions to alleviate this obstacle and to keep me active in the life of service to the Creation energy that quickens us all, please, contact me via my email. I am grateful for the words of recognition and encouragement.

  5. April

    Hi this was great, you just described what happens to me on a daily basis, brilliant. I’ve always helped people they seem to gravitate to me, yes people complete strangers do this to me practically everytime I go out. People seem to stare at me, I once asked this woman why she keeps on staring at me and I swear her answer was “truthfully I really can’t say why” which I found a bit strange, but since going through my awakening it all makes sense. I have always felt people since I was young, my dad god bless his soul always said to “your like a Xmas card always greeting” I was an emotional wee thing but now I know why. I truely love my gift most of the time lol I would go out my way and have done to help people in need. Animals seem to listen to me like I connect with them which I do. Empath need to retreat to solitude for to recharge thier energy, plus a bad habit of empath forget self love as I found out recently, we truely need to guard our energy. Energy vampires and narcissists, they gravitate to us. So please everybody retreat in solitude from time to time so as not to burn out, we never do but you know what I mean (I hope lol) thank you for taking the time to write this for empath, we are heartful souls with a huge bright burning light, love and blessings always aprilx

    1. Sara

      Your comment resonates with me because I never knew why people stare at me (I thought it was because I am above average height for a woman 6’ and it has created such insecurities I battle myself worth daily. I Give way too much of myself that it takes me days to recover from energy vampires and I live with 2 my husband and son. So I’m in the finding my way stage. Learning how to protect myself in a healthier way then I have been

      1. goodkarma

        Thanks for sharing, Sara – your height is a beautiful blessing – and while it may be hard to believe, most of those who stare do so out of envy and appreciation of a strong and powerful presence – no doubt you emanate that and much more.

  6. Nawaaf Kamal

    I am glad I came across this article, you have just DESCRIBED ME,

    I have fought with myself over and over to change, but I guess this is my nature. Putting other people first instead of myself.

    I was a psychic until I managed to close it up, the de jevu were to another level, i could predict the future till it came a point, life had NO MEANING , NO SURPRISES, NO EXCITEMENT, i could stop what was to come, and made changes. Let say I accidentally open up my third eye, the astral travels were too many, i did a lot of stuff to the point I wasn’t sure if i saw it in what realm. I could be talking with someone while i leave my body with him come back in a flash and tell him about a visitor and what he will be wearing.

    But people being drowned to me is still there, they open up even though I don’t do any readings on them, i feel like it is not right to stick my nose in their business, mostly strangers they pour their heart out.

    I take people’s problem than my own, I remember when i used to go to college, when the results are out, i go on the notice board to check how my colleagues performed forgetting that i did the same test with them and check for my results.

    Life has never been about me, i have been giving and giving, to the extent people are taking advantage of me, i know it and I cannot help it i still lend a hand, i have lend people even though I definitely know they have NO INTENTION of paying ME back, with all these givings you would think that when i cough people will be running to my aid but not a single one.


    1. goodkarma

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Nawaaf! One of the very common challenges “lightworkers” seem to face is the often lonely, and selfless service piece of the process – it seems that far too many people who extend extraordinary kindnesses to others, are often repaid in disappointment when the favor isn’t returned. There is a great quote I’ve always liked that applies to empaths, healers and anyone who is dedicated to a life of spiritual service – how people treat you is their karma – how you respond is yours. I think that you are in this for the long game – and in the end – your efforts, I hope – will be richly rewarded.

  7. Melody

    I am yes to all the questions….I have always thought I had a special gift but I do keep it to myself for the most part I don’t let it out to much but I can even meet someone online and i can read them like a book of what kind of person they are i tend to read a lot of people on line that i meet and they are like how do you know these things… scares me even when I do it….I try and learn all I can about me and my gifts.

  8. April Berg

    Could someone tell me if these are signs; I’ll start thinking or talking about someone I haven’t heard from in years and I’ll get a message or a call from them, I’m emotionally drained after I go out in public, I’ve got out of a car bcuz something was telling me to and they wrecked shortly after, I can feel people’s anxiety or if they’re lying. I’ve literally been on my death bed like 30 times, like in ICU.

    1. Julie Ramian

      Well I know everyone says it’s a gift but I swear it’s a curse!!! I try to ground myself and I try to tell myself to feel me…I know it sounds weird…but it works…sometimes!! Water water water is the best thing that helps!! Shower listening to the waves at the beach!! When I’m in the lake I swear I feel the energy of though my hands and I can feel the lake!!! I swear people think I’m crazy and laugh!! They are like just Julie being Julie!!

    2. Anearia

      Thanks. Great article. I will mail in rather. I’m not a very public person on these type 9f platforms.
      Thank you
      Anearia Roubaix-Shiels

  9. Lisa Alleyne

    Thank you for sharing, I know I was s light worker years ago. I connect to the water, I go to the beach 7 days a week. I am connected to love and light, people come up to me all the time and start sharing stuff so much so s few started calling me sun shine, they see the ight in me I guess. I had a lot of friends but since I got serious about my path, I got one friend left and many acquaintances. Thanks again for letting me know I’m on the right path.

  10. Tasha

    Thank you so much. I want to step out in faith with this. But I’m afraid of not being able to provide without my job that I hate so much. I am new to this, but I am also attached. Where do I even start?

  11. Susan Stanger

    Hi! 🙂
    I always knew I wanted to do something in the field of social work at some point in my life. I do have my BSW, it’s just that I’ve never used it. However, I do incorporate being of service to others into everyday life. Usually these are small things that don’t cost anything, like lending an ear or dropping off donations. I’ve noticed the times I have gone out of my way to help who I thought was a friend out, or a “cancer patient,” I got severely taken advantage of, or outright stolen from. As a result, I’ve become way more guarded and a lot less trusting.
    The sad part is, people will pass judgement and limit the label of a thief, a fraud or a con to the drug addicted homeless person on the side of the road. In the past year, I’ve been defrauded by a roofing company and their insurance company, who caused about $80,000 in damages to my house, a mental health M.D. who strung me along charging me month after month, in the hopes of obtaining TMS therapy for depression, and a total of four veterinarians in the past six months alone. That is where I drew the line. Because of false diagnosis’s, and straight lies from an Emergency Room vet practice, my dog did not receive proper treatment for his true underlying ailment and instead, I was treating him for an ailment he wouldn’t have had if not for the underlying issue. I believed he had hepatitis/ liver disease because that was what they told me. In reality, he had a blocked bile duct that had gotten an infection, causing his liver to be inflamed. All he needed were antibiotics and a bile acid. It would had been cheap to treat. Instead they told me he needed expensive plasma transfusions which I had to decline due to the risk involved. I had, by the grace of God, asked for antibiotics in case the cause of his hepatitis was an infection. If not for me asking, they would have sent him home without. Six months later, on November 19th, he passed away. I made him a promise if he passed, it would not be in vain. I’ve written the state veterinary board, consumer protection, spread awareness via social media, and even contacted an investigative reporter. No one will take any action or do anything to help. Part of the reason is bc the Emergency Room Vet is a corporation and I surmise money gives them the green light to mistreat animals and ultimately give them death sentences. Their reviews online tell hundreds of similar stories, all ending with people’s beloved pets getting harmed or killed. I will not post their name in case it goes against your guidelines. Which now brings me to present day, and I would like to honor the promise I made for my dog, Pressley. My life purpose is to spread awareness about this place in particular, but other vets that operate in a similar, inhumane fashion. The longer these people are in practice, the more our animals are needlessly suffering and dying. I don’t want anyone else, animal or human to have to go through what we did. Hell, I don’t even care if I didn’t make any money in my professional practice. How can I make my mission and life’s purpose saving animals, especially dogs, from these predatory vets? How can I raise awareness when all my attempts have been ignored? Their online complaints tell it all, yet no one is listening or doing anything about it.
    Thank you!

    1. goodkarma

      So sorry to hear about your terrible experience! We are listening – and having a sick dog at home (which we do as well) your story makes me feel more attentive and aware of being mindful and careful with the opinions and advice we are getting. I’m so sorry you lost such an important part of your family and I guess the best advice I can offer is – people are often listening far more closely than you realize – and there is much power in having such a noble purpose – maybe the outcome you are looking for (punishment) isn’t really the end outcome that is most important – maybe you are simply saving lives without realizing or recognizing that others hear you and are making better and more intuitive decisions as a result. That is a gift – and in the end, it may be the real fufillment of your promise 🙂

  12. I was looking up my angel number 111 because it increasingly got more aggressive starting last night today and then again in the night I knew someone was trying to get a message one of my angels needed to know I was seeing it and I had to figure out what it meant so when I looked it up it was a strange wording quotations to me that I really never heard and I’m pretty good with words not to brag but I generally look up words I don’t know when used in any conversation or text so I tend to remember the big ones well the word was light worker I didn’t know what this meant and was curious to know because it said it was a calling for me possibly so I went on a couple different sites including this one this was the first one that one through 10 different statements to let you know if it was something in you well just to explain briefly I never knew any of these feelings existed in another human being especially not all 10 and if I told someone some of them in life they rolled her eyes laughed thought I was weird didn’t believe me thought I was making it up for entertainment but the people close to me always knew that it was the truth and they always ended up coming back I never even understood the stranger thing when people will see me in an Uber ride or a grocery line or even a cab would describe things to me I don’t believe even people that knew them their whole lives new and they literally only made eye contact and would start talking this is often happen and I often give the best advice in the most uplifting advice I feel the true emotion I put myself in their position and actually feel the happiness the sadness the pain and joy of others and when I can manifest anything into their life to produce pure happiness and joy I try to extend my word I try not to keep it in my head even if I don’t know the person well I want them to know the true feelings that came across me when I express yourselves so open to me I often do it with close friends not to much family because I don’t think anyone really appreciated my words I was the baby of four but I definitely did not know that this light work was an actual thing that other people possessed I thought sometimes it had to do with my side of the Pisces but I am truly convinced that this is my calling and somehow I am on the right path all around I have the right people in my circle at the moment and haven’t had this in 16 years nor did I have the growing or grounding opportunities I have by myself in 16 years the friend that I keep tears to me my future love my heart my one and only has been in my life 16 years and finally there is a true chance of blossoming this beautiful on conventional love that people may not get or understand what is long as we get each other and always have each other smiling at the end of the day I’m not really concerned anyone thinks and that’s truly how I live almost every day as long as no one is being hurt the people that judge tend not to know you or know how to deal with the reality of how are youAlways remember that misery loves company and I have steered my life in many other away from that

  13. Laura L. Sykes

    Hi Everyone!
    While I was reading this article, I felt as if it was written specifically for me. The people who are close to me know I have this little saying, is actually from the movie “Bad Santa”. For those of you who have seen that movie, I’m referring to the little old lady when I say this, “Let me make you some sandwiches”! Or if I had tickets and a window, walk or drive-up, ppl, friends or strangers, could take a number and wait for their turn to tell me their problems that they are currently experiencing. Some days I literally have a few ppl waiting their turn because they need me to listen to them. All joking aside, I love to help my friends and/or strangers who need a shoulder. Most ppl will say, “I just feel so comfortable talking to you”I or “I just feel better when I’m around you. I’ve always taken care of ppl in my family who were sick and a few jobs I’ve had were home healthcare. I thought my mission in life was to be a selfless caregiver for whoever needed me with little or no financial gain. Then about 3 years ago, I started to see into another dimension, some friends and family thought i had finally slipped over the edge. Noone even my blood family empathized with me, I was ridiculed and judged instead and basically made out to be a laughing stock. I moved on and have a new family now of friends, ppl who I met since that can sense, see or feel things as well. Born into a pentecostal, God fearing family, I have just recently accepted the fact that I was born to complete a very important mission for humanity and without knowing fully what that entails, I accept that challenge whole heartedly. And have sort of made up my own belief system which is a combination of some parts of Christianity, Numerology, and heightened intuition. With the support of my friends and very few family members of whom I am very grateful for , and with the support and guidance from the Universe, I plan to complete my soul’s mission to the best of my ability. I would like to say thank you to the author of this article, it and many others, have brought me to this current place and helped me to realize and accept who I am and why I’m here. I would also love some advice on how to get started on my own career path if anyone would care to reach out to me on that subject. Thank you. Love and Blessings to All…
    O Negative 1 😊

    1. goodkarma

      Hi Laura! Thanks so much for sharing your experience – and your story – we appreciate it – and appreciate you taking the time to write it out for our readership! We have a new community course/cohort opening up in November for folks interested in the “light worker”/helping/healing/spiritual service career space – if you’re interested in learning more, feel free to email us ( and put “enlightened entrepreneur” in the subject line! Thanks so much!

    2. Estelle

      You made the right decision, i did the same and I love my new friends and family. I see and feel the vibes of the people around me. I love being home in a real world field whit love and spiritual nature.

  14. Persis

    OMG, thank you, thank you😊 sooo much for your article “Are you a Light Worker” and I wanted to scream and I thought you must have been spying on me? The funny thing is that, it just so happens that i tumbled upon your article when I was searching on Google for bath vinyls and how I ended up on your artcle, I have no clue.

    Lately, I have started telling myself that I am here to heal “I am a Crystal energy healer – I am ENERGY”. “I am here to help those that need to find their voice back”. I have even given the business a name – how I am going to do it….. I have no idea.

    All along I have been questioning my purpose on earth and I look at those people that have awoken as blessed. I have been taken advantage by siblings and my husband children (and at times I feel lonely among people. I am now at point where I am now experiencing low moods and at other times having suicidal thoughts and YES finding people to be NEEDY AND ENERGY DRAINING). Since starting my family and married for over 31 years, I have always felt I am the best person to deal with any challeng in my house including my husband because I feel I have broader shoulders to carry ALL challenges in my home.

    However, the thing that I have figured out with spiritual issues, is that you can’t just discuss this topic with anyone as you would about planet earth issues. This then brings in confusion and doubt as there is no one ask to find these answers.
    There are times where I feel like I am in a loop and don’t know how to come out.

    Last week I suddenly felt the need to say to myself “I am a healer” and I remember driving for a night shift (I work in the healthcare sector) and I said to myself, “if this is what I REALLY am and meant to be, then you shall guide me towards the right materials and people that I need to connect with.

    For the past two weeks I have been on a energy crystal shopping spree and I tell myself, “I must have these crystals as these are my base crystals and I have worked with them before – I connect with me and in turn work as one unit….ALL I now need is to remember how to access my powers again….. do you think I am being crazy? The funny thing is that, I find meditating a bit of a challenge and haven’t as yet had the pleasure of getting into a deep/brief connection with either my Angels nor my Spirit Guides- infact let me put it this way, I haven’t as yet had a spiritual experience, mind you I am now a 53 year old lady and at times, I think, “who has a spiritual awaken at 53?” Then I hear myself say “you needed to be absolutely ready and wanting your powers back – it couldn’t be forced upon…. not the way you gave it up. You were an extremely powerful crystal healer and you’re a crystal”

    These days, I feel as if someone in the spiritual relm is making great effort to communicate with me e.g like reading this article, out of the blue. Though most of the times I think I am making it all up. The other day I heard someone say on YouTube “I am a crystal” soon after having told myself this…. WHAT…… sooo bizarre 🤔

    I know that soon i will connect with my spiritual family one of these good days. I must say, I felt sooo relieved coming across such a platform and realising that you’re not alone in what I am going through.

    Thank you very much to everyone who posted here – most appreciated.

  15. Tiffany

    My life has been plagued with the sadness, the heartache, feelings of unbearable loss and loneliness and hopelessness. Just an every day horrible gut wrenching feeling of abandonment. People and animals flock to me. I’ve never met or known a stranger. I have so many secrets and skeletons in my closet but none of which are my own. I make everyone around me feel better but I only feel worse. This life, this energy a gift you call it. I don’t want it anymore. I don’t want to everyday wake up with the same tears in my eyes that I had when I went to sleep knowing that I can’t fix anyone anymore. I’ve lost, sacrificed and given up everything that once was me to help anyone who’s ever needed it in all the ways I could without giving up my soul. I’ve help so many of the wrong kind of people to but regardless people just take and take. This whatever this is I don’t freaking want it anymore I never ask for this whatever it is I don’t know but a gift it has never been not for me. Please I’m so exhausted with sadness and heartache that’s not even mine. Who’s going to fix me? Will I even be fixable once I’m broken completely?

    1. Leah

      You must remember that those feelings of emptiness and sorrow are not your own. You must think about why they are feeling them and let them pass. They are yours to recognize but not be burdened. I lose my self in nature and self care, when I am feeling intense thoughts I dive into music and physical exercise. This brings me to trans meditation state where I can connect with GOD/Creator/Source/universe/Angels/Ascended masters,Ancestors. You may not see them but when you use self love, you are transforming yourself into state alchemy where the magic begins to transform you. Remember to also stay in a state of gratefulness to help bring joy back to your heart, even though things seem terrible there are also many beautiful things to remember. Most of those beautiful things are all around us everyday! Remain in the state of love for those around you and calmness in your heart will follow. ❤️

    2. goodkarma

      Hi Tiffany – so sorry you are navigating so many challenging thoughts and emotions! Feel free to reach out to us by email ( – happy to see if we can help or offer some insight or advice that may make things feel a bit easier – but regardless – you are fixable – you are not broken – and just the act of sharing so courageously above, demonstrates that you are far stronger than you may realize. (and are probably helping far more people than you know, simply by being courageous – which is a great gift) Happy to share some ideas with you privately if you’d like – feel free to send us a message -and keep your head up – you have much to offer the rest of us!

    3. Chelsea

      Kapot dat zijn we en soms voor lange tijd…maar besef dat je op zoek moet gaan naar de positieve mensen!Je kan en dat kan je zeker…iedereen helpen maar maak je keuzes?Wij helpen hen maar groeien wij hierdoor?Het moment dat je jezelf goed kan voelen door je gave…dan heb je die persoon geholpen!Je krijgt wat je hebt gegeven!Je hart die gelukkig is …en dat verdien jij!

    4. Lorey

      I don’t know if you have noticed, every hardship, trial, or rough time, you have made it through every one. You WILL MAKE IT. AND you will be even more able to help others, whether with your testimony or with your faith because you already know it will be ok.

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