Welcome to our brand new Conversations with Clairvoyants series section where we feature Q and A style interviews with some of our favorite psychics, mediums, healers, spiritual teachers and trainers working in the world today!

These informal interviews are designed to add depth, dimension and detail to many of the faces you see on our pages….and offer an insightful, intuitive and inspiring insight into the “why” behind what so many of our members do what they do for a living.

We hope these conversations offer you a bit more insight into the unique biographies and life stories behind some of our favorite spiritual teachers, and offer up some provocative conversation starters should you want to reach out and connect any of our community favorites for your own reading.

Our inaugural interview features 20 questions with psychic medium Renee Richards – a warm, welcoming and wonderful psychic medium who we are proud to celebrate today……not only because she has been one of our original and most esteemed members, but also because….it’s her birthday as well! (talk about some unplanned spiritual serendipity!)

Without further adieu……let’s hear a bit more about Renee in her own words, and then our informal 20 question interview below. Enjoy…and don’t forget to check out Renee’s profile on our directory for some great testimonials from her current clients, as well as her radio show and website, below!

Hi Renee! I’m excited to discuss much of what we’ve covered in the Q and A. But first……why not share a little bit about yourself?

Thanks, Ian! I am a Psychic Medium, and oh so much more than that.  I love to help to connect people to the spiritual  realm, by giving readings and teaching.  I was born this way, and ever since I can remember I have been connected, by seeing, hearing, and knowing spirit.  I live a very normal life, as a mother, wife, sister, and a friend.  The older I get wiser and the energy becomes more intense, its a pleasure to participate in this questions and answer’s and I thank Ian so much for his kindness.

Q1: When did you know that you were special, or could see, hear or sense things that other people couldn’t?

A: I knew something was different from when I was very small, as even at age 4 and 5 I would see things, people, animals, colors, and feel things also, when I was little, I would tell my mother I wanted to go home, and she would say where, and I would point up there, I want to be with them.  It was apparent that I was not normal.

Q2: Do you remember the first time you told other people – how did they respond?

A: I do remember, when I was a teenager, was when I told others outside the family, the reason I brought it up was because I was seeing on the wall a name and I said it out loud which led to why? Thats my grandmothers name? And so on, and off we went, I was weird.  But yet, they looked at me like they wanted to know.  You know the curious but yet scared look.

Q3: Do you remember your very first reading? What was it like?

A: It was totally by mistake, in a way…I had gone to a girlfriends house, and spent the night, and in the night I saw a young woman, about 19 or 20 lets say, and she was beautiful, she woke me up, and she was smiling and giggling told me her name, and then left, I remember it was all in blue, and I was young, about 12, I told her and her parents the next day, that was her cousin who had passed, so it was by mistake that I even gave the message, and very innocent.  First professional reading, was years and years later.  When I saw a shadow in a house that looked like a man, and meeting with the lady it was her husband, I saw him when I went to her home to give the reading, that probably was the first professional paid reading about almost 25 years ago or so.

Q4: How do you people find you – where do your clients typically come from?

A: Word of mouth, is the best, it spreads around, and people talk, that is how most of my clients come to me, I also am on your directory, that helps too.   When your a medium, the loved one usually finds you first, and then directs the client to you, I have seen this over and over.

Q5: Can you describe your process – what happens during a typical reading?

A: When people make the appointment, as soon as you are scheduled, it starts, they come, and want to talk, spirits, loved ones, animals, you name it, so I tell them they have to wait, but they are around.  This can happen, a few days or a week early, I see them and explain and then we can move on.  But a lot of the time they are anxious to talk.  I want to say also, that the spirits that come through for loved ones are always so respectful and kind to me.  I always am so thrilled to meet their family members.  It a true blessing.

Q6: What should people expect from a reading? Is there a big “takeaway” or A-ha moment that most people have during the session, or ….does it vary greatly from client to client, and reading to reading?

A: What I am striving for in a reading, is to make sure I can validate to the client that it is indeed their loved one, from the beginning I said you need to bring information that I can help them to know its you, a name, a date, a special something, so what you take away is knowing that they were there, and feeling it, that is the most important that they feel it, and I help them also to feel it, I use my energy to help express the feeling to them.  So with me, I want you to feel, and to know, and to feel safe, and at peace.

Q7: Do you recommend they prepare a certain way to maximize or get the most out of the

A: Yes, drink lots of water, be in a quiet place for the reading if its a phone or skype.  And think about the questions that you would like to ask.

Q8: How do you deal with skeptical or confrontational clients? Have you ever had someone who was so difficult to read (Either because nothing came through, or because they made it
difficult from their attitude) that you’ve not finished the session?

A: Yes, I have had difficult clients do to being scared, once we begin, I try to help them to feel comfortable, and calm, but some have a fear of mediums, and psychics sometimes I can penetrate that energy matrix, and sometimes not.  If its not going well I will stop the reading and give them a full refund.  I have had clients that had a block, to a reading from anger, or something else, and that also will stand in the way, at times.

Q9: Knowing what you know about your own experience and the industry, what would the top 5 things you’d recommend people do before getting a reading, and for ensuring that the psychic they pick is a good one?

A: Word of mouth from friends, a good referral site like this one, read their website, read the reviews and feedback, if they a radio show like I do on blogtalk radio take a listen, or maybe they were a guest some where, that you could listen.  Check them out first.

Q10: What is the 1 thing about being a medium that would surprise people?

I can’t turn it off, its 24-7 , I know a lot people can. I cannot, so I am used to it, so used to it, that its common place.

Q11: What is your process like – can you describe the format that a typical reading takes?

Format is information, first the family comes through, and I work with that first, as they won’t give up the energetically until that point so that is always done first, I say hello, a little talk and then boom we are into it, the reason being is I get prepped before the reading making the connection to the higher self/soul, I ask what is important at this time, and then here it comes, the colors the light, and the knowing of what I need to say, and how I am going to say it.  Even before the reading I am ready to go, by doing prep work ahead of time. I see and hear spirit, I see words, letter, number, on the wall the carpet, and if your having a reading in person on your face, so it comes many different ways, I have strong visions, where it plays like a movie with my eyes open, I hear names and dates also, its very consuming.

Q12: How much skepticism do you think people should bring to the experience of getting a psychic reading? Does the amount of “belief” influence the reading, or is the information completely indifferent to the point of view of the person who you are taking to?

Lots of people should be skeptical and should not feed the medium or psychic, not to the point where you cannot be read, but just don’t give too much information, I always say: say yes or no thats it.

Q13: How do religious beliefs intersect with being psychic?

Religious beliefs can intersect but usually do not, as people who are religious sometimes are very leary of mediums and psychics, I have meet people who were religious and that I read for, and they were wonderful, so it just depends.

Q14: Who is the 1 person in your field that you admire, respect or would most want to work with
or watch?

John Holland

Q15: What is the biggest challenge to having chosen this profession?

A: It is a big responsibility to read for other, and to keep your energy clear to read, and to help them energetically also, so that is the biggest challenge to be the best that I can be, to help them feel and to heal.

Q16: How do you handle skeptics, cynics or “de-bunkers” who look at this field, and your work, with

A: I understand where they are coming from, and I love them at a spiritual level, and I let it go.

Q17: Have you ever had a reading that surprised you? If so….how so?

A: I am always  surprised when the person who killed the other person comes through, yes…this has happened and I am so honored  to give the message,it takes tack, honesty, and a lot of love, but this is an amazing experience, when it happens, and I am always amazed.  Always feel so much love, so much empowerment for the client, and all of us.

Q18: Is there any type of question that people ask during a reading that you find annoying, bothersome or off putting? If so…why?

No people can ask what ever they want, its their reading.

Q19: If you had to guess, will there ever be a point where science and spirituality truly co- exist in a mutually supportive way? Can a medium reading, for example, ever evolve into a recommended therapy for grief recovery, or a viable treatment for depression after the loss of a loved one….covered by health insurance and accepted by mainstream medicine?

A: I don’t know about health insurance, but I will tell you that the day is coming when people will connect with loved ones, by them selves, with out a medium, they are already practicing this right now, with some therapist, with rapid eye movements in the rem state, dealing with near death experiences, and post traumatic stress disorder.    Induced after death communication, great book.

Q20: What is the most rewarding thing about doing this work for you?

A: Helping others, learning, and bringing peace and hope to people who are still here on this planet, helping them cope, by helping to validate that there is more, just our body dies, not our soul, and that we are all light.

Final thoughts?

We are here to love, and its through love that we connect with each other, and its through unconditional love that we make it easier for others to work in their own light, and find their own truth, behold their own power, and become their own proof.

How should people contact you to book a session or learn more about you and your work?


Thank you so much to Renee Richards for taking the time to answer 20 questions on very short notice 🙂 You can see Renee’s full profile on our site HERE, and you can visit Renee at her website HERE, or connect with her on Twitter here.