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Death as a New Beginning

What if dying wasn’t anything to be afraid of?  What if the process of letting ago was more akin to waking up to a warm morning sun……rather than fading to black?

KARMIC-LOGOThe funny thing is, the vast majority of people who have had an NDE or any other type of spiritually tranformative experience will tell you that the first thing to TRULY disappear is the fear of death.

In  many ways, being afraid of death is a lot like being afraid of the unknown.  When you go to sleep at night, you don’t fear it….because you assume, based on all of your previous experiences with sleep, that when it’s over, you wake up.  Nothing ends.  There is nothing to mourn, or fear, or panic about when you set your head down on the pillow at night, right?

It may be a bad metaphor in some ways, but for many who have laid their heads on the proverbial pillow of what they believed to be the end of life….only to find a wide window into a wonderful world of magic, mystery, light and love begins to open, that same familiarity totally removes the fear of the unknown.

After all….regardless of what the skeptics, or cynics or debunkers will try to argue, if a NEAR death experience (or genuine temporary death experience that is reversed through resussitation science) totally obliterates the fear of death and makes survivors more hopeful, helpful and HEALTHY human beings to boot, it should be something that we ALL support, rather than those mean spirited skeptics who will scoff or laugh or try to discount the incredibly transformational experience as a mere hallucination or the wishful thinking of folks who have danced on the edge of the ethereal realms.

With that in mind, here is a great and inspiring NDE shared by someone I came across on my Facebook page today – it’s power is in it’s PASSION and not it’s prose. 


Check out the full article at the link following the short excerpt below – I really enjoyed it a lot and if you are interested in real NDE’s with life changing effects, so too will you!

Death isn’t the end…its the beginning !!!

Nothing ends at death other than the limited body our souls wear like a wet sweater. Your departed loved ones are not departed at all.  They see, feel, hear, think and love. In fact they become love and light.  Your grief, I am sorry to say is not only painful for yourself.  Its a pain I believe the “departed” can not take.  Its our own missing that causes the grief.  Because someone told you there gone perhaps.  There not!!!!

.  Open your heart to peace and balance and they will use this energy to show you their presence. It is loving energy and thought that highest concentration of power exists.  Let them use it to show you.  Your tears drive them away.  They can not tolerate your pain.  Celebrate them and use your love and peace to see.  They are watching everything.  I assure you. Everyone grieves.  Its what were conditioned to do from an early age.  Had we been taught the truth all along we would celebrate. We wouldn’t term it death…but a molting or a change.  They are right there folks.  At a moments prayer.  Nothing paranormal about it.  Its just fact.

Here is the NDE experience on Roberts blog:  (it’s long but well worth reading)

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One Comment:

  • Robert

    October 9, 2014 / at 10:58 amsvgReply

    Thank you so much for spending the time to read
    And share my story. I’m so grateful for people
    Who lift up others and share. I write my story
    For the world. Not for ego or money or fame.
    I think it’s important to see healing can come
    From evolving. Letting go of fear and loving.
    I hope it touched you as much as it did me to
    Write it. Thanks again

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    Death as a New Beginning

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