Psychic Studies – 100 Scientific Studies of Psychic Phenomena Published in ONE Place

Are you curious about psychic phenomena but NOT yet convinced? Have you found yourself being told that there is NOT one shred of legitimate evidence that psychic abilities are real? Or maybe you’ve heard people pontificate about PROOF….and there not being any to substantiate YOUR interest in psychic, spiritual or even paranormal phenomena?

We’ve all been there….and usually, it’s pretty darn hard to point our skeptical friends, family members or even well wishing curiosity seekers to ONE central place where they can access some of the amazing, and overwhelming evidence for psychic abilities in one place.

Guess what? Wish no more…:-)

The folks over at Spirit Science have put together a kick ass resource with tons of REAL studies…done by REAL scientists (and skeptics) into REAL phenomena that happen to REAL people…each and every second of each and every day.

Check out some of the great peer reviewed, published psychic studies at the link below…and feel free to download as many as you’d like, to share with your eye rolling skeptical, cynical friends who tell that IF psychic “powers” were real, someone would have published a study showing that they were already. (they have….and with more than 100 PDF’s available below – I promise, that’s one objection you won’t hear again 🙂

So I’ve found a page on the Noetics Institue Website all about PSI and Telepathy, and I’ve assembled the list here for you to delve into. What you’ll find amongst all of these papers is astounding, and there are literally PDF’s all over the place for you to check out and download, all related to PSI and PSI-Related topics.

They are all published in peer-reviewed journals. Most of these papers were published after the year 2000. Most report experimental studies or meta-analyses of classes of experiments.


The term psi denotes anomalous processes of information or energy transfer, processes such as telepathy or other forms of extrasensory perception that are currently unexplained in terms of known physical or biological mechanisms. The term is purely descriptive: It neither implies that such anomalous phenomena are paranormal nor connotes anything about their underlying mechanisms.

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