Life After Life (Video)

What is the best evidence for the idea of an afterlife? Does it come from religion? Or, how about spiritual experiences like NDE’s or apparitions or adventures in expanded conciousness that seem to suggest we are far BIGGER than our bodies?

The truth is, in our view anyway….the very BEST evidence for an afterlife comes from the whole totem pole of extraordinary experiences that ordinary people have everyday. From commonly reported (and debated) phenomena like near death and out of body experiences, to past life memories in small children, to death bed visions and apparitions of the deceased, to SHARED death experiences, to incredible cases of terminal lucidity and end of life awareness that seem to suggest our “spirit” is NOT destroyed as our bodies decay.

Here is a really good documentary from a few years back that details much of the evidence for an afterlife in a pretty even handed way….some of my favorite interviews are those who have had an ADC (or after death communication) with a loved one who has crossed over, and come back to say goodbye. (or relate another message of hope, healing and happiness)

What about YOURS? Check out the video….and share your thoughts! Enjoy 🙂

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