Is Our Love Going to Grow? 3 Questions Spiritual People Ask BEFORE it’s Too Late!

Have I finally met the “1”?  Will this relationship grow, go and flow in the direction of my dreams?  Will we continue to get closer over time…..or is this as GOOD as it gets and I’m destined to have my heart broken yet again?  Any of these questions sound familiar?  The truth is, when it comes to predicting or forecasting true love…there is NO question that has more impact on our future happiness than the relationships we invest our time, energy and emotions on.

And in my own experience, the BIGGEST source of unhappiness in life comes from making poor choices in picking a partner, and unfortunately…..this often applies MORE to women, than it does to men.

So what is the key to finding out whether your love is going to GROW and flow in the direction of your mutual destiny?  In my view, as an emotional empath and spiritual intuitive, it’s in the empowering questions you ask both YOURSELF, and the universe….about how this particular person factors into your authentic and unique life plan.

The first question you should ask is probably the 1 that is rarely asked…and even MORE rarely as it applies to the partners we pick or the relationships we seek.

Question #1 – What is MY unique purpose on this planet?

Why is this so important?  Because if you believe that there IS in fact a reason for being…and a plan, and PURPOSE to your being here, the true is, you’ll be far more selective in picking partners that share your PASSION.  (and a similar spiritual purpose)  In my view?  The women who end up making the poorest choices in partners, and end up with love “affairs” that never grow…are those that never put themselves, and their PURPOSE as the priority, and instead…are far more likely to “settle” for relationships which are beneath their ultimate dreams.

Question #2:  Do I feel a KARMIC connection to this person?

There is something called spiritual serendipity that ALL psychics, intuitives, emotional empaths and mystics understand is a huge part of finding true love.  When you set out to find the ONE person who is truly “meant for you” the Universe “conspires” to help you find them.  In other words, your karma becomes connected to almost magically, and magnetically attract the love affair of your dreams…and destiny.  I believe that each and every one of us has a spiritual soulmate that awaits us.  There is a shared karma that connects you from lifetime to lifetime, and when you wake UP to this inspired idea, you begin the path to mutually discover each other as well!

Lastly…..envision yourself 10 or 12 or even 20 years in the future.

Try to imagine yourself as clearly as possible.  What does life look like when you do?  Now try to picture this person in the scene you’ve imagined?  Do you see them?  If not…..WHY not?  The truth is, this is a spiritual visionboarding exercise often referred to as “writing to your future self” and is a great way to unlock the intuitive awareness of what your future holds…and whether “he” is in it or not as well!

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